August 14, 2022

Poll: Majority of Americans agree with Trump that $600 payments are too small

President Trump continues to stand firm against the bipartisan omnibus spending bill that only supplies $600 relief checks to Americans waiting for relief for months.

As it turns out, though the media is attempting to vilify President Trump’s refusal to back down, new evidence in the form of a Business Insider survey released this week shows that most American people agree with President Trump’s stance on the bill. 

The bipartisan coronavirus relief bill presented earlier this week after months of squabbling contains $900 billion in federal spending but only allows $600 direct payments to Americans, in contrast to April’s bill, which provided $1,200 payments.

Democrats attempted to pass a stand-alone bill that would provide $2,000 payments just before Christmas, but GOP lawmakers rejected the proposal due to the fact that none of the pork had been cut from the original bill.

Negotiations appear to be at a stand-still, as neither GOP nor Democrat leaders appear willing to back down on their refusal to compromise.

However, Americans on both sides of the aisle have made it clear that a $600 check is a slap in the face of financially suffering Americans. Breitbart reported on Sunday:

The survey, taken December 21 among 1,123 respondents, found that 62 percent view $600 stimulus checks as too small, with over three-quarters expressing the belief that payments should be $1,000 or greater. Forty-three percent of respondents said checks should be over $2,000.

According to Business Insider, respondents asked what the “right amount of money” for a “one-time federal economic stimulus payment at this time” responded on average that $1,500 or more was the most desirable amount.

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Otis (@guest_1094181)
1 year ago

They only way that President Trump should sign any stimulus package is if it’s ONLY directed at helping legal citizens and that it be OVER 600.00, and that all other pork be dropped off!!
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the rest of the hateful democrats need to shut up and sit down!!

Cheryl A Bellerose (@guest_1094196)
Reply to  Otis
1 year ago

100% AGREE!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1094202)
Reply to  Otis
1 year ago

YEA! Good post!!!

SGT Preston (@guest_1094236)
Reply to  Otis
1 year ago

Absolutely right! The government help is NOT for illegal aliens, it is for citizens of this nation. It also needs to have NO democratic PORK; and it needs to be for more than $600.00

Louise (@guest_1094187)
1 year ago

Cut their salary, give them 600 and no more until we all go back to work

Rebecca Flippo (@guest_1094189)
1 year ago

How do you feel about the bill that President Trump did not sign? The Bill that was going to give Millions, & sometimes Billions, of taxpayer Dollars to Foreign Countries, for all manner of Stupid, Useless, Crap! The Bill that was giving $ 600.00 Dollars to each American Citizen, a Bill that was not read before it was signed. And if President Trump, had not Refused, to Sign The Bill, we would never have known, the Garbage that was in it. Even after the way he has been treated, in his Four Years as Our President, He was Still Working For Us, & Looking out for Us. He Demanded, $2000 Per Person, or $ 4000 Per Couple, & sent it back, plus he said to Remove the Garbage from the Bill. God Bless America, God Bless President Trump, & God Bless All Americans.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1094281)
Reply to  Rebecca Flippo
1 year ago

I thank him for not signing it. What the bill should include is only to support legal American citizens… no BS that Pisslosi added.

Nannytk (@guest_1094204)
1 year ago

We are going to be in for a rough 4 years with the Biden administration. The man has mental problems and Harris is so far left it’s not even funny. I just can’t believe people actually voted for Biden/Harris.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1094282)
Reply to  Nannytk
1 year ago

They didn’t vote for him. The few that did now want to change their votes to President Trump.

Emil Geverd (@guest_1094221)
1 year ago

Why are American taxpayers supporting payments to other nations for whatever they say they will be doing with our (that’s yours and mine) money. Don’t Nancy and our other supposed representatives that we don’t want to be the wishing well for other countries. It’s not only our tax dollars that are being promised and promised, it is the future of our children, their children and our country. It’s bad enough that we have to support our “representatives” with lifetime benefits that exceed what we will ever make, why enough do we have to support other countries. (Who will end up hating us anyway because we didn’t give them enough.)

John McCormack (@guest_1094245)
1 year ago

The people did not vote for Biden. It is a fraud and the election vote results prove the tampering with the vote tally. The system used for voting was fraudulent and by turning Trump votes over to Biden should not only be investigated but prosecuted. AG Barr is a turncoat and must have either something held over his head or he is an investor in the Biden corruption. I pray that SCOTUS gets the case and the truth comes out before Inauguration Day.

Ruth (@guest_1094319)
1 year ago

I am ashamed of the Government refusing to look closely at the voting details that were reportedly detailing how there was so much fraud (especially Georgia)in the last election ! ! ! ! Anything new on that ?

Janice Hamman (@guest_1094363)
1 year ago

The next time Pelosi demands a raise, give her $600 or fifty cents. That’s all she deserves.

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