April 11, 2021

Poll: Biden’s approval rating is collapsing just two months into presidency

Cracks are beginning to form in the approval ratings for President Joe Biden. Even with wall-to-wall media praise, it’s becoming apparent that the Democrat’s policies are too radical for the mainstream.

Rasmussen survey data showed that Biden’s approval rating has collapsed three points over the weekend, Breitbart reported. This drop comes amid the border crisis and destructive legislation like H.R. 1 and the Equality Act.

Biden lost ground since his previous 52% approval rating on March 18, dipping to 49% in Monday’s Presidential Tracking Poll. His approval and disapproval stand tied at 49% each.

Notably, Rasmussen also found that 32% “Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing” while 42% “Strongly Disapprove” of his presidency so far. “This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10,โ€ the polling company found. Biden also lost ground in the “strongly approve” category, dropping from 33% to 32% while also bumping up two points to 42% for those who “strongly disapprove.”

The most glaring crisis that Biden can’t hide from is what’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border. Despite efforts to blame former President Donald Trump’s administration, this is a mess that the new Democratic regime fully owns.

Through both implicit and explicit promises, the Biden administration has caused thousands to overwhelm the southern border in the hopes that they will be let in and granted amnesty. They probably aren’t wrong, but the fallout has been kids in detention centers and an immigration system on the brink. The Hill reported.

The H.R. 1 “For the People Act” is equally as disastrous, threatening voter integrity through expanded mail-in voting while taking away control of the process from the states. Fox News’ Laura Ingraham called it “the bag of horribles” for its provisions like automatic voter registration and elimination of voter ID laws.

The Equality Act could be called the same thing for all of the ways it ruins society. By forcing people to accept someone’s gender identity and not biological sex, the bill tramples religious liberty, destroys girls’ sports, and eliminates sex-segregated locker rooms in favor of gender identity recognition, meaning no more privacy for women and girls.

The Biden-Harris administration is already an unmitigated disaster for freedom-loving Americans. He is slipping in the poles as people begin to learn that. If the mainstream media were honest and reported on him with the same zeal for the truth they applied to Trump, Biden’s numbers would be much worse.

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94 Responses

  1. Ratings drop.?? Among whom.??75 Million people have never
    thought that he was going to be worth anything to begin with
    so, is it the left wing losers that feel that way.?
    He is now the laughing stock of the better part of the worlds
    Nations and sadder yet most of the citizens of his own Country.
    He has managed to destroy our Country and slowly it will
    become a Nation without Americans.

    1. Donโ€™t forget Harris, sheโ€™ll step in towards the end of Biden saying all the things sheโ€™ll do differently and a 4 year continuum will occur! Ion 4yrs EVERYBODY VOTE!

        1. James, Pelosi doesn’t automatically move up to Vice President, If Harris becomes President, she will have to appoint Pelosi as her Vice President, and she (Pelosi) will have to be confirmed by the Senate. Since, at that point, there is no VP to break the tie, the result will be probably 50 for (DUMBOcrats) to 50 against (Republicans). A tie, and the appointment fails.

          That is unless Romney, Collins, Murkowski votes with the DUMBOcrats, then she will become the Vice-President, and nothing surprises me with those 3 idiots anymore.

      1. Jenny,
        Just lately Biden has called Harris the President. NOW, was that merely a slip of the tongue or is he letting her
        act as president? I ask that question because it appears that SHE is negotiating the international deals HE is not capable of handling. Is that an indication that Biden is not “In His Own Mind?”

        1. The DNCX forced Biden to put the prostitute on the ticket. Why else would he put someone on the ticket that out and out called him a racist. And I bet the DNC told him, he would be in office for 2 years, and then he would have an illness that prevenbts him from doing the job. Which would allow Harris to become President, And that time would not count. So she could actually be president for 10 years. The DNC wants Harris to be President.

    2. WELCOME HOME BROTHER. For myself, 7 years Marines, 1968-1975. 14 months in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat, 1969-1970. I really hate seeing our country in such bad shape because of our current Government.

    3. Veitvet,
      One of the first things he did in office was to stop everything Pres. Trump did, He stopped the Pipeline, threw open the Southern Border, stopped the Border Patrol from enforcing the immigration laws and has created more problems than he has solved. It’s revolution time to put us back on the Constitution.

      1. Just how long do we have to put up with Biden/Harris. Trump said he would return. It better be before there is still an America. We need him now (to clean the Swamp, the White House, and slam the border shut before we are all forced to speak Spanish.

      2. If anyone still thinks the country is being run by Beijing Biden or laughing fool Kamela Harris, they must be complete morons. People who live abroad know whatโ€™s going on.

    4. Good question! Yes, among who would be interesting to find out! I never expected him to be anything other than what he is! I am a Trumpster all the way! It is written in the Book of Revelation what he would be and do and it is coming to fruition before our very eyes! I will NEVER approve of DESTROYING this Country that I love so dearly! As a child I would read books of Third World Countries and I would thank God that he allowed me to be born here in America! I am a Patriot! I am a Warrior! I will not bow down to anything other than my God! They could accomplish so much more than to spread their HATRED. They cannot make my country what it is NOT! Not in my eyes anyway! I know this country and it’s people! May God strengthen us during this time! May God also intervene in HIS TIME! NOTHING WILL STOP WHAT IS COMING!! Nothing! A day of ANSWERING for Man’s INHUMANITY TO MAN!

      1. Thank you Lynn for your comments… I also am a patriot and a disabled veteran of the Viet Nam era and I feel the same as you….. “God Bless America”

    5. This is what you get when you put FOOLS in charge of things. It doesn’t matter what they do because they are always screwing things up and then deny, distract and blame others for their actions and polices. There is not one company that would ever be able to stay in business if it were run like the government. We need to run the government like a company. Lean, mean and profitable and not by taking advantage of the tax payors but by having policies that protect the tax payors from overreach and abusive politicians. We need to stop the stealing, stop the lying and stop wasting tax payors dollars. Start supporting our laws and our Constitutional rights and do what is best for America. If they insist on cancelling me from society then they can also stop taking my money / taxes to pay their salaries so they can abuse me and waste my taxes. We either need term limits or the right to remove them just like a company does. Personally, I would like to see their salaries tied to their performance and how well they do at supporting our Constitutional rights with their policies. God Bless America!

      1. NO! This is what we get when we let FOOLS put FOOLS in charge of running (destroying) our government. It is going to take President Trump and Martial Law and a lot of time to straighten out our Constitutional Republic, if we can hold onto what is left of it to restore!

    6. it should be even lower. Who could approve of this man’s policies’??? When our country is on fire because of him and his minions?????! We might lose our Nation and communism take ove. So, who can approve in only 2 onths time of for spite undoing what Pres. TRUMP DID????

    7. He never had an approval rate. The fake news may have said so but any thinking American knows the truth. Our Country with all of us United are asking how in the name of common sense could that man even begin to hold any office. He is a joke. but we are not laughing.

    8. You are Dead On Vietvet. I only hope America can survive 4-more years of these Left Wing radicals.

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    10. Where in hell could he even get an approval rating of over 1/2 of 1% ?? As a president, he is a F##KING FRAUD and as a person, he is a MOBSTER and as a politician he is a FAILURE, an ODUMBO ARS KISSER A WANNA BE DICTATOR !!!! F##K HIM TO HELL AND BACK !!! Can you tell that I donโ€™t like him ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ???

  2. It has been a setup from the start. The far left has had this plan all along to have Kamala as president. Her puppeteers picked her because of the obvious, gender and race, but just as important to them is the fact that she doesnt know squat and will be easy to controll !
    This is a do ot die mission for them because they know if they fail now they will be crushed in the next election !!!

    1. I think Kamala should stay away from Biden who knows what she is doing where is Bidenโ€™s wife at looks like she donโ€™t care about him at all

  3. Lets see IT really drop by Dec, Nov?
    IF in office by then?
    NOT taken out via Harris & allies.
    Then help Harris lose her ratings too

    1. She is NOT black and has a horrible back ground! Just a thought piggy wants that spot and will find some if not all the dirt on the HOE and make herself Pres. Watch, she has an evil mind! WE then RECALL HER and all her evil!

  4. I wish he would drop DEAD. The worse President of the world๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐ŸปHE SUCKS******

    1. Itโ€™s hard to believe there would be a worse president than O Bummer, but then he called him his boss !!

    1. Amen man. This is far worse than I ever imagined. I see these stats that say 32% that strongly agree with his presidency and wonder what world these people are living in. I cannot think of one positive thing this senile old crook has done since he took office, but can list all the negative things. Can liberals really be that damn stupid??? Silly question.

  5. I’m fixing to delete American Digest! Their headlines are very misguiding. Stop doing what the MSM does and give a truthful headline!

    1. Amen to that, Eddie! The two before this one also had VERY misleading headlines. I’m going to get rid of American Digest.

  6. I could run the country better than biden, he is a joke, and so is harris. Need to get rid of these people asap.

  7. Biden didn’t win the election he was installed by the Democrat’s.
    The only thing the Democrat’s can FIX are elections every thing else they Destroy

    1. Many Americans are aware of what is happening. The communist Democrats rigged the election for Biden, and the communist media and judges let them get away with it! We are in danger of becoming like a 3rd world country, under communist control, when we can not even have fair and honest elections! What good does it do to vote, if the election has already been decided before the voting begins?! Anyone out there who really thinks that Biden was elected honestly is a complete idiot, and is a member of the communist party!

      1. I agree completely Roger. We MUST step up and vote in the 2022 elections and at least control the Senate and hopefully the House.

  8. Hey all you repubs grow a spine and get the rats OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT! I have not heard 1 word to get OUR country back with peace and work upgraded! AND GET THE ILLEGALS OUT! With them, ms 13 and the cartels we will be wiped out! Search the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there has to be a LEGAL way to do it! Stop the vacations and pay raises while we suffer! Almosr 84 and have NOT seen 1 $600 check! Yeah and worked 40 years.

  9. What kind of president or person you must be that millions of people wish you dead,that says alot about the person you must be,I’ve never in my years seen anything like this and I’m no young chicken

  10. Then it’s time to get all of your state senators on board with some other states to call for a convention of states now! Not after the fact we need to move now to clip the wings of the feds, this is insane what is being considered in these bills! Wake up America for your own good lets stop this while we still can peacefully.
    Yes I have some global contacts and indeed the USA is becoming the brunt of all jokes and the laughing stock of the planet!
    Remember people, bad things happen when good people sit and do NOTHING!

  11. Isn’t Obama really the one calling the shots? He’s our shadow President. Press Secretary said Biden is in daily contact with Obama….why would that be? Obama’s team is back in place. Obama’s anti-American plan to obliterate this country are back in place. His policies are on full display. I wish a reporter out there would ask Joe what Obama’s next plan was for……just to catch him off guard for a real answer. Won’t happen since Joe isn’t allow to freelance questions as a President.

    1. You are so right. That video that someone put out when Obama was asked if he would have liked a 3rd term was so telling. He said he would wish to be in his home in sweatpants and a microphone and that the new President would have an earpiece on and Obama would tell him step by step what to do. As the video was playing the face of Biden slowly came up and covered Obama’s face. Not far from the truth at all. I also think Pelosi and Chucky are pulling some of the strings. Either way, we are doomed, big time.

  12. As far as I can see, he is a idiot and is surrounded himself with idiots!! He should change his name to Rip VAN Wrinkle!!

  13. What did the A-holes who voted for this crook and phony Biden think would happen? He told you what he wanted to do. Our country can’t survive four years of these insane policies. They have to change their agenda. God help us.

  14. Republican in the house and senate, you need to do something now, not later, to get the ho and the piblosi out on the street before they have a chance to gain more power. If they do, we are done, and that includes you, the Republican polaticion.

  15. BHO is definitely calling the shots–BYEDEN is best friends with Obama, and HAirAS is best friends with Michael and Barrock–BHO arranged all this from 2008 with ACORN’s illegal activities to the most elaborate voter fraud operation in history in 2020 (as Byeden himself is seen on video saying exactly that). BHO arranged the Harris/ Biden ticket so he could control them because neither is capable of running a hotdog stand.
    ……………………………………….WAKE UP AMERICA…………………………………………….

  16. Pathetic PoS! Cheated to get there, and extremely incompetent to make any decision (without Obama’s permission)! Drag him from the stage… America deserves better!!

  17. The more people who voted for that nincompoop that are realizing just how F/U he is & how much he is actually a lying, treason (like the rest of his cronies), the more people are realizing how they wasted their vote on “self destruction”. Unfortunately the rest of us with some brains, have to go along for the ride down until the Demorat swamp dwellers can be overthrown and we can get our country back. Hopefully we won’t be “nuked” by our enemies 1st because of the showing of blatant weakness by the Biden admin.

  18. You know why this is going on? Because the Republicans have set on their rear ends and done nothing to stop it. If they had, a bunch of the Democrats would be looking through the bars right now. Are they afraid if they try to put a stop to it, they will be investigated and put behind bars with the rest of them? We need to clean out the crooks in Congress, both parties. Sometimes I wonder which is worse. I don’t know if any of them are in there for anything but the money. They apparently don’t care about the people, just getting re-elected. Promise the people anything for their vote, forget about it after they are elected. We need term limits, which I don’t think we will ever get. There is no reason for anyone to stay in Congress after 65 years of age. They should have to retire.The longer they stay in the more worthless they become.

  19. Wonder how the blacks feel now that Kamala is like a chameleon and changed from power black VP to Asian/Native Amercian. She turns into whatever works for her purpose. The person running this country by being the puppet master is Obama and Hillary. Wake up and take back our country from these evil traitors. Not just in 2024 but now. We know the crimes they have done, so what is holding this up. MAGA!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I disagree with the poll information .His rating is much low than they will ever admit to. Polls are wrong very wrong.

  21. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are in the White House!! I have contacted my Senators and Representative in Washington. What else can I do to get help? Oh by the way I do PRAY every day. GOD HELP AMERICA.

  22. You can call & call , nothing will get done.
    Most are just collecting a pay check!
    They always get the money.
    So what do we get???
    Lied to !!!!

  23. All of you Trump haters – how do you like your new Commander-In-Chief?Weak, frail, brain dead cadaver has shown how slick he really is.

  24. Biden can be impeached for China and Ukraine. Harris,pelousy,waters,schiff,schuman,aoc,Omar, bho,clintons,soros can be held for accountability for aiding&abetting rioters and terrorists. Inciting violence, BROWN SHIRTS, pelousy?
    Time to clean the rats out of congress.

    1. Not according to Sidney Powell when she testified in court Monday ,that her and Trumps claims of election fraud were false, she is trying to get out of the Domain suit

  25. If you voted for Biden and his dog and pony show now at the border
    then you deserve to be subject to the Squaller that those tax burdens are
    bringing with them.If the major employers in this Country would refuse
    to pay any government tax the current administration would meld like
    the “Wicked Witch of the West”into a pile of useless trash.

  26. Joe Biden is a criminal as is the treasonous DNC! Obama is having his 3rd term and everyone knows it! we are as close to CWII as possible! In fact, if they try to take our guns, we are going to kill.

  27. We just need a few people to die and we can take back control, put Trump back in office where he belongs! Obama, Holder, Ayers, Dorn, Clinton, Soros, Kerry, Maybe a few more! 300 million guns against who? That little room full of Hood rats?

  28. The Democrat’s got what they voted for a old man and a commie VP. Just have a recall vote if were lied to. How many Mail-In’s were legal hard, to say now after they were destroyed. Now the dem’s want to not have this option removed, Day late Dollar short. They got just what they wanted .

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