May 26, 2022

Poll: Biden approval in freefall as party’s midterm prospects decline

Amid swirling crises, both foreign and domestic, a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll delivered what amounts to a nightmare scenario for President Joe Biden, with his own job approval number hitting a shocking new low and his party’s prospects for midterm electoral success looking bleaker than ever.

The survey, which included 1,011 adult American respondents, found that economic concerns are paramount among voters, that 60% of participants are feeling the pain of inflation, and 75% currently characterize the economy as being in poor shape.

Adding insult to injury for Biden are the poll’s unfavorable findings on his handling of the crisis in Ukraine as well as on his personal characteristics, including mental acuity and leadership abilities.

The bottom line for Biden, as things presently stand, is that a startlingly low 37% of respondents indicated overall approval of the president’s performance, with 55% expressing their disapproval, with just 30% of the all-important independent voter demographic giving him positive marks and almost a fourth of Democrats registering dissatisfaction or withholding judgment.

As bad as the poll’s outcomes were for Biden, the message for Democrats mere months ahead of the midterm contests were perhaps even more discouraging, in that 54% of respondents indicated a greater level of trust in the GOP than in Democrats to handle economic matters, as The Hill noted.

Further jolting the Democrats โ€“ already plagued by an onslaught of retirements, is the fact that, according to the poll, respondents indicated their preference that Republicans take control of Congress in the next election so as to put a check on the Biden agenda, doing so by a 50%-40% margin.

There have already been 31 House Democrats who have decided not to seek re-election, compared to just 13 members from the other side of the aisle, and with Republicans needing to flip only five seats to reclaim control of the lower chamber, things are looking decidedly encouraging for the GOP.

Combining for something of a perfect storm for Democrats this fall, Biden’s plummeting approval numbers have yielded yet another telling poll result, namely, that only 14% of voters stated they would be more likely to support a congressional candidate endorsed by the president, with 32% indicating they would be less likely to do so.

With armed conflict raging in Europe and economic woes here at home, Biden finds himself in real trouble just over 13 months into his presidency, and if these poll results are indeed reflective of the political pulse of the nation, the Democrats appear poised for a defeat of epic proportions come November.

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