August 18, 2022

Poll: Less than half of Americans think Trump should be convicted by the Senate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) capitalized instantly on the outrage following the January 6th Capitol riots by forcing a second impeachment resolution through the House.

A month later, just as the Senate is about to take up the impeachment trial, it appears that Americans are no longer interested in focusing on impeaching an executive that has already exited office — placing Democrats in a difficult position in regard to their cherished cause.

According to a new poll from the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research this week, less than half of Americans surveyed agreed that Donald Trump should be convicted of charges of inciting the riot.

The AP noted:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that Trump bears at least a moderate amount of responsibility for the breach of the U.S. Capitol, including half who say he bears a great deal or quite a bit. Just over a third say he bears little to no responsibility.

Most Republicans absolve him of guilt, but about 3 in 10 think he bears at least a moderate amount of blame for the events.

Fewer Americans, 47%, believe the Senate should vote to convict Trump after his impeachment trial, which begins next week. Another 40% say he should not be convicted, and 12% aren’t sure. Trump last month became the first president in the nation’s history to be impeached twice by the House, but it appears unlikely Democrats will have enough votes to convict him in the upper chamber.

The AP chalked the shocking numbers up to Donald Trump’s “monthslong disinformation campaign,” despite Trump’s almost complete silence post-inauguration.

Americans just want to move on. After all, Democrats promised that electing Joe Biden would be the end of the continual chaos and strife that characterized US politics for the last four years.

Immediately after securing the win, Democrat leaders want the nation to once again focus on the ousted Trump instead of moving forward. Regardless of your political slant, it’s getting very tired.

Not only are Americans exhausted with the constant battling against Trump, but the likelihood of the Senate voting to convict Trump is almost nil — a well-known fact — making the virtue-signaling about “holding Trump accountable” even more empty and tiresome.

Democrats hold historically slim margins of power in both the Senate and the House — wasting time and energy on a lost impeachment cause and holding Americans hostage — once again — in their quest to attack Trump is not likely to convince voters to shore up Democrat power.

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James (@guest_1125003)
1 year ago

TDS is getting old let’s focus to the people not the representatives and the president. it is wasting money.

Retired4ever (@guest_1125534)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

Congress is a waste of money, our money. Bunch of do-nothings most of whom belong in jail for stealing our hard earned tax $$$$! Both sides of the aisle!!!!

Lynda (@guest_1125702)
Reply to  Retired4ever
1 year ago

I agree with you. A bunch of inept people that work only for theirselves.

Dorothy Foster (@guest_1125957)
Reply to  Retired4ever
1 year ago

That is true.. They do NOTHING.. and sorry as s—

S. Harris (@guest_1125040)
1 year ago

Stop the TDS. Its over.

Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1125072)
1 year ago

The Democrats need to have their heads examined so they can understand their pathological hatred of a man who did so much for the country at great personal and financial expense to himself and his family! Do you realize he is the only President in recent history to have his financial worth decrease while being President? That should tell you all you need to know about what other President’s were focusing on (and it wasn’t the economical and moral well-being of the citizens!). Their desire is to punish him because #1 he has a following of supporters that they can only dream about; and #2 he accomplished more in his short time in office than politicians like Pelosi, Schumer and Waters have in their combined careers! And unlike Biden, the things that President Trump accomplished were positive for the country. Did anyone catch the fact that Biden is now saying he WON’T be able to stamp out Coronavirus in his first 100 days like he promised? Yeah, apparently it is much worse than he thought so it’s not his fault! While I am not surprised by this, I just want to say to everyone who actually voted for this idiot: so, is this the guy who is going to be so much better? Frankly I’m not sure buying it.

Armando Ocampo (@guest_1125086)
1 year ago

Biden now says that he will “build back better” this country. What has he been doing for 47 years??? He is full of Malarkey. BTW, who are the bunch of morons who elected this man?

jeff latta (@guest_1125152)
1 year ago

stop the filth and go to all areas asking this question because all that i know which is almost 100% know that our President is not responsible for others actions.

Wayne (@guest_1125170)
1 year ago

I am really getting tired of all the media SFBs that keep saying Trump lied about voter fraud. Just because the courts wouldn’t hear the evidence, doesn’t mean the evidence and the facts don’t exist. Here is a fact that voter fraud exists, Attorney General Ken Paxton arrested a woman on …. voter fraud charges. Thanks to the investigative work of Project Veritas. This woman was bragging about how she was doing it and that she had a crew of people that were doing the same thing. It didn’t get what they wanted, but it is VOTER FRAUD and it does exist. The bigger problem than voter fraud was the fact that governors of states and attorney generals of some states changed the rules. THAT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That was the main point that Trump and his lawyers were trying to point out. But the media silenced all of that, just like they silenced the Hunter Biden story. Tell me there was no fraud in this election, BS!

Eloise Bryson (@guest_1125631)
Reply to  Wayne
1 year ago

Well said! I don’t know what it will take to wake up our Congresspersons!!!

jw (@guest_1125658)
Reply to  Eloise Bryson
1 year ago

We have use our power of the vote , and vote the vermin out ! All the Demonrats and rino’s !

Roger Larrabee (@guest_1125694)
Reply to  jw
1 year ago

With the amount of vote fraud we have just seen, it should be obvious that we no longer have the power of the vote.

Blain Conway (@guest_1125216)
1 year ago

The reason they hated Trump so much was that he is not beholden to anyone but the American people who elected him. He is not one of the crowd (deep state/establishment). They hated him for it. This election was rigged and it was all about electing someone that was beholding to other than we the people. Not to mention that China and Russia own this family. Wait and see what kind of relationship we have with either of these two countries. It is a shame that America first is now America last. Look what is happening on the border. Iran will progress unchecked. I had hoped that we could finally take our country away from big business, big tech, big pharma, and the institutionalized representatives who don’t want to give up their power. We are on that slippery slope.

Clarence Geddert (@guest_1125234)
1 year ago

Dems have to get a grip on reality
They sound like they have gone crazy
Trump is not in office. How can you
Impeach him. The law was not intended to be used for revenge. Pelosi is demented .

Roger Carmichael (@guest_1125339)
Reply to  Clarence Geddert
1 year ago

Chinese Zodiac has it Pelosi & Trump should CLASH> Trump Born 1946 Yr of Dog says “Watch out fo Dragon”
Pelosi born 1940 was Yr of Dragon & that’s why she is vindictive towards Trump family (All year of the Dog)

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1125449)
1 year ago


bebe (@guest_1125524)
1 year ago

The person who needs to be impeached is Nancy Pelosi

Elizabeth Lussier (@guest_1125614)
1 year ago

You are all Crazy it wouldn’t have happened if the Democrats didn’t Rig the election

Eloise Bryson (@guest_1125641)
1 year ago

I have great concern about the Media in America. Too many naive people listen and believe everything
they say! There are so few who tell the truth and their slant influences too many people. If someone has
an idea how we the people can fix this – tell us! There are millions out there that buy whatever they say
and don’t think for themselves. The media should not be allowed to lie the way they do. At one time
they had to be accountable and were severly fined for any lie but now mostly what they do is lie and do
their best to influence everyone their way – and – sadly they succeed. We HAVE to do something about this!!

Patty (@guest_1125664)
1 year ago

Agree with all posts! Start by impeaching Piglosi! Then Schumer, the squad, take back our congress then impeach Biden, Harris and fire all the old Obama cartel people in biden’s Cabinet! And wake up people, you have been duped by the lying, cheating demonrats!

jerry ludwig (@guest_1125739)
1 year ago

I believe both sides of the
House and senate need there heads
examined . Let alone Biden
And Harris need to be impeached.

Michael Allen (@guest_1125745)
1 year ago

We need a common sense party. Too much power in both parties.

Leslie Shell (@guest_1126555)
1 year ago

Its time to give the Democrats what they like most. Impeach those who deserve impeachment. Start with JOE BIDEN, His “VICE”, Liz Chaney, AOC, Maxine Walters, Mitt Romney, would give the Republicans control again. Utah Jazz have a $5.00 for Cancer on there Uniforms. $5.00 per each of Trump Supporters for the Cancer of our Government to Representative Greene and any other who is willing to stand up and do something to Drain the Swamp would Make our Country Great Again.

Javiernop (@guest_1244953)
1 year ago

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Javiernop (@guest_1252516)
1 year ago

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