August 18, 2022

Poll: Pelosi-led HR1 will likely backfire massively on House Democrats

A new poll has reported a majority of voters are less likely to vote for Democrats who support the policies included in H.R. 1, a House bill dubbed “The For the People Act” and championed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). 

The National Republican Congressional Committee survey discovered 78 percent of voters are “less likely to vote for a Democrat who voted to allow candidates running for Congress to give themselves up to $5 million of public funds to pay for their political campaigns.” The statement includes the provision included in the H.R. 1 bill that passed with Democrat support in the House last week.

At a time when Pelosi holds on to her control of the House by a thread, losing valuable votes for Democrat representatives is the last the Pelosi needs, but she continues to push the radical leftist overhaul of our elections.

The bill has led to pushback from conservatives who believe taxpayer funding should not support political campaigns. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) reported,

This actually has tax dollars that will pay for politicians’ campaigns. It’s disgusting. No tax dollar should go to a campaign.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reported her excitement over the H.R. 1 bill’s passing:

What’s exciting about it is it restores confidence that people have that their vote and their voice is as important as anyone’s. That yes. We can address the climate crisis if big, dark special interest money is not suffocating the airwaves with misinformation about how to protect the planet.

In addition to political funding changes, the bill proposes ending many state-level election procedures. Voter identification and voter management rolls would be revised in a move supporting a leftist agenda.

Pelosi and her team may be excited about the provisions in H.R. 1, but Americans are not. The Senate will need to oppose the legislation before it heads to the president’s desk–unless it wants to pass a bill against the desires of the nation’s voters.

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Beverly Padjune (@guest_1169831)
1 year ago

take them out one by one!!!

Eagle (@guest_1169987)
1 year ago

2016 may well be the last honest election for America.

John (@guest_1169990)
1 year ago

The Democrats and especially Nancy think taxpayer money is a big slush fund there for the taking. When it’s gone, they’ll just raise taxes and get more. It’s OK for the country because she said so, and she knows what’s best. And what’s wrong with having a permanent Democrat run country anyway? It worked in Russia; it’s still working in China; it’s still working in North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. The voters don’t need choices; they’ve limited our choices for decades and we’ve gotten used to it.

Marlene (@guest_1170012)
1 year ago

I said before the election that the demoscum would support a communist agenda and I was right. Pelosi is implementing a shut down of free speech and voting rights. Vote by mail and drop box is a sure bet on fraud.

Beverly Padjune (@guest_1171247)
1 year ago

WHEN are the senators in congress going to start doing things FOR the American people? Nothing but FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD from the dems

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