June 14, 2021

Poll: Majority of Republicans want Trump to maintain role in party

Many in the mainstream media would like their viewers to believe that former President Donald Trump is no longer a force in the realm of Republican politics.

But a recent Quinnipiac University poll tells a vastly different story, one that makes crystal clear that Republican voters — a staggering 75 percent of them — very much want Mr. Trump involved in politics moving forward. The poll was published 48 hours after Trump was acquitted for the second time in a U.S. Senate impeachment trial, according to the Daily Caller

Only 21 percent of Republicans do not desire for Trump to play an active role and among all voters, some 63 percent overall want Trump to stay out of the way.

Not surprisingly, Democrats felt strongly about Trump moving on and doing other things, as 96 percent of Democratic voters would presumably rather he stick to the golf course and stay out of the political spotlight, moving forward. Independents were somewhere in the middle, with 61 percent preferring Trump go away.

“He may be down, but he is certainly not out of favor with the GOP. Twice impeached, vilified by Democrats in the trial, and virtually silenced by social media … despite it all, Donald Trump keeps a solid foothold in the Republican Party,” said Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University polling analyst.

The poll also asked the 1,056 respondents about Trump’s role in the lead-up to the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. Just over half of Americans — at 54 percent — believe Trump was responsible for the tragic events of that day. On the subject of whether or not Trump should have been convicted, 51 percent of Americans felt like he should have been.

While those numbers are large, the counter-numbers are just as impressive. Trump obviously has tens of millions of loyal supporters who very much wish for him to continue wielding his impressive influence in Republican politics, especially as the country is only a year away from the 2022 midterm election season.

As Yahoo News reported, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — one of Trump’s strongest GOP allies in Congress — recently told Fox News that without Trump in the mix, Republicans “don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell” of retaking majority control of the Senate.

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59 Responses

    1. Amen to that, now he needs to run for congress in 2022, get elected, Republicans regain the house then be appointed Speaker of the House, start impeachment action against Biden/Harris, become president, run for election 2024, and once again get elected POTUS!!!!

        1. DEMOCRATS NEED to be held accountable; & making President Trump, the Speaker of the House would accomplish that mission (until he’d be elected President again in 2024, right?😉
          The corrupt media AND corrupt career politicians WILL be held accountable sooner or later, according to the ‘The inspired Word’ that Our (Creator) Lord God mentions in Heb 4:12-13. And Gal 5:22-24 tells us HOW to accomplish righteousness, for ‘…There’s NO LAW against such (actions)’!

        2. I agree We need President Trump and I think he should run in 2022 and continue to become President and do away with what we have now

      1. First thing that needs to be done is to get rid of Dominion Voting machines! make voting on paper with registered voters along with constitutional observers in a regulated time frame all this done in person.As we always used to do. NO last minute registering The voting machines stole this election!!!

      1. Third party is a really bad idea. If you have three parties, two are always fighting against the Democrats, splitting the votes so that neither have enough votes to beat the Democrats. Bottom line ; the Republican Party and the new third party would never be able to win again.

        And along with doing away with voting machines, we also need “VOTER IDENTITY AT ALL POLLING STATIONS “

    2. while i really like trump; it’s not trump. It is what president trump does and stands for. Resident trump is a fair, honest, selfless person trying to help America and Americans. He want everyone in America to do well. It’s not about race, gender, religion, or economic position.

      If the left was not so hateful, bigoted and racist that might be able to listen long enough to understand President Trump They would have learned.
      President Trump is saying the same thing Martin Luther Kin said.
      President Trump was trying to do the same things that Malcolm X got around to preaching before the church are him killed.
      President Trump was actually doing things that worked to bring about the concepts jimmy carter wished he could do.
      President Trump did that things Kennedy wanted to do. Only Trump did it while ending a war rather then expanding one.

      But the left is just full of evil hateful sheeple who can not think for themselves. They lost a big chance for a vastly improved america and put us back into the hateful

    3. We want Trump back in where we need him the DEMON Rats are irresponsible they cheated and lied to get Biden in its very sad for the people who need truthful people in office not the circus they have created they hate Trump so much that they can’t run the American people we are sick of all this crap do your job children get along play nice

  1. I firmly just do not believe this poll. First of all this has very well been known and soon it will be confirmed that this was a set up by Pelosi and her thugs! Second . After what these swamp dwellers were taped at all the threats made By the demorats? They chose his words as the threat??? Seriously. We do have a PROBLEM! The capital was not secured and we watched security let them in. Just more theatre by the mob! It is so very pathetic it is funny!

    1. Lack of security, Pelosi’s fault, she knew.
      And all the rest of her minions, the have committed High treason, and nothing is being done!!
      Impeach Waters and all the rest of the cabal that actually did incite violence, we all saw the proof on video, they can’t deny it!!

    2. Everyone of the Dems including Pelosi and Schumer should be impeached, including Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. I also feel Chief Justice Roberts should be impeached as well.

        1. I agree they need to run impeachments through so fast that there is not time to replace the criminals before they are all in prison. convict Pelosi, schumer, kamal, and biden on the same day. then work your way though the rest of the mod and the fbi.

      1. Mr. Wilson…sounds like a plan. Wish the Reps had the backbone to do something “constructive” for the party. They are such “flip-floppers”, I wouldn’t want any of them on my team, I pray Trump has good advisors, who are truly on the side of America.

    1. I am with u, Gary! President Trump has a large majority that are with him. No way was he responsible for Jan 6th! Pelosi was behind it n there’s proof. It was a setup!!! Trump is my President n Biden is the worst illegitimate president to date

      1. They were also with him at the polls. biden is NOT the legal president and his demonrat buddies are ending America and will be responsible for the death of many Americans on both sides of the aisle. For an example, the price of one vial of insulin thanks to President Trump was $30.00. Under the POS that cheated to get into our White House, it is now $500.00 for the same vial.

  2. For once Sen Graham said something that made sense. He is exactly right. Without endorsement from President Trump, Republican candidates do not stand a chance of winning any election. The people trust his judgement and will stand by him on his choice of candidates. He may not be perfect in his choices as we have seen, but at least we know that they owe him some loyalty for getting there. That is some leverage he can use, if they don’t play ball.
    We need unity in the Republican party once a decision is made. There can be plenty of discussion before hand, but once a decision is made, everyone should be onboard and in favor . This has not been the case in the past and has hurt the Party with the division. Let’s change that in 2022 going forward. Mitch needs to get on board or he needs to step down. Not sure what his problem is.

  3. Stay safe President Trump, because we need you more then ever. Don’t be fooled by POLLS they are a joke. Remember how many people are afraid to speak out in support of President Trump because the Left the Communists that pretend to still be Democrats are vicious and dangerous, they have their HIRED armies, Antifia and BLM that rakes in millions, probably billions and launder it and give it to the Demo/Communist party to counter the legitimate Republican elections. If we know nothing else, we know that PRESIDENT TRUMP WON THE ELECTION BY A HUGE MARIGIN AND NO DOUBT WE TOOK BOTH THE HOUSE AND SENATE. IT WILL ALL COME OUT AND SHULD BE CORRECTED! NOTHING LESS IS ACCEPTABLE. NO KAMALA AS PRESIDENT WHEN THEY 25 BIDEN. EITHER A REELECTION OR WHEN THE TRUTH IS REVEALED TRUMP BE REINSTATED AND ALL GUILTY INDICTED!

  4. Everyone has to remember, and take it as “the standard” for the Demorats, that the whole impeachment action was in fact unConstitutional! The only thing the Dems wanted was to prevent Trump from running for ANY political office in the future. It all was just vindication as to how actually stupid and hateful the Dems actually are in their quest for Communistic power and disregard of the Constitution that all of them swore to uphold when taking office! Further proof of their blatant corrupt, lying, treasonous selves. NONE of them have any respect for the Constitution and have no integrity, which is obvious by their idiotic actions! I believe, as much as I’m against violence, that Biden (& the party) are leaving the citizens of this great country, to actually “take it upon themselves to defend themselves, the USA, and it’s Constitution”. Biden seems to think he can change the 2nd amendment with a stroke of his feeble handed pen. I do believe his actions/efforts are going to put the Secret Service to their most ultimate test to date, if gun confiscation is on his small feeble mind, along with his other members of the swamp. THAT is why the Nat’l Guard is still in Washington. ALL: the foolish Dems are crapping their pants and having to look over their shoulders more & more with each absurd, idiot crap that the Dems are inflicting upon the people of this country….selling us out!

  5. For those who think February 6 was bad how about remembering November 7, 1983 in Washington DC! Google it oh surprise, surprise February 6 was not the worst and who got punished???

  6. I watched that video of the security guy waving them all in. It must have been taken down the same day because I haven’t seen it since.

    1. Same here i have been looking every where for it. Always sends me to cnn or msnbc about the breach. Nothing about the guard moving the barrier sister said it my be on fb page (bidens not my president) need to go see. I just hate to go on fb.

  7. All were good replies–President Donald Trump is my President and Joe is a joke and a puppet for the corrupt and liberal Democrat’s! RIP Russ Limbaugh! Thank you for your lessons on being a Conservative!

  8. DJ TRUMP is the POTUS. MAGA!! Dems are thieves. Biden belongs in his basement with his dogs. TRUMP must be back in the WH, ASAP!!

  9. I Kept my trust in the TRUMP, HE’L BE BACK BE4 WE KNOW IT, DRAIN THE SWAMP , biden is a potus in name, a puppet on a string, TRUMP IS THE REAL DEAL. SIMPLY THE BEST. Grts from Amsterdam.

  10. All former Presidents should stick to the golf course after their term or terms. My question is: Why didn’t MR. BARACK OBAMA retire and go stick to the golf course. Why did he stay in the political picture and campaign for his former Vice-President. If the media is saying that Trump should stay out of politics and stick to the golf course, then they can say the same for Obama (who never did stay out of the political arena). In fact he went so far as to keep his name in the media by writing books and going on tv for interviews. He didn’t stay out of the public eye like all the other former Presidents did. They retired with honor and dignity. If the media is going to make statements against President Trump, they can do the same with Obama, right! I want this former President to disappear and stay out of everyone’s life. I want President Trump back in the White House, Pelosi removed from Congress forever, Clinton gone from the public eye permanently.

  11. They claim its his fault because he lied about the election fraud. Well it is a lie, why not let it investigated by someone besides the swamp? We need a way to know that our vote counted and someone else didn’t get more than one vote. I don’t trust the system, somebody prove me wrong.

  12. I have been a republican for over 45 years. Why would anyone want to live thru another Trump presidency. Worse president in the history of the USA.

    1. I’m an ex-democrat and think he was the best president in my 73 years. And i don’t believe you’re a real republican a RINO maybe.

  13. I have my hat and my deplorable T-Shirt. I guess people know where I stand and I wear them all the time. The hat, the shirt once a week. Hehe

  14. We need Trump back in the presidency! He would not treat our National Guards the way they have been treated to sleep in the parking decks. He would make America great again. He would clean the house of all the trouble makers. He would get our country back on track. He would get rid of the illegal immigrants. He has my vote to be back in his rightful place that he was cheated out of. God Bless America! Please Pray for a miracle.

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