May 23, 2022

Poll: Hillary Clinton loses big to Donald Trump in hypothetical 2024 matchup

Amid a wave of rampant speculation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be pondering yet another run for the White House in 2024 comes a new McLaughlin & Associates poll showing that were she to run against former President Donald Trump – in a rematch of 2016’s race – she would go down to crushing defeat.

Recent weeks have seen an influx of scuttlebutt suggesting that due to President Joe Biden’s perceived frailties and growing unpopularity among the electorate, Mrs. Clinton is pondering the prospect of a return to the political arena in hopes of fulfilling her long-frustrated presidential ambitions.

Perhaps most notably, high-powered Democrat Party operatives Doug Schoen and Andrew Stein recently penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal talking up another possible Clinton run, going so far as to say that the former first lady “remains ambitious, outspoken” and likely represents the party’s “best option” to have a “fighting chance at winning the presidency in 2024.”

Such enthusiastic declarations on behalf of Mrs. Clinton seem to fly in the face of where American voters truly stand, however, at least according to new poll numbers from McLaughlin & Associates, as Breitbart points out.

The survey, conducted between Jan. 13 and 18, revealed that in a hypothetical matchup between Clinton and Trump, the former would be defeated by the latter by a margin of ten points, a potentially demoralizing replay of their prior electoral encounter most would assume she would like to avoid.

Another key finding that should give Clinton real pause when planning her future includes the fact that when it comes to all-important independent voters, Trump enjoyed a 15-point lead when facing her in a head-to-head contest.

Notably, the McLaughlin poll suggested that Trump is well-poised not just to prevail in a battle with Mrs. Clinton, but is also strongly positioned to take on Biden as well as Vice President Kamala Harris, should either one top the Democrat ticket in the next presidential cycle.

According to the survey’s data, Trump currently stands ahead of Biden by five points and leads Harris by a whopping nine points, surely leaving Democrats scratching their heads to identify an alternative candidate should these trends continue.

That influential Democrats are even contemplating pulling Hillary Clinton out of mothballs to salvage their political prospects underscores just how strong their buyer’s remorse over Biden and Harris has become, and whether or not Trump decides to throw his hat into the ring again, conservatives everywhere have a real reason for optimism for the midterms and beyond.

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