June 30, 2022

Poll: Majority of Americans say impeachment will derail Democrat ‘unity’ call

Even though President Donald Trump has already left office, Democrats continue to hound and punish him. Will it do their party — or the nation — any good?

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey, further impeachment efforts against Trump will do more harm than good, Breitbart reported. Most Americans believe pursuing punishment for the former president will “cause more division” in the already fractured national political system.

In the days following President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Rasmussen surveyed 1,000 likely voters in the U.S. asking whether they thought the Senate’s impeachment trial of the former president would “help unite the country or will it cause more division? Or will it not make much difference?” The total response was that 57% percent of all those surveyed thought it would cause division while only 19% thought it would serve to unify the country. A full 20% thought it would make no difference at all.

Among party lines, Democrats said impeachment would unite the country 35% of the time while only 9% of Republicans agreed. In addition, 30% of Democrats thought impeachment would divide the country while a whopping 83% of Republicans worried that it would. Among those who identify as neither Democrat or Republican, 61% believed impeachment would divide the nation.

Rasmussen had been tracking public support for impeachment since the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and the ensuing proceedings that began less than a week later. With only days left in Trump’s administration, nearly half of respondents favored removing him from office prior to Biden’s swearing-in, but support dropped off after the new president took office.

Since Trump is no longer president, the only remedy impeachment would provide is a conviction, ensuring he would no longer be eligible to hold office. Only 45% believe he should be convicted of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” compared with the 50% who believe he should not.

Still, Democrats in the Senate will begin Trump’s second impeachment trial Feb. 8, accusing him of inciting the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol. Although Trump encouraged supporters to protest the formalization of the Electoral College votes in favor of Biden that, he never called for violence. These brutal accusations and the subsequent legal action do not reflect the coming-together the new president promised.

“We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal,” Biden said Jan. 20 during his Inauguration Day speech. “We can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts.”

Unfortunately, Democrats have always had it in for Trump, and this is their vicious last-ditch effort to pin the horrible actions of some of his supporters on him. What the left is doing to destroy Trump and smite him for good is not only harmful for the country, but also indicative of what they wish to do to all of their political adversaries — and that’s what’s truly frightening.

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Leon Hoch (@guest_1118531)
1 year ago

Don’t be too quick to believe any polls. Many times I’ve tried to answer them and my conservative answer wasn’t recognized.

Frank Steele (@guest_1118574)
Reply to  Leon Hoch
1 year ago

I found the same.

Bob (@guest_1118627)
Reply to  Leon Hoch
1 year ago

Polls are full of crap.

Robert Boyd (@guest_1118532)
1 year ago

Trump has a very good chance to wi the next Presidential election.

john vandermeer (@guest_1118547)
Reply to  Robert Boyd
1 year ago

President Trump needs to take over now before the country is completely screwed up by the left, laying off workers doesn’t build a country it destroys. Could say something about biden but what good does that do, he’s a puppet.

stuart nolting (@guest_1118553)
Reply to  john vandermeer
1 year ago

The people need to see more and open their eyes to this communist takeover! The light will soon appear at the end of the tunnel!

alicia cervera (@guest_1118582)
Reply to  stuart nolting
1 year ago

WAKE UP NOW It wont take long for the leeft to take over fully! Too many highp ppositions taken over already! And its pay back time for jo for those enourmous donations, esp. from hi tech.

AD dont take down my post, please.!

sturgis (@guest_1118573)
Reply to  john vandermeer
1 year ago

You can say, obozo joe!!

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1118580)
Reply to  john vandermeer
1 year ago

The marxists can take over this coumtry fully in a matter of months. Beleive me I fled communism and it took the new governt. weeks to say over natl tv I am a Marxist Leniniwt! Next fex hours they confiscated all bank accounts so money couldnt flee the country. people coouldnt get out and the same steps are taken here. Granted, we were a tiny country compared to USA but there are too mamy commis , chinese in high positions, leftsts in academia, indoctrinatated youth HI TECH MSM & others who are against capitalism and pro jo to turn things upside down, as if they werent already in a mess!!! The cou try wont last one year under thks administration as a Democratic }REPUBLIC!!!! WAKE UP WAKE UP! PLEASE WaKE UP!
AD please dont erase my comment!!!!

roger vanhulle (@guest_1118602)
Reply to  alicia regina cervera
1 year ago

the Marxist semi stooge in charge doesn’t even hiccup to ignore or any law to limit what he does
Notice how he plows ahead, like the rebuke to 26 energy state governors to meet with him.
He doesn’t care, he knows he is untouchable with Soros and Obama at the helm.
Now he is militarizing D.C. permanently while plowing ahead to make it a state.
Within 2 weeks Biden has mirrored 1940 Germany. It’s no coincidence that Antifa is Fascist.
There may be no stopping the filth that has infected the Democrats. Power indeed corrupts.
BTW the notorious communist Saul Alinsky professed that 1 of the 10 ways to convert a Democratic Republic to a Marxist police state was to blame the political opposition by accusing it of doing exactly what they have already started doing.
Remember early during the election when Trump was constantly labeled as a Fascist and a Nazi?
It’s way past time to wake up, the anti constitutional forces in power know the time it takes to go to court!

JayJay (@guest_1118866)
Reply to  john vandermeer
1 year ago

I agree, and if anyone who can do something to correct this fraudulent fiasco would look at the evidence it could be done. However, the Supreme Court was the last hope and Judge Roberts is too afraid of someone or something to do his job. I have lost all respect for the Supreme Court – what little I had left after the same little coward saddled us with Obamacare. I guess he is afraid of Obama, who is the real power behind the throne of Biden.

Marty (@guest_1119509)
Reply to  JayJay
1 year ago

Roberts adopted his 2 kids from Wales without the is dotted and ts crossed. He was also on the Lolita Express, Plus he hates Trump.

Sorcerer.7 (@guest_1118605)
Reply to  Robert Boyd
1 year ago

What the Dems don’t realize, citizens know that this is all political. Even if they had the votes to impeach (and they don’t) all they’re doing is making President Trump a martyr. This will increase his popularity, and drive more voters away from Dems and toward the populism Trump represents. When innocent people are martyred their power and popularity grows.
All this is, is a bad dog and pony show.

Lynelle (@guest_1118617)
Reply to  Robert Boyd
1 year ago

He won this one by a landslide! People yell out “We love you” but that doesn’t make a difference when the level of cheating that went on to the steal the election was accepted. Not one court listened to evidence or common sense. They were all in on it and so was China, Russia, Ukraine, the Pope, etc.

SGT Preston (@guest_1118750)
Reply to  Robert Boyd
1 year ago

That’s why Pitiful Pelosi and her crew are trying so hard to impeach the rightful President, President Trump. She hates him and will do anything to get rid of him, legal or illegal, she doesn’t really care, I don’t think. She is a possessed woman, possessed by evil forces that would do anything to stop President Trump.

Vote for Truth (@guest_1119081)
Reply to  Robert Boyd
1 year ago

Yes, Trump would have a good chance to win the next Presidential election IF there was no fraud and corruption. Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide, but the election was stolen from him and nobody did a thing to stop that! What makes you think that after 4 more years of planning, the Democrats will steal even more votes in 2024 and nobody will be able to stop them?

Tim (@guest_1118537)
1 year ago

Were is my comment?

fred (@guest_1118538)
1 year ago


Nathan t nguyen (@guest_1118565)
Reply to  fred
1 year ago

Most politicians are liars and Satan is the father of lie.
How do we know politicians lie? When they move their lips.
They all speak from both sides of their mouth and money is their god.

sturgis (@guest_1118575)
Reply to  fred
1 year ago

All they want to do is control us!

JIM (@guest_1118539)
1 year ago

Common sense tells me that people are sick and tired of this old fairy tale. We have much to worry about such as the moron president and the retarded House.

RB (@guest_1118540)
1 year ago

So much for Unity, those democrat morons are more interested in perusing pelosy personal vendetta against Trump.

Tim (@guest_1118542)
1 year ago

Did you sensor my comments

Mutzika (@guest_1118544)
1 year ago

There will be no unity
There will be no healing
There will be no $2,000
There will be lots of fake promises though!!!!!!

constitution (@guest_1118549)
1 year ago

This is not an impeachment it has always been about the COUP. This will be the 3rd COUP since Trump was president , before, and after. ANYONE GOING TO TOUCH ANY OF THESE COUPS?? It never has been about a true CONSTITUTIONAL CRIME. There was one constitution done and that was the 1st Amendment to Trump by Twitterdee. Anyone of our legal department doing thing about that, hell no. They do not care about someones else 1st Amendment only when it applies to them. WHAT A BANANA GOVERMENT WE HAVE!!!!

Sue (@guest_1118566)
1 year ago

Give it a break.I can’t believe one person can have so much hate in them . Should we call everything your fault because you fought to get Biden elected .truthfully or otherwise . Should we blame you for all the jobs lost , prices going up on everything . Our Covid-19 shots being given to out of country immigrants before our US citizen. Or you having people with COVID one in person so they can vote for you . You are such a controller and until you totally can ruin his life completely your not going to be satisfied. To do all these things shows your not a god loving person. You want a wall for protection at the capitol but wont allow our border wall to be completed for the safety of our citizen . Your a real piece of work 😡 For everything you’ve done , let the man have a life . You’ve got him out of office so just stop your hate 😡

Lorraine Holmes (@guest_1118585)
Reply to  Sue
1 year ago

She will burn in hell. She is a decades old criminal. A Soros puppet she plotted this b.s. riot. She should be hanged for HIGH TREASON along with the leftist cabal and RINOS!

Richard Stanley (@guest_1118571)
1 year ago

Poles and Democrats be damned! President Trump was a duly elected President and because he was returning power to the people, where it belongs. The Democrats on the other hand say one thing and do another. Those same Democrats have spent their lifetime as leaches the taxpayer’s back, now they are angry with Past President Trump and are determined to keep him from running for office forever (reminds me of the “carpetbaggers” of the 1870’s right after the civil war). What kind of numbskull can’t think straight and needs political power to camouflage the truth, like now, while their talking “UNITY”. What BS! The Older Indians once said: white man has “forked tongue”! I say the Democratic White man has a forked tongue and ought to keep it in his mouth! The Indians of the great west had first hand knowledge of Government tactics and I have to agree with their viewpoint. I wear a t-shirt that says: “You can trust the Government ……. just ask and Indian!

Lorraine Holmes (@guest_1118587)
1 year ago

She will burn in hell. She is a decades old criminal. A Soros puppet she plotted this b.s. riot. She should be hanged for HIGH TREASON along with the leftist cabal and RINOS!

Debby (@guest_1118588)
1 year ago

Google Aug.19,2019 Democrats Suied IRAN to use “DEATH TO AMERICA” for Dems Slogan in 2020 Champaign.Go back look at Biden standing at Dems Convention see their sign on stage..All Biden talks about is your SOUL He is a Devil like every Dems.& Some Rhinos.Pres Trump won 2020 another COUP in our Face

Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1118590)
1 year ago

Let’s not forget there have been papers submitted for Joe the idiot’s impeachment.

JDavis951 (@guest_1118593)
1 year ago

I just love how people love to sit back, down a beer while pissing and moaning over the crap going on today!

WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

Members of the House

Members of the Senate


One call per rep!


Katydid (@guest_1118624)
Reply to  JDavis951
1 year ago

Thank you for the phone numbers. I will call tomorrow. Can we call every day? I totally agree with you that our silence has allowed the Dems to succeed. If we don’t do something, we will all be in a communist country,.

bob (@guest_1118594)
1 year ago

Either way , it doesn’t matter to us . We are going to give CREEPY Joe , Snake Harris and the LIBERALS the same DISREPECT they gave to President Trump , his supporters , Malania and the Conservatives for 4 years !!! NO UNITY FOR US !!!

Patriot (@guest_1118657)
1 year ago

There is more than enough evidence to impeach corrupt Joe Biden right now. Between bribing and extortion the Ukrainians with 1 billion dollars ,his accepting millions from the CCCP through his son Hunter and now his brother Frank using sleepy Joe’s name to generate business for his law firm. How much more corruption do you need to see?
To quote sleepy Joe,
Come on Man!

madmemere (@guest_1118664)
1 year ago

Fancy nancy has a “hate vendetta” AND she’s running scared because of her past (and current) criminal, communist activity; it’s so bad her Depends are beginning to leak, which makes her situation even more dire!

Michael (@guest_1118668)
1 year ago

They’re only trying to stop him him running in 2024,which won’t work. And with all thede E O’s Biden is signing costing thousands of jobs so far and put a stop to the wall so the illegals will start flowing in Biden is making this country more unsafe. Getting back with the W.H.O is another mistake they still say the virus didn’t come from China. He also signed an E.O saying noone in the Goverment can say the China Virus. or that it came from there. He stopped all fracking on Federal land even though he propmised he wouldn’t and he is looking to pack the court.He has the WH the Senate and the house so why all the E.O’s bcuz he knows some of the Dems wont vote for his bs. He is going to start a war, but not with another country its going to be a civil war. He is trying to separate everyone by race say the ppl the stormed the Capital were white supremacist, that probably is true but not all Trump supporters are white supremacist and that is how he and all.the Democrats say. 75 million ppl bcuz they support Trump are white supremacist that is something he needs to take back he is the one the leader of the party. And to have the National Guard still there and keeping them there till March for what? I don’t trust him and the redt of the Dem party. Ther are up to something, and it has nothing to do with Trump they’re getting ready to screw everyone over even the people that voted for him. He has already proven he can’t be trusted. So my fellow Americans stock up on whatever your going to need to eat and keep.you and your family safe. Like Biden we are entering our Darkest days.

Vote for Truth (@guest_1119064)
Reply to  Michael
1 year ago

Joe Biden is having a committee formed to determine if we want a new 51st State, Washington, DC. I believe Biden wants these National Guard to be the National Guard for the new State, Washington, DC, and that’s why they are staying there until March. We already know they are going to decide to create this new State, which will give DC at least 2 Senators and some Representatives in the House of Representatives. They will then go after Puerto Rico to become the 52nd State. Then Republicans will never win another election.

David Muench (@guest_1118724)
1 year ago

As the Indians used to call it white man speak with fork tongue, Biden is nothing more than a lying bunch of crap and all of his administration are in the singing boat right along with him.

David Muench (@guest_1118725)
1 year ago

I meant sinking boat sorry.

JOHNNY B BELCHER (@guest_1118736)
1 year ago


Ted (@guest_1118744)
1 year ago

the DirtyRat idea of Unity = Come over to our side or else…. Up Yours joe. I’m hoping for the third and final aneurism myself….

Lemont Cranston (@guest_1118746)
1 year ago

“We the People have a solution to this runaway government. It is called the Constitution. It gives us, “We the People,” the power over government.
The peaceful march on the capitol was a warning “shot across the bow” to inform the elitists, “We the People” are following the Constitution, w/a peaceful protest march to the capitol for answers to the people’s problems. Namely the illegal voting that has taken place. Why the DOJ, FBI, supreme court, etc. refuses to investigate the criminal activity that took place. These supposed public servants ran and hid! If they have nothing to hide, why hide? They answer to “We the People”, not their special interest groups. Their job is to represent us.
The government’s job is the servant to the people, existing only by our consent and for our benefit, constitutionally limited, responsible, and elective. They really don’t have much say as to what they are to do or say. If they want that ability, then let them resign and be a citizen, not a representative. The representative is the voice of his constituents. They are not their to represent themselves or the government!

George Washington said of the government, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force. And force , like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

And Thomas Jefferson gave us the solution when tyranny strikes at us from our government.
He stated, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

jim Nash (@guest_1118831)
1 year ago

Biden is so stupid that he could not spell unity let alone practice it in any way, shape or form. His impeachment will hold then we go after Harris, Waters, Schiff, Nadler and Shumer…………all traitors.

American Michael (@guest_1118874)
1 year ago

There will NEVER be unity. For 4 years we were called Nazis, racist, imbeciles and so so so much more. I F**KING Loathe demotards they are vile trash that has absolutely NO care for any American Citizen!!!!!!!!

Beverly (@guest_1118889)
1 year ago

This is all a blessing because after the Dems create their chaos, then the Republicans will be asked or pleaded with to clean it up again. There is no stopping Trump and the right – because the right is right.

James (@guest_1118959)
1 year ago

A third world government terrorist take over.
1. Rule by executive order
2. Putting a predecessor on trial.
3. Censorship of opposition.
4. Attacking the private sector.
5. Exploiting identity politics.
6. Challenging judicial independence.
7. Purging former officials
8. Encouraging a slavish media.
9. Military in the streets.

I am terrified.

charles wilkins (@guest_1118965)
1 year ago

Mal-Practice of Office

Is this not the same reasoning the Dems tried to Impeach Donald Trump over? How many financial bribes has the Trump family accepted from any other country and how many National Security issues did the Trump family profit over from the oil gas and pipeline industry stopping what was keeping our country safe? How many Americans and Canadians have now lost their incomes creating more National Security Issues? How about border security drugs, illegals, murders and child exploitation. What “State” now being run by Democrats operates in the black? What about shipping money oversees when Americans are trying to overcome the Flu created by China? Our New President has violated all of above and more when will it stop signing executive orders does not make it right or American.

Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body both makes and decides upon legal charges against a government official. .. In the United States, for example, impeachment at the federal level is limited to those who may have committed “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. Treason the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. Bribery the giving or offering of a bribe. “High crimes and misdemeanors” is surely the most troublesome, misleading phrase in the U.S. Constitution. Taken at face value, the words seem to say that impeachable conduct is limited to “crimes”—offenses defined by criminal statutes and punishable in criminal courts. That impression is reinforced by the fact that the phrase follows the obviously criminal “treason” and “bribery” in Article II’s list of the kinds of conduct for which the “President, Vice President and all civil officers” may be impeached. The Convention came to its choice of words describing the grounds for impeachment after much deliberation, but the phrasing derived directly from the English practice. On June 2, 1787, the framers adopted a provision that the executive should “be removable on impeachment & conviction of mal-practice or neglect of duty.”

Patty (@guest_1118985)
1 year ago

Piglosi should be impeached right along with Biden, Harris, and all of the “ Obama cabinet” that Biden put in place! This is a hostile takeover of our country! Call your representatives daily and demand impeachment of Biden, Harris, piglosi, shiff, Nadler and Schumer.

B. Wilson (@guest_1119063)
1 year ago

Biden and his leftist regime would not know unity if it bite them on their butts. Its all their way or pay the price. Some Unity there. They will surely cause a revolt if they keep it up. Trying to remove everything Trump did for this Nation is criminal. Hope the voters who voted for this regime are happy with themselves now. Dictatorship or Communism which is it ?

Javiernop (@guest_1235129)
1 year ago

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