July 4, 2022

Poll: Biden suffering collapse in Hispanic approval rating

For seemingly as long as most political observers can remember, Democrats have felt secure in their lock on Hispanic support at the ballot box, but according to a new poll from Texas, President Joe Biden’s performance has put that longtime alliance in real jeopardy and caused shockwaves at the White House, as Breitbart notes.

In what surely represents a startling wake up call not just for the White House, but also for the entire Democrat Party, a new Dallas Morning News/University of Texas-Tyler survey found that a mere 35% of those self-identifying as Hispanic in the state approve of Biden’s job performance, and 54% of respondents in that same demographic group either expressed disapproval or strong disapproval of the commander in chief.

Though she has been the Biden administration’s supposed point-person for addressing the migrant crisis at the nation’s southern border since March, the survey results were also less-than-charitable when it came to the job performance of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Long considered to be Biden’s – and indeed the party’s – heir apparent, Harris only garnered an approval rating of 38% among Texas Hispanics, something sure to give Democrat officials cause for concern.

The bad news for the left did not end there, as the poll revealed that a notably majority (54%) of Hispanic Texans support the prospect of overturning the landmark abortion rights decision in Roe v. Wade a statistic that is particularly timely given the recent controversy over the Supreme Court’s decision upholding strict limitations on abortion in the Lone Star State.

Perhaps even more devastating for Team Biden is the fact that his handling of the crisis at the border – in which he has effectively ushered in an era of unfettered migration – earned only a 29% approval from Hispanic respondents, with 47% voicing disapproval of his policies.

It is far from just Hispanic voters who are contributing to Biden’s plummeting poll numbers in recent weeks, as a new Reuters/Ipsos survey reveals that the president’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest point to date in his presidency, with just 44% of American adults holding a favorable opinion of his performance in the role.

Adding insult to injury at the White House is a recent Quinnipiac University poll indicating that 50% of those responding expressed disapproval with Biden’s job performance, with independent voters among those most rapidly abandoning the president, as the New York Post noted.

Polling analyst Tim Malloy of Quinnipiac opined, “If there ever was a honeymoon for President Biden, it is clearly over,” and the fact that Hispanics in great numbers are among those most displeased with his tenure may bode quite ill for Democrats in both the 2022 midterms as well as the 2024 race for the White House.

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