May 22, 2022

Poll shows Senate Democrats facing significant headwinds ahead of 2022

Amid a number of worsening crises and stalled spending legislation continuing the plague the Biden administration, Democrat prospects for the midterm elections in 2022 continue to grow dimmer, according to recent poll results presented by a political action committee linked to Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D), as the Washington Examiner reports.

The startling numbers, which Politico noted came from the Democratic Senate Majority PAC, indicate that 53% of respondents believe that economic conditions have declined since President Joe Biden entered the White House, with only 30% opining that the economy has improved during that period.

Perhaps equally as troubling for those on the left is the poll’s revelation that among the category of voters thought to be “persuadable” to the Democrat side, just 18% said the economy had gotten better under Biden.

Survey results in key Senate battleground states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Nevada also gave Democrats cause for real concern, in that just 41% of voters in those areas indicated their approval of Biden’s job performance, with a jarring 52% disapproving. In the category of “persuadables,” the president’s approval stood at a mere 27%.

As the Examiner noted, the battleground numbers represented a marked decline from the same polling conducted in May, a development many observers feel is clear foreshadowing of a likely GOP takeover of the Senate next autumn.

One Democrat source who was privy to the poll numbers told Politico, “We are sleepwalking. We are so focused on getting these [spending] deals done, but in the grand scheme of it we have to be focused on Republicans. That’s the key here. They’re getting a free pass. It’s going to be really rough, and I really worry about some of our senators.”

Adding to the apparently sinking fortunes of the Democrats could well be increasing suspicions among the electorate that Biden himself is mentally and/or physically unfit to carry out the duties of his job, something that was revealed by a recent Rasmussen Reports survey showing that just 27% of respondents believed him up to the task.

Earlier this month, an average of approval rating polls compiled by RealClearPolitics revealed that Biden’s support had fallen to a level 10 points lower than that enjoyed by former President Barack Obama at the same point during his first term, as the New York Post reported, in yet another ominous sign not just for the commander in chief, but also for his party as a whole.

As The Hill reported this week, though none of the Democrats in the Senate have yet announced intentions of retiring or running for alternative office, the number of party incumbents who are not seeing re-election has grown to 10, giving the GOP real cause for optimism about retaking control of the upper chamber, with its prospects in the House looking even stronger.

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