July 3, 2022

Politico ridicules Biden for ignoring interviews

Politico challenged President Joe Biden Tuesday over his failure to conduct interviews with the media.

The political media outlet blasted the president in a report by Alex Thompson and Tina Sfondeles, noting Biden has given only 10 one-on-one interviews in nine months, and none since Labor Day.

“The lack of interviews reflects the bunker mentality this White House has taken with the media — particularly the extensive back-and-forths where reporters can follow-up, push, and prod. Biden has been especially wary of talking to print publications; he has yet to do an interview with reporters from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, or Reuters,” they wrote.

“Among the limited press he does, Biden appears to have one preferred format: the televised town hall… The White House believes this sort of forum allows the president to engage in more substantive discussions, with less potential pitfalls,” the report added.

The report also compared former presidents at the same point in their first term. Former President Barack Obama gave 131 interviews during his first nine months in office.

Former President Donald Trump gave 57.

Many Americans realize Biden avoids the interviews to avoid adding additional political gaffes to his growing list. Unfortunately, avoiding interviews doesn’t make his approval better, but it making his rating worse.

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