July 23, 2021

Poll: Only 49 percent of Americans believe Biden won election

Political soothsayers, including President Donald Trump, were predicting that unprecedented early and mail-in voting would undermine confidence in the results of the 2020 presidential election. It looks like they were right.

Only 49% of the registered voters surveyed believe that President-elect Joe Biden won the election, according to a Scott Rasmussen and Just the News Daily poll. In addition, 39 percent believe that President Trump was actually the victor, with another 16% simply unsure.

When examined further along the two party lines, the disparity is shocking. For instance, 87 percent of Democrats peg the former vice president as the winner, while six percent believe Trump victorious and only seven percent who who are unsure. On the Republican side, 77 percent believe Trump to be the winner with 12 percent picking Biden and 11 percent unsure.

Voters who described themselves as independents closely mirrored the overall poll results. Only 42 percent of them thought Biden had won, while nearly 25 percent said Trump won and one-third responded that they were unsure.

Although this data was collected before major media called the election for Biden on Saturday, these numbers should be troubling to both parties. It seems by and large, people just don’t believe the election results. This is a serious problem for a nation that is based on free and fair elections that facilitate peaceful transfer of power.

Especially among Republican voters, a whopping 70 percent are skeptical of election results, according to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll. That number has doubled since before the election, and it may be explained by the way this year’s presidential election was conducted.

For the first time ever, nearly 84% of Americans were able to vote by mail this election year, according to the Washington Post. Some states like California and Nevada took to automatically mailing ballots to all registered voters ostensibly to deal with the danger presented by voting in person due to COVID-19 (on Election Day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allowed even people with the virus to vote in person anyway). Anyone that has ever gotten the previous tenant’s junk mail knows how easily unsolicited ballots could fall into the wrong hands.

On top of the vote-by-mail disasters, many key states have reported irregularities such as a software glitch that switched thousands of Republican votes to Democrat votes in Michigan, as well as problems in the swing state of Pennsylvania that allowed ballots received late to be counted anyway and barred election observers from overseeing counting.

Meanwhile, Biden is being lauded by the media as the walk-away winner of the 2020 election while Trump still litigates these races. Even if Biden is eventually inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, it will be under a cloud of suspicion.

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53 Responses

  1. There is no way in hell that Biden could have won without corruption and I cannot believe that ANYONE no matter
    how stupid they are cannot see this. Evil despicable people who hate America and Americans. I know about
    communism as I lived in Venezuela for 11 years. Wake up stupidos.

    1. AMEN to your statements, Garnet. More and more independent sources are coming out and questioning the election results, especially the parts where vote counting stopped in the evening and re-started the next morning, with Biden having a bunch more votes than he had the night before. It is a set-up against Trump.

    2. Please more detail. It will help the Americans understand how they will be living soon., any good books about them. Thank Grandma Becky

    3. I have seen several articles, not sure how true, but if true, many districts had more people voting than were registered to vote. How can that happen without fraud.

    4. 💯 agree! I was a Dem my whole life and just became a Rep 2 years ago. I know of 100’s of thousands of others who walked away from the Democratic Party as well.

    5. Yes Garnet you are right on. I have read so many affidavits, heard non-Trump folks and others who opined on this. One guy is a mathematician who states that for Biden to have won would have to be the equivalent of winning a perfect world series which is close to impossible (only happened once). Also, I just read that Pelosi’s chef of staff person is involved with the company that had all off the glitches. And last but not least, all of the project veritas films while the list increases exponentially by the second!
      We must all pray that God delivers us from the whiles of the devil! Many people have ignored God for too long, myself included but this hour must belong to him and the only way to succeed we must ask every second of the day and mean every word of it! This is an uncommon evil visited upon us if we do not.

    6. I agree. Treason. I keep praying God will reveal all the evil and all those behind it. God is the only one who can.


  2. Biden is not the winner, and IF by some evil way he is certified and declared the winner of the 2020 election, it was by hook and crook…that’s the only way Democrats can win. Satan is alive and well.
    If you think that under a Biden administration, censorship is not part of the agenda, think again. Everyone’s taxes will increase…understand that. If you think Big Brother is a figment of the imagination, think again….
    Trump 2020!!!

    1. Dorothy, thought I was the only one with the belief that Satan, and his minions were working over time this election cycle. I can only hope the Harris / Biden team will only attempt to control those areas you mentioned. I just hope that the Republican Georgian Senate candidates are made of finely tempered steel. Believe the forces of Hell will be aimed directly at both of them. Am praying often for them to be the subject of a generous dose of Divine Intervention. Am still believing we could see a repeat of what we saw in 2016 at the presidential level

      1. You are not alone. Take heart and keep praying. God placed President Trump in office in 2016 and will continue to protect him until he has accomplished his purpose.

  3. I believe your numbers are wrong Dems switched biden for Trump in the election probably did here too .Should be 70 % Trump 27 % biden 3 % margin of error. more like it .

    DO THIS.

  5. He won’t be in long will be declare incompetent, harris will take over put Pelosi will take her down & become president.

    1. If Biden get into the White house we WILL have another CIVIL WAR but it won’t be as peaceful as the last one, there won’t be one Blue Coat left standing this time

  6. Most aspects of the above are shocking…And, seemingly inexcusable in this time frame….

    What excuses can our organizers/administrators of the election/election counting process offer ?

    And, what is planned to confidently hold the next elections, as well as their counting procedures ?

  7. How can a man with dementia, who barely got out and campaigned, who has said he will dramatically raise taxes, take away your weapons, bring back “Biden care” …..no way did he win. Harris couldn’t even stay in the race because of no votes. This whole election needs redone

    1. Election needs to be re-done and have in-person voting only or witnessed absentee voting (only for those physically unable to show up at poll.

  8. It defies logic to believe one candidate with 25 and 35 thousand people rallies right up to the election, lost to a corrupt, dementia riddled basement dweller who was mumbling about communism. A candidate that enthused his fans enough for them to launch car and boat rallies spontaneously and did more in 4 tears under extreme opposition than any other President lost, to this joker. The Democrats say “Get over It! Nothing to see here” I don’t think so!!!!

  9. 49% Believe Biden won?????….. That’s pure bull!!!!! NOBODY believes Biden won!!!!! Cheated maybe but; Actually WON?????? ROFL!!!!!!!

  10. Most aspects of the above are shocking…and seemingly inexcusable.

    At this point, I would not be surprised if the USA was not seen as the ‘Laughing Stock of the Free world’

    What excuses can our organizers/administrators of the voting/election/counting processes offer?

    And, of greater importance….what is planned and hopefully already underway… so we might confidently hold future elections, as well as the follow up counting/reporting procedures?

  11. I truly believe this election was SO corrupted. There is no way all these people voted for Biden. He couldn’t get more than 100 to attend his rallies . You try to make us believe their was more Dem votes than in the history of any election.
    I hope and pray that Trump will be able to expose ALL the corruption to the American people. (voting machines, illegal mail in ballots, big tech, China etc.

  12. Joe Biden and his son are crooks. Joe Biden is a treasonous liar. When he used his position as Vice President to allow his son to do business in foreign countries shows what he thinks of America. I will never accept Joe Biden as President and pray for the day he is brought to justice.

  13. the only way around this corruption is IN PERSON with VALID PHOTO ID, and Federal Owned and Maintained Voting Machines. this 3rd party voting machine crap has go to stop. no outside interference should be allowed in our voting for our leaders.

  14. 70% of Republicans don’t believe the results, I understand they can’t believe the the number of votes this idiot got to finish 2nd. Here is a president who completely ignored the COVID-19 and has done nothing about it so we now have 220 thousand souls no longer in the USA, he has lower our standing in the world.

  15. There’s no way in hell he could have won legal the guy didn’t know what day it was and commie vice presidential president if they stole it with smarter people maybe no one would think they stole it hell my dog is smarter than the two of them

  16. There is no way that Biden won anything but corruption! I vote for the persons that can help the American People not destroy it. The DOJ,CIA and everything else that is not Corrupt in our Government better get on the ball and fix this rigged election. The real Americans who want to be free in the country demand JUSTICE! I’m from TEXAS and if Biden does bring this scam off. I want to pull out of the USA and become independent from their corrupt Government. Texas held the right in our Texas Constitution to with drawl . We have everything Texas needs to survive without the other States. Can the other States claim the same?

  17. We must have a new election. One with no mail-in ballots, excepting legitimate absentee ballots. Photo identification. Poll observers at the vote and at the count. During the War Between the States there were troops at the polls. And we should get rid of all drive up registration. This process isn’t supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be serious business. If it is easy it is also easy to cheat.

  18. Sleepy Joe couldn’t draw flies…… OR complete too many “coherent” speeches. His former boss couldn’t help him either. And the MSM is trying to convince me that this “recluse” actually WON????…. [email protected]!!!!!

  19. Isn’t it strange how computer glitches, one vote ballots, and newly discovered stacks of ballots are always Democrats ballots? The only time you hear them talk about Republican ballots is when they are lost or have disappeared, like around 4 o’clock in the morning when counting should have stopped. We knew it was going to happen. Democrats have been rigging elections for 100 years.

  20. This is going to Supreme Court. They will invoke 12 Amendment. 1 vote for every state. Trump wins Republicans have more states

  21. Each of us MUST continue to FAITHFULLY PRAY for God to reveal ALL EVIL. Count true votes Rule out the false ones. Praise God. He is NOT done with President Donald J Trump. God is not done with the United States of America. As America goes, so goes the World. Please, God. In Jesus name. Amen

  22. I’ve fought and killed for this great country i would never change anything and what me and my brothers in arms have witnessed anything as disgusting as the lying the cheating and misguiding the American people the demodemons are the true antichrist demons from hell they will do anything try anything be told what to do to get what they want Satan has a tight grip of the demodemons in the end good will concur evil and with the grace of God and for all God loving Americans to pray that good prevails and president Trump remains the president of the greatest country ever in the world please Avery America it dont have to be much but let God know you love him and need him to help us all concur the evil that is alive today and festering in the demodemons party of destruction or they hope they can get in change and destroy the U.S.we can’t let that happen all of us God fearing loving Americans must pray help one of the greatest presidents get re-elected and continue his work of making America first GOD BLESS THE USA AMERICA NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER PLEASE SAVE US ALL and please help president Trump I love you God please help us all.

  23. This election has become nothing but a power grab by the rich and power mongers in our country who have little concern for the hardworking people. The Black Lives Matter Group have been hired to create havoc as they have done throughout Europe with the help of the Bilderberg Group made up of the richest people in our country and throughout Europe who think they have all the answers but they lack two important chacteristics that can’t be bought – humility and the wisdom of paying tribute to their employees who likewise contributed to a majority of their wealth. Without them they wouldn’t have the excessive wealth they continue to enjoy. Yet they want total control.

  24. While the average person is entitled to only one vote, the new media, newspapers, movie and sports stars decide they are allowed to break that rule without repercussions because they are exempt from all regulations including Nancy Pelosi, and all her cohorts yet we would be in jail if we committed half of what they have accomplished over the years they have held office.

  25. Where is Hunter? Where is the Durham report? Are all of the investigations just going away? These people need to be brought to justice or we will never be a free country.

  26. Interesting article, I just took a snapshot of your poll after I took it. 55,944 people say Joe Biden STOLE the election…only 4687 say he didn’t

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