July 28, 2021

Poll: Majority of American voters disapprove of Biden’s immigration policies

The massive influx of migrants at the southern border is causing untold problems for federal, state, and local authorities charged with managing it, but the situation is also taking a toll on Americans’ view of their president, as a recent survey suggests.

According to a new ABC News/Ipos poll, nearly 60% of all respondents said they disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of the wave of migrants and unaccompanied minors reaching the border, as Breitbart reports.

The poll, which was conducted between March 26 and 27 and involved 517 participants revealed this issue to be an especially weak point for Biden, as he still enjoyed high levels of approval on the economy as well as coronavirus vaccine efforts, which came in at 60% and 75% approval, respectively.

As Breitbart noted, the Ipsos poll is not the only metric suggesting that public opinion – particularly among swing voters – is souring on Biden’s approach to the emerging chaos at the border. A Morning Consult/Politico survey of 1,994 registered voters conducted during the March 19-22 time period found that 44% of this key electoral group said that the immigration system in this country has worsened, with only 12% saying that it had improved under Biden’s leadership.

With upwards of 18,000 unaccompanied minors reportedly now in federal custody, according to the New York Post and escalating outrage over the deteriorating conditions in which they are housed, growing numbers of lawmakers are demanding accountability from the administration, but are thus far making little headway.

As Fox News reported, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) toured a migrant detention center in Donna, Texas last week with a group of fellow legislators and described harrowing scenes that included:

“…cages after cages of little boys lying side-by-side, of little girls lying side-by-side, covered with reflective emergency blankets with virtually no space between them…”

“..[a] playpen of infants and toddlers brought her by human traffickers and then left alone…[a] row of children who, having just been crammed into the crowded cages, were now testing positive for COVID-19.”

The senator went on to blast the Biden administration for its continued denial of media access to these facilities – a stance on which he doubled down during a press conference last week – by saying, “This is outrageous. The Trump administration allowed media into [Department of Homeland Security] facilities. So did the Obama administration, the Bush administration and the Clinton administration. But you want to hide what is going on.”

Gallup chairman and CEO Jim Clifton warned last week that, try as he might, Biden will not be able to elude accountability on this issue forever. Pointing out that the administration must not only find a solution for the thousands current at the border, it must also answer the questions of how it will handle the legions of others intending to come and what its broader 10-year plan will be.

As Clifton succinctly and pointedly put it, “330 million U.S. citizens are wondering,” and it hopefully won’t be long before even members of the compliant mainstream media insist on real answers.

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57 Responses

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    1. 517 people polled and this is how ALL Americans feel?? If the truth really was told the results would be 90% disapproval. Most likely the 517 people polled were Registered Democrats and that is why it’s so SHOCKING…

      1. the border was secure and operating fine before bobblehead took office as for the economy that was all trump doing as for overall operating approval they have to stuff the boxes again to maybe get a 10% approval throw all the bums the hell out

      2. I’ve never been called for a Poll. YES, I get tons of emails doing some Poll but the but then they always ask for DONATIONS. An OFFICIAL POLL is phone calls and they don’t ask for DONATIONS.

        1. The percentage that approves of Biden, actually disapprove but can’t bring themselves to admit they made a mistake by putting the POS in office.

        2. or 95%!!!! He must be interned in a nursing facility in NY under cuomo’s rules. yes. thats it.!

      3. This nothing but bringing illegal votes in for election 22 ! You have to be smart to know that!!

        1. we all know it but how to stop it unless we can be as bad as bidens group, how can that man call himself a good catholic he disgraces the catholics

      4. Biden said once since he was elected this would be his legacy well all I can say is no one will read it he has started big time destroying our country, wait and see we are going to end up in a civil war, I will have no part since I turn 77 two days ago

  2. Every Illegal immigrant should be send to Delaware. After all, I am sure they would love to have them there as much as Joe. That would show us what a good guy Joe is

    1. He is not living there so they can use his house and also put up tents on his property. He would love it and Jill would walk out on him

      1. i said the white house and yard would be perfect what don’t we have the same fencing at the border to keep them out and who really thinks the kids walked that far

  3. biden doesn’t have the balls to say he was wrong; eliminating a plan that was working was more than stupid. He seems to love creating suffering at every step he takes; he does not give a damn; China is holding his one hand while obama is holding the other one.

  4. Well, well, well. I thought people like this Jordan Leo were gone from the the Internet. Please disregard anything that anyone tells you online that you can make a load of money for doing practically nothing. The only one who gets rich is the person who starts this kind of thing.

  5. It appears Joe Biden Is not capable of gaining control of the Southern Border. He seems unaware of the horrific truth of Open Borders? It is the most inhumane occurrence America has ever witnessed? This could be grounds to Prove Mr. Biden is not capable of stopping the flow. And makes American’s wonder if he is capable of doing any of the tough Jobs a President is required to do. Sadly, he is not up to do this Job.Sadly, Impeachment is imminent…. Soon a Process may take place to call for Our President to be Declared Incompetent. And A Guardian would be Appointed and he would be removed from his Job.

    1. it would really piss him off to rave about Trump coming to the border, he hates himso much he would blow the country up if he knew how

  6. Biden just want to feel how it is to be President before he closes his eyes. He will do anything the deep states tell him to do. Soon he will cedes his throne to Kamala then sink himself into the sunset.
    While at it, Biden will destroy anything if it has Trump signature on it just to make a point regardless if it destroys America in the process because Biden does not give a damn. People will remember him as the 46th President, however not as a duly elected but an installed President. His destructive actions cemented American’s feelings for years to come.

  7. Biden is ruining America.. IMPEACH him immediately. He doesn’t know where he is much less anything else that’s happening. IMPEACH NOW!!!

    1. Be sure to have your ducks, and facts/proof lined up. After him it will be time to impeach Harris then Nancy…

  8. Are we to believe this chickencrap poll? More like 99% dissaprove, 1% stupid joe and the demoncraps. Why so silent with the demoncraps? Why idiot joe won’t show his ugly close to death face is no mystery. Why do we suffer? Just deport them all to demoncrap sanctuary cities and let good old joe take it from there.

  9. Chaos, recognition of real threats to security, distrust of government and the media, increasing dependence on the government to restore order or to alleviate crisis. These are the tools of revolutionary coups. The Biden administration knows well what it is doing. The Progressive goal is not to manage the country to the benefit of its citizens; it is to seize control and drive it into the hands of the Globalists dictatorship, the Utopia where all the serfs will be equally happy. They will like it or else. Also explains why they Progressives want to disarm the hoi poloi – even though their draconian gun restrictions haven’t reduced crime in their Democrat run cities.

  10. Covid is winding down so the Dems have to create another crisis! This one just may backfire and it should!! These morons say they are doing this for humanitarian reasons yet refuse to even look any of the illegals who are packed in unsanitary conditions in the face! Despicable, the left always has to have people they can suppress and look down on! Kamala is prioritizing her mansion getting redecorated over the crisis on the border! SHE IS A LOW LIFE! So is Beijing Joe!

    1. He has to go and all the papers he signed should be null and voided for he is not competent enough to do the job and only does as the one whispering in his ear tells him to do

    2. we have another one coming threw Brazil I heard worse than our covid we have now I truly hate him and the bich vice

  11. I don’t know if it’s just me or what but it doesn’t surprise me anymore when the human race hit’s a new low. When will people realize they’re being played? I’m getting really tired of this sh_t.


  13. I just think of how great this country would be doing if President Trump was still in WH. The U.S. is failing in just two months with the Dems in control. 😢😢

  14. The vast majority of Americans did not vote for Biden & Harris. Voter fraud put them into office. For all you simpletons that did vote for those fools, do you feel stupid? Well, you should!

  15. When does the Biden plan to build housing projects in
    the spaces not used in suburbia begin.?Now that the
    human wave of absolute ruination of America has made
    it’s way without any restrictions or needed forms of any
    kind that would stop the flow of this rediculous open
    ended disaster that squinty eyed Joe has created.!Time
    to for him to take advantage of the culdesac crowd that
    put him in office…

  16. there appears to be a poster that suggested that the
    malignants that are coming across the border go to work
    on the chicken farms in Deleware.It would not be long
    after they were hired that the owners of those farms are
    going to begin to wonder why the hell are all the chickens
    disappearing.?They are being BBQ’d on Biden lawn.!Those
    decent farmers better take inventory everday.!!

  17. Biden a loser all the way. He cant do anything right along with all the democrats in office LOSER all of them

  18. Biden good at making a mess and then he asks for help. He s also good at stealing everyone ideas and taken credit for it (Covid19 shot) He cant do anything right or good on his own and he cant owe up to his mistakes he has costs America and it s people, like a little kid. He is destroying America and could care less. He is pitiful and a loser. He should go back to his basement and stay for ever.

  19. This guy is stupid as a river soaked rock plain and simple. He flunked the 3rd grade, and finished in the bottom 10% of both college and law school. Takes George Bush jr. off the dumbest president ever, and his vp harris the giggler, is just that!

  20. I often wonder where they get these poll rating, especially when I read comments like all of you have made above. I think Biden and Harris will go down as two of the worst leaders our nation has ever had. They have, in a few short months, made a mess of this country at the hands of the progressives and the far left. Come on Republicans, bring on the impeachment charges and get all these people out of office before we don’t have a republic to be proud of. We deserve better than this and we put you in office to fight for us. Hands up everyone who would like to see this happen. Now there is a poll I could get on board with!

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