June 29, 2022

Poll: Biden’s approval now sits below Kamala Harris’

Though for several months, it appeared that Vice President Kamala Harris was serving as the biggest drag on Biden administration poll numbers, a new Gallup survey reveals that she has come out ahead of President Joe Biden, who has himself now registered the lowest approval rating of his time in office.

Bruised and battered from a series of disasters including the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan which included a drone strike that erroneously killed a number of innocent civilians as well as the escalating crisis at the country’s southern border, Biden’s approval has now dropped to 43%, the lowest point to date in his term, as the Washington Examiner noted.

Adding insult to injury for Biden, the Gallup poll also noted that for the first time during his presidency, a majority of respondents – a staggering 53% – now disapproves of the commander in chief’s job performance.

Likely of particular concern to the White House is the fact that all-important independent voters appear to be abandoning Biden rapidly and in large numbers, with the president’s approval among members of that group now standing at just 37%, down from a high point of 61%, as Fox News reported.

Though things are certainly looking bleak for Biden, Harris has seen something of a leveling off from the precipitous decline in her job approval rating among voters she experienced over the summer, with the Gallup survey showing that the electorate is now split 49% to 49% on the way the vice president has conducted her duties, according to the Examiner.

An August Rasmussen Reports survey suggested that a dire situation had been emerging for Harris, with a shocking 55% of likely voters indicating that they believed her to be either “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to ascend to the presidency, a development that was certainly jarring for someone assumed to be the Democrat Party’s heir apparent.

Despite Harris’ very modest recovery in the polls, Biden’s declining support is sure to cause some sleepless nights among the party hierarchy ahead of the crucial 2022 midterm elections as well as upcoming governor’s races this November in the key states of Virginia and New Jersey, the Examiner added.

The Virginia gubernatorial race is viewed by many as a useful barometer of the political climate in advance of 2022’s congressional races, and as Politico notes, recent polling in that state shows an extremely tight race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin.

As the aforementioned Gallup poll stated, “Biden’s latest approval rating further cements the fact that the honeymoon phase of his presidency is behind him,” and for those who have been paying attention to the scandals and incompetence displayed by his administration over these first eight months, it’s shocking that it even lasted this long.

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