May 17, 2021

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly back Trump’s border wall

Despite Democrat protestations to the contrary, a recent Harvard-Harris poll reveals Americans strongly support former President Donald Trump’s border wall, by a three to one margin.

The poll asked, “Do you think that any holes in the border wall with Mexico should be patched or should be left open?” According to Breitbart:

Seventy-three percent of the respondents wanted the government to patch gaps in the wall, while 27 percent opposed such action.

Retaining the existing wall received 79 percent support when respondents were asked: “Should the hundreds of miles of the border wall that have been constructed over the last few years be left in place or dismantled?”

Only 21 percent — or one in five — said the government should come down.

The poll stands in sharp contrast with the actions of President Joe Biden. During his first week in office, the president signed an executive order to halt construction of Trump’s border wall.

The president has enacted additional executive orders to further complicate immigration, including a 100-day temporary ban on most deportations. Border Customs officials have also noted reactivating the Obama administration’s catch-and-release policy regarding illegal immigrants.

Some border states are beginning to take action on their own. The Texas Attorney General sued the government regarding Biden’s 100-day deportation ban, claiming it would create an unsafe situation for the state.

Even some Democrats have begun to push back on Biden’s immigration changes. Immigrants entering without COVID-19 testing and social and economic strains on local communities have been among top concerns.

The poll reveals the vast disconnect between America’s citizens and those in Washington. Our nation strongly desires a secure border, and hopes those behind the fence around the Capitol see the need to provide similar protection to the rest of the nation.

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86 Responses

      1. Sure, Sturgis!!!

        Exactly what you’re saying!!
        And of course, their “agenda “ is all that matters !!!!

          1. Sure, Dennis !!!

            Of course, everything must be
            “ calculated” in votes numbers , that’s what matters !!!!

        1. You always saying it right. But one other thing. The Democrats want them in so that when the election comes up in 2022 and definitely in 2024!!!!!!
          That is also another BIG reason

          1. Snickerdoodle !!!

            Fully agree with you !
            Besides, I’m sure they already know the vote result for either, 2022 and 2024 … we should not worry about that !!!!!

        2. You’ve got that right, demons operating in human bodies! They are all unhinged, unlawful, perverted psychopaths!!

          1. Yep, Randall !!!!
            10000% right !!!

            I decided to call them “ Satan party”
            Let’s just try to remember the late
            Paul Harvey’s smart comments
            called : “If I were the devil “

      2. maybe he could take the over run to his house there is a lot of room in the white house, also why do so many poor kids have cell phone, its like everything else take from the dumb Americans

        1. Because they are older phones donated by the major phone manufacturers like Apple to the federal government to donate to low-income Americans.

      3. I dont give a hoot what those 2 clowns think. The bordeer should be fnished for our protection look at the CHAOS on the border rght now, Just magine a few months from now. Thank you Pres. Trump for uilding as much as you did. Now its up to WE THE PEOPLE to push through and get it all up!

    1. We have sent billions of $$ to other countries to help secure their borders yet our dumb azz government won’t secure our own border. I just read that 108 people who were released into our country had tested positive for the virus yet they were released. Something needs to be done and done now. That idiot in the WH is going to destroy our country and he is way too stupid to know it.

      1. But Michael, don’t we understand already that this is their goal, to destroy America??

        Didn’t they told us that we must do the
        “ reset “ ??

      1. I totally agree Biden didn’t win squat he’s a criminal thief . TRump won and now we have The party of Devils party that will destroy America in there now.

    2. “Yes”, we need the wall and during President Trump’s term a contract was negotiated and agreed on to complete it! That contract was signed and paid for…Biden or congress have NO RIGHT to cancel the contract! FINISH THE WALL TO PROTECT US, THE AMERICAN CITIZENS, WHO HAD THE ELECTION STOLEN FROM US by the Democratic thieves, liars and cheaters. WHY HAS THIS TRUTH BEEN SWEPT UNDER THE RUG…HEADS SHOULD FLY!

  1. Get buffoon Biden out of the seat and put in the real winner of the election (Trump)
    The only thing the Democrat’s can FIX is elections every thing else they destroy.
    Elections are nod called at 3:00 AM the next day

    1. Joet does not care what American want he is dong what he is told by the big O so will Harris thy need them to keep control. BY the time they could loose it America will be gone that is why they are rushing every thing

  2. Finish the boarder wall …. you idiots in Washinton DC .. protect the southern boarder ……75% of us cant be wrong … Wake up sleepy Joe you Dumb @ss …. do the right thing

  3. Wrong. The government should make it easy for Mexicans and others to visit America, to do business, to work and to apply for citizenship — but impossible for them to get freebies.

    1. Glenn,
      It is easy. Just go to a LEGAL point of entry and present yourself, with your documents and APPLY FOR LEGAL ENTRY.. Then, FOLLOW THE LAW…. Is that to hard? That is exactly how immigrants have been coming to America since we became a Country.
      If you sneak across the border, you just became a criminal. If YOU go into Mexico illegally, they will arrest you and put you directly in a Mexican jail…. Why should USA do any differently?

      1. no they have to do it this way why should they stand in line when biden lets them walk right in, they are showing how many covid people has already cross with it 108 in a day, but they will get the shot before people like me 77 and not heard a wprd

      2. Dear RB !!!

        Everything you said makes a lot of sense !!!
        I would try to respond to your question by
        just one simple sentence : It looks to me that the government in Mexico loves their citizens and are trying to protect them (even though corruption is rampant there).
        Here, the crooks in charge now, don’t give a damn about our citizens and only care for
        new future votes ( the illegals future citizens)
        My humble opinion !!!!!

    2. Right now we don’t need anybody coming into America illegally. Especially if they have never had any shots.. We have to get our own economy going, so American will have jobs. Biden is the job killer. I hear now the United Nations is helping those people get to our border. We need to get rid of the United Nations. They are part of the human traffickers, of women and children into our country. This needs to stop. LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE.

      1. CLB !!!!

        But, but, see, this is exactly what Trump was saying and this is exactly why the crooks wanted to get rid of him , he is not a
        “ globalist” !!!
        Their agenda is all about the “great reset “
        We must understand that and this is the only thing making sense to them !!!!

  4. Why do democrats think they need more illegal voters when voting machines are so easily swayed. Do they not realize there are two sides to a wall that also benefits them.

  5. Joe Biden’s performance is pathetic and poses enormous dangers to this country! Democrats tried to get President Trump removed through the 25th Amendment, baselessly claiming he wasn’t mentally well enough to serve as President. Yet, with Biden’s mental health deteriorating right in front of our eyes, why aren’t they bringing up the same possibility? We the people demand to know the truth about Joe Biden’s mental health! 

    1. We already know enough about Biden’s mental health. It was crazy that they even let him run. How come Jill let him run – what kind of love is that?

      1. Jill is loving the attention and being first lady. She knows Joe shouldn’t have even been considered based on his apparent mental issues, that’s why she was always with him when he did speak so she could take over when he was having trouble.

        1. Did you know that Jill cheated on her husband with Joe in the 70s?? Joe’s wife who died in that car accident along with their son, SHE ran a stop sign and a truck hit her yet Joe tried to blame the truck driver during his champagne in 2007 and he had to apologize to the truck driver a few days later. What a scumbag that whole family is.

      2. Well, Faith, we don’t understand, that the love among commies … they always put the party first !!!!

      3. if her was my husband I damn sure I would allow him to run for president and be made fun of, but then she is a doctor ” not “

  6. I don’t get it -Biden is keeping us locked down because of Corona, and now he is letting all these people in on the Southern Border who have the virus, and he is spending all kinds of money to take care of them, and forsaking the American people. Our people have lost jobs because of him, and he is bringing all these people in who will need jobs. It just doesn’t make sense.
    HE JUST DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It is ridiculous! How did he ever become President. Bring back TRUMP!

  7. Joe Biden’s performance is pathetic and poses enormous dangers to this country! Democrats tried to get President Trump removed through the 25th Amendment, baselessly claiming he wasn’t mentally well enough to serve as President. Yet, with Biden’s mental health deteriorating right in front of our eyes, why aren’t they bringing up the same possibility? We the people demand to know the truth about Joe Biden’s mental health! 

  8. Now, immigrants are being packed on buses and sent to other states. Big problem, some of those packed on the buses are sick with Covid. A new wave is being sent all over the country.

    1. Hi, Connie,

      For the 5th time I’ll try to put my comment in
      I don’t know why, but this POS website keeps on canceling my posts !!!!

      I don’t want to give up !!!!
      I was trying to respond to your comment by saying that these commies don’t really care about consequences for flooding our country w/ few millions of people from everywhere…

      Basically they need more votes for the future
      and this is all that matters!!!!

  9. The border states should put their National Guard Troops in charge of the border security and stop any and all foreigners from entering. By doing that they can take control out of D C hands and put it in the Governors

  10. If its going to be catch and release I urge governors who oppose this to apprehend them and release them in DC

  11. So, 73% of the American people want to have the border wall finished ???
    No way, they must be all “ racists “ and Trump supporters 😜

    What wrong with getting some more millions of people from over the world invading our country ???
    We can pay for their housing, medical needs, (treat them for TBC, syphilis, lice, Covid etc …), pay for their schools and whatever else they need … why not ???
    We are a “ rich” country after all !!!
    What about our people??? Who cares ?????

    That’s the “ Democrat’s agenda”, in case anyone is wondering

  12. I lived close the Brownsville, TX for 8 years. Biden doesnt have a clue what he has released into this country. Continue building the wall and send back illegals. Make it impossible to come here unless its done the legal way. I worked gard raising to sons so dont tell me oh they need help. I needed help and never got it. I am white and was the wrong color. So HELL NO I dont want to give my hard earned money away to freeloaders and that includes our traiters in office right now. BUILD,BUILD,BUILD AND CLOSE THE BORDER AGAIN!

  13. Biden will probably write an order to have it torn down. He is destroying everything that was good for us just out spite. I have never seen such pettiness as I see in the democrat party. The wall needs to be finished.

  14. At our New Mexico farm house it was so bad we had to put up steel plates around the house to keep out stray bullets from coming into the house. Now much of the wall is built has stopped most but not all of this at night. we have installed trail cams to see who they are? they have been filmed drinking from the water tanks for the cattle. we never all leave the house at any given time so there will always be some one to watch. just being here we have all become better shots. we know the sheriffs deputy’s on a first name basis now and they seem to like our coffee? and now biden wants to turn this back into the wild west and i say come and stay a day with us to change your mind?

  15. Biden is signing papers and don’t know what the Hell he is signing for, he is just signing because he hates the good work that President Trump was doing. POOR Biden, wasn’t for his wife and Kamala, who knows what he would do, because he can’t remember anything. About the WALL, why stop building the wall to keep illegals out when you are building fence around the Capitol, why is the fence around the Capitol? asked yourself the Question you dumb bastards. Don’t you see how stupid you all look with that stupid fence around the Capitol right in the heart of the City? Get a life you idiots.


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

    BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  17. Since when should our government ignore the wishes of the public? We voted them in, we can VOTE THEM OUT! They are in OUR employ, not the reverse! Never forget that, public!

  18. Just remember it was Obama and biden that allowed zika to come to North America on the backs of the child insurgents they gathered up and spread around our country illegally.

  19. Dems LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing that biden has done has been for the good of the country!!!! Our country!!!

  20. Well, it’s time we contact our State Representatives and tell them that it is time to get him out. Impeach him for not taking on his pledge to Protect and Defend our Constitution. It’s time he is impeached and all his lackies.

  21. If border patrol agents are still allowing these illegals with covid into our country then Biden needs to be accounted for endangering American lives. We get the numbers down and they come in from every crack of the country to bring probably thousands of cases in by the time they all get here. And why is there so many bus loads of children (alone) coming? There were 25,000 reported and more coming. WHY? State officials really need to take control because Biden is not well. He can’t do his job. He only sits in a room pointing and signing. It seems he does not know what he is doing. He even questioned himself “what am I signing?” Our country is being led by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Now they are trying to poison our troops? Come on. Where is the real leadership? We can all see it but our politicians are failing up. WE ARE NOT SAFE ANYWHERE WITH THESE DUMMYCRATS SITTING THERE DOING NOTHING EXCEPT HOW TO SPEND YOUR TAX DOLLARS. This is a joke! I can see other countries laughing at us calling Biden the weakest ever. Of course they make deals with him, he’s weak and sees only $$. Hopefully our reps we have ELECTED will actually do something soon.

  22. It is America”s wall not Trump or anyone elses……..We paid for it and we WANT it……..This is what America wants!


  24. What I want to know is why the idiots in DC that know we want the Border secured want to go against the people. This is purely stupid, and does not make sense. The people have let them know that we want a secure and controlled border, and yet these politicians refuse to acknowledge, that what they are doing is dangerous to the country. This is not what we elect them for, we need to force them to do what we the people want. They need to get the point, before we have to shove it in their faces.

  25. #One: Pelosi
    #Two: Obama
    #Three The V.P
    They are the one’s making the decision…
    Mexicans tend to vote Democratic. More of them, more votes. We will be hammered.
    #4: Cheap labor. Democrats are promoting
    $15 per. Hour but they will hire cheap labor (Illegal immigrants)👌
    Win win situation for them. VOTES and CHEAP labor!
    Biden’s brain is not all there…. He and his wife are playing “White house”

    We have been sucker-punched.

  26. 1000% correct, Judith !!!!
    And in the same time destroying America and
    “reset it “ into a Ko mm u nist paradise !!!

  27. If Americans overwhelming support President Trump’s Border wall what the HELL IS Biden doing in the White House ???

  28. President Trump put the wall there for a reason it needs to be replaced like it was when he was in Office. Make America Safe

  29. You are all idiots,you were told this was going to happen,yet not one person stood with President Trump as they should have,all the republicans could do is make fun of the way he talks and the way he tweeted to keep the people of America informed of what was happening to us and America,no one ever listens to what they themselves are saying and doing that grates on others nerves,I know,people make fun of me and the way I express myself and the things I say even my children humiliate me all the time and try to correct everything I say because they say I don’t understand things and they are right I sure do not understand rudeness or evil things people say and do to others,so Mr.President Trump I love you and your family and I miss your intelligence and care for America,thank you and your family and God Bless you We never deserved you.

  30. Obiden is creating more problems than this country might be able to handle. He is just a loser.

  31. Based on the border NOT HAVING THE RESOURCES TO CHECK EVERYONE WHO IS NOT IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED FOR THE CHINA VIRUS, I think we need to use the VIRUS PANIC the DEMs routinely use for all sorts of ridiculous actions against them Texas needs to close the border to ALL “IMMIGRANTS” UNTIL THEY HAVE THE RESOURCES TO TEST, HOUSE AND TREAT THEM, IF THAT IS WHAT BIDEN WANTS. TEXAS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS AND IN NO WAY SHOULD FEDERAL FUNDING BE USED FOR A FEDERAL TAKE-OVER OF BORDER CONTROL. Otherwise, potentially infected “immigrants” need to be shipped to New York City, LA, DC , Sacramento, and other “SANTUARY CITIES” around the US. These cities will pay for transportation from the border to their facilities too, not Texas.

  32. Biden, Harris and puglosi are all elected by fraud..So, why can’t they be impeached like President Trump was TWICE. IMPEACHMENT DOES APPLY TO THEM. What happen to the articles of impeachment filed against Biden. Did the SCOTUS decide to not do anything about it. It was never brought before the house either. W H. Y.

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