August 9, 2022

Poll: Overwhelming majority of independents oppose expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court

Democrats currently control both the White House and Congress — though tenuously — and they’re wasting no time pushing through their radical agenda while they have the chance. One of the biggest items on their agenda is packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices to ensure that there are fewer checks and balances against their leftist proposals.

However, a new poll released by Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy this week found that a whopping 72 percent of independent voters are opposed to packing the courts, which could spell major trouble for Democrats looking ahead to upcoming elections.

The poll specifically asked respondents:

Do you feel President Joe Biden should or should not back a plan proposed by Congressional Democrats to increase the number of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States from nine members to thirteen members?

Of the 1,100 participants in the study, 95 percent of Republicans said “no,” along with 72 percent of independents and even 33 percent of Democrats.

It’s not good news for Democrats that need independents to continue voting for them in order to stay in power. A drastic overhaul of the Supreme Court could be a bridge to far for millions of similar voters, destroying Democrats’ long-term plans to stay in control of Washington D.C.

Democrats have been fairly transparent about their motivation to attempt to add justices to the historically nine-judge panel, making it even more difficult to sell to moderate voters.

Breitbart reported:

Democrats admitted during a press conference on April 15 that the radical legislation to pack the Supreme Court is for political reasons. Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) said legislation to pack the Supreme Court from 9 justices to 13 is necessary because Republicans “broke” the Court through legitimate appointments.

“Make no mistake about it, the Court is broken because Leader Mitch McConnell and his Senate Republican colleagues and Donald Trump broke it,” Markey stated.

Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY), who was also at the press conference, said during Thursday’s legislative announcement that Americans could not have “nice things” without packing the Supreme Court.

In fact, proposals to hijack the high court for leftist ends are so unpopular that there is a growing bipartisan movement nationwide to approve a constitutional amendment that would permanently fix the number of judges on the court at nine.

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1 year ago

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Kurtis (@guest_1225378)
Reply to  POP
1 year ago

POP, Stop!! conning People, Thinks most of them are familiar with your Scham.!!

Curtis (@guest_1225467)
Reply to  Kurtis
1 year ago

Like the way u spell ur name. Mine is with a C, Curtis. Like the k better, more unusual

JasonFPaiz (@guest_1225531)
Reply to  Kurtis
1 year ago

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Michael S Dowling (@guest_1225181)
1 year ago

The new king will have his way. He has the pen to prove it too.

Freedom for averyone (@guest_1225216)
Reply to  Michael S Dowling
1 year ago

If he dose this there will be blood shed

Shirley Storey (@guest_1225256)
Reply to  Freedom for averyone
1 year ago

I agree with you

Terry Bell (@guest_1225774)
Reply to  Freedom for averyone
1 year ago


alicia cervera (@guest_1226235)
Reply to  Freedom for averyone
1 year ago

You bet there will be!

BILLY Simpson (@guest_1225248)
1 year ago

Everytime the Democrats don’t like the game they change the rules !

anthony Pepe (@guest_1225258)
1 year ago

We the People cant let the democrats pack the Supreme Court. Where is this going to end. It will by war within the USA very very sad. we cant let it happen. apepe

Putts42 (@guest_1226525)
Reply to  anthony Pepe
1 year ago

So very true, enough is enough.

Real Louis (@guest_1227452)
Reply to  Putts42
1 year ago

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IlliniGuy (@guest_1225263)
1 year ago

There is nothing democratic about the Democrats. Over all they are nothing less than scumbags set out to destroy the US of A. Marxist POS.

rm (@guest_1225298)
1 year ago

I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Nancy Pelosi suffered a good heart attack or stroke…or got run over by a drunk driver. Same for Dianne Feinstein and a few more on Capitol Hill….

Terry Bell (@guest_1225776)
Reply to  rm
1 year ago

I agree 100 %

Lorraine Holmes (@guest_1225313)
1 year ago

He still is a much better President!!
Biden is dead!

Terry Bell (@guest_1225778)
Reply to  Lorraine Holmes
1 year ago

I can not happen soon enough !

Terry Bell (@guest_1225783)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

IT can not happen soon enough !

Big Dave (@guest_1226512)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

I didn’t know Biden and his administration could count that

high without someone in the background holding their fingers up.

Kathy A Acord (@guest_1225316)
1 year ago

This is power grab. They don’t care about what is fair for all citizens. This is so sick to watch them destroy America. They are the party of Cheat, Steal, Lie, and the media must be paid off to agree with all the sick and disgusting plans they have. We need a president. How about the incompetence of a so called vice president! She was the most unpopular demo candidate running for president. The first to drop out. She created a fund to bail out arrested criminals. who could be better for a VP than this one.

Jesse (@guest_1225339)
1 year ago

I worry about everyone who thinks the Democrats are doing a great job. Actually, they scare the $h1t out of me.

Patric (@guest_1225349)
1 year ago

Are there no dems and rinos who care anything about our country and people? One even?? Their actions say “nope, money and power has our love”! Are they scared of pelosi’s evil streak, her penchant for vengeance? She blackmailing them? They are all watching the country the majority of us love and appreciate being pillaged by rabid monsters from the way too occupied swamp!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1225371)
1 year ago

Make sure you contact ALL YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPS, even if they are DEMS!

Lemont Cranston (@guest_1225507)
1 year ago

There is no reason for the dems to pack the court. Under the Constitution, the government’s purpose is to serve the people, not the democratic party or the government itself. That would be tyranny and treason. So why are they willing to risk their positions and their lives if there is not a big pay-off? There obviously must be some kind of protection for them personally. And what they aim to accomplish is to restrict our rights and stare the nation toward a global community. The “Big Picture” hasn’t really been exposed yet. And to allow them that betrayal would be a grave mistake.
Their(the dem party ) betrayal starts w/the “legally binding oath” they take, before entering office. Once in they attack the very things they are sworn to uphold. That betrayal is called treason! They break the laws at will while redefining the laws for their benefit, not our benefit, and hope “We the People” will except their excuse w/o penalty. I believe it is time for these traitors to “pay the piper!”

JasonFPaiz (@guest_1225533)
1 year ago

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Marie (@guest_1225795)
1 year ago


WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?


BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONFLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Members of the House

Members of the Senate



Please, don’t make an excuse not to make the calls, excuses as they say are like A-*****, we all got one!

Duane Bowen (@guest_1226185)
1 year ago

If you are angry right now about what you see happening to our nation. Remember one thing. Terrible things will happen when enough good people do nothing. It isn’t enough to fill-out comment sections like this one. Letters written to specific individuals, Far Left-Wing Fake News stations, company presidents and local political leaders.
Will work “Way Better!” Try the MLB Commission for their Georgia pull-out. Coca Cola and Delta Airlines for their support of the MLB Commission.
Facts show that only 1 in 10,000 are motivated to write. Making one letter equal 10,000. You didn’t know that, did you?

Tom Brown (@guest_1227120)
1 year ago

ALL people in this countey stop sitting on the side lines..It doesnn’t matter what color you are or what politics you have YOU and your family will suffer if we ALL don’t stop this ILLEGAL administration from continuing to destroy OUR countey….grt off your bitts and do whatever it takes to stop these criminals….and that IS what they are…



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