October 6, 2022

Poll: Majority of voters concerned with Biden’s absence from public events

President Joe Biden spent over 50 days since taking office on Jan. 20 without holding a press conference. As cries for him to speak to the American people grew louder, Biden finally relented and gave a public address on Thursday evening — but it might not be enough.

Rasmussen Reports survey taken earlier this month revealed that 52% of likely voters were “concerned” that Biden has yet to hold a press conference, Breitbart reported. Wednesday marked the president’s 50th day in office without a formal news briefing.

Along party lines, the numbers broke predictably with 68% of Republicans and 56% of Independents answering in the affirmative. Only 32% of Democrats answered they were concerned with a full 64% saying they were not.

One of the factors likely driving the worry was Biden’s physical and mental fitness. Half of all respondents were not confident he was well enough to serve the functions of his office, although again the numbers swung considerably depending on the political affiliation of the respondent. While 82% of Democrats reported being confident in his ability to serve, only 18% of Republicans thought so. Independents nearly split the difference with 42% reporting they were confident.

Biden is breaking with a 100-year precedent by waiting so long to hold a press conference on his own. The last 15 presidents who came before him held a solo press conference within 33 days of taking office. Conservatives, including Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro, theorize that beyond fitness, the virtual silence is part of his strategy.

“President Houseplant is not fully there,” Shapiro tweeted Thursday. “We all know this. But Democrats desperately need him to put a non-threatening face on some of the most radical policies we have ever seen. So he will be shielded from media questions.”

The candidate who hid out in his basement is trying the same strategy for his presidency.ย  So far it’s working as he goes full steam ahead undoing former President Donald Trump’s legacy, creating a crisis at the borders, killing jobs, and ushering in radical gender theory — just to name a few. Still, he’s enjoying a 49% approval rating, likely because most Americans don’t know what he’s been up to.

Biden is a radical leftist, and the people around him have been waiting for their opportunity for a useful shill like him to take office. The media are asking about a news conference, but ultimately they won’t hit him any difficult questions anyway. Biden will continue to hide out as long as he can because he can.


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