June 30, 2022

Police shooting of Atlanta man sparks new riots, protests

Tensions are running high in the US, and footage of Atlanta police officers shooting a black man after an altercation in a Wendy’s drive-through Friday evening has sparked a new round of protests that almost immediately turned violent.

Fox News reports:

Television images showed the [Wendy’s] on fire around 9:30 p.m. ET as rioters filled the parking lot where Brooks was shot by police as he fled after allegedly grabbing a stun gun away from an officer during a struggle.

Early Sunday, around 4 a.m. ET, the Wendy’s was seen burning again, Atlanta’s WGCL-TV reported.

Smaller fires were also seen in the area Saturday night.

Nearby, protesters gathered along University Avenue, with Atlanta police blocking access ramps to Interstate 85, apparently to keep the protesters off the roadway, FOX 5 of Atlanta reported.

Police officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Bronsan responded to a complaint that 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks had fallen asleep at the wheel in Wendy’s drive-through Friday evening. Officers conducted field sobriety tests and determined that Brooks was not fit to drive.

After attempting to arrest and handcuff Brooks, video recordings show that he resisted arrest. Brooks gained control of a taser that had been deployed in the struggle, breaking free from the officers and running away with the taser in hand.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation report, Brooks “turned and pointed the taser at the officer. The officer fired his weapon, striking Brooks.” Brooks was taken to the hospital but died after surgical attempts to save his life.

The Atlanta police department issued a statement confirming that the officer that had shot Brooks had been terminated and his partner had been placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Atlanta police chief Erika Shields resigned on Saturday following the public outcry, stating:

For more than two decades, I have served alongside some of the finest women and men in the Atlanta Police Department. Out of a deep and abiding love for this City and this department, I offered to step aside as police chief. APD has my full support, and Mayor Bottoms has my support on the future direction of this department. I have faith in the Mayor, and it is time for the city to move forward and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

This is a developing story.

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Rodger Shull (@guest_1008256)
2 years ago

And I’ll bet a lot of black Wendy’s employees are out of a job now. Not to mention the white employees.

madmemere (@guest_1008260)
2 years ago

Isn’t is sad some people just never learn; if a LEO tells you, implicitly, to “stop, or drop”, why would you resist and become combative – – it WILL get you killed, or badly hurt and it doesn’t matter “what color” you are.

Rosemary Dayhoff (@guest_1008311)
Reply to  madmemere
2 years ago

If you’re drunk you’re not thinking clearly.

John (@guest_1008357)
Reply to  Rosemary Dayhoff
2 years ago

Being drunk doesn’t give you a pass.

Candy (@guest_1008282)
2 years ago

Why was the officer fired.? He was doing his job. Disgusting caving in to black protesters rioting. This is never going to end

Rosemary Dayhoff (@guest_1008312)
Reply to  Candy
2 years ago

He could’ve shot to disable him and not kill him.

Fred 2638 (@guest_1008327)
Reply to  Rosemary Dayhoff
2 years ago

Grow a brain, this ain’t the movies.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1009475)
Reply to  Fred 2638
2 years ago

AMEN! or shoot at the legs like Uncle Joe’s genius idea!

David Sayers (@guest_1008456)
Reply to  Rosemary Dayhoff
2 years ago

Police are not trained to shoot to disable. One reason is that it is too hard to place a shot that will disable an attacker.
Even if the officer where able to place a shot that should disable the person that shot would probably not prevent the person from doing harm to the officer or an innocent person.
If the situation is such that an officer must deploy his weapon then it is past the point for any other action. It is a versous situation that has deteriorated to the point where lethal force is the only way to prevent the situation from getting worse.
It is always a last resort.

David (@guest_1008614)
Reply to  David Sayers
2 years ago

The African Americans are being used by the Democratic party to direct change to America into Socialist Dictatorship. I guarantee the people going along with this should lookout because once they change America they will be suppressed just like all Dictatorships do after gaining POWER! NO MORE FREEDOM OR LIBERTY!!!

William (@guest_1008490)
Reply to  Rosemary Dayhoff
2 years ago

This officer did what LEO are trained to do, Stop The Threat. You do not attempt to use lethal force to do anything else.
These violent incidents between protesters & authorities need to stop & right now. We have leftist taking advantage of a pandemic where everyone is already suffering & on edge for their own personal gain at everyone else’s expense. This must stop.

Luis Castro (@guest_1008921)
Reply to  Candy
2 years ago

You are absolutely right.

WARD NIHISER (@guest_1008306)
2 years ago


Shirley Helms (@guest_1008478)
2 years ago

She’s putting herself forward just in case something were to happen to President Trump or VP Pence. She is 2nd in line to be president. It’s a startling fact.

Thomas (@guest_1008319)
2 years ago

Someone needs to take that Damned Mayor and the City Council on a trip around Atlanta ! They All need to see first hand what is left of the City when the Riots are left to run rampant ! If that does not wake them up to reality then give the rioters their addresses and they can make a visit to them personally !

phxgeo (@guest_1008349)
2 years ago

I guess the Mayor and police department in Atlanta do not live up to their Oath to defend and protect the Citizens of their City. The officer fired should sue the bejesus out of the City, the Mayor and ex chief personally and in their positions for unjust actions. The police should withdraw their people from protecting the Mayor and other city officials. I bet we will see a HUGE turn over within the Department

Here is a 2 minute video from 2013 RE. police that ALL AMERICANS should watch and share:

Jon-Q Pubic (@guest_1008360)
2 years ago

obvious BLACKS are THUGS
treat all BLACKS as the enemy they continually prove themselves to be

patrioted (@guest_1008370)
2 years ago

Where have the Blacks gotten the idea that, they don’t have to obey the Police? Oh that’s right, it was preached by Obama and now the Democrats keep attacking America with their Communist Tactics like these riots.

Reggie (@guest_1008372)
2 years ago

This is what you get when you vote democrat. The democrats will do anything to try to stop our president. They don’t give a damn about anyone but their selves.

Luis Castro (@guest_1008926)
Reply to  Reggie
2 years ago

You are right.

Barry w vann (@guest_1008568)
2 years ago

This site is just like all the rest…..if you say anything about the poor Black people that are destroying America, your comment will never posted.

Mary Jo Stanton (@guest_1008759)
2 years ago

where have the people learned they don’t have to pay attention to police, they can riot and destroy properties, businesses and we will just keep re-building their cities and towns,that they are entitled to steal and loot with no punishment. There radical groups need to not let lawlessness continue among riots. Civil protest work, riots and mayhem never will.

Luis Castro (@guest_1008933)
2 years ago

Stop giving into this radicals liberals terrorist,this couy is going to hell because of them.

Barry.w.vann (@guest_1009252)
2 years ago

If the black lives matter terrorists keep on destroying America, you’re fixing to see a civil war that will make the first one look like play day. Remember this,you terrorists……there’s only 13% of you compared to 87% of the rest of us. It don’t compute too good for you. I’d get right if I were you.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1009285)
2 years ago

Why are police chiefs and officers being fired for neutralizing a violent suspect ?
Politicians should be removed from the incident, and a formal investigation needs to be conducted, and completed before any actions are taken. It’s very obvious that our politicians, at least since Obama, have taken a guilty til proven innocent view on our officers. Remember the beer party in the WH rose gardens.
This goes to what I’ve been talking about for some time, that politicians and law enforcement need to be completely separated. With the current relationship between the two, corrupt politicians can continue engaging in criminal activities non-stop. It’s law enforcement that arrests corrupt politicians, but when the politician has the authority to fire the police, the police cannot do their job.

Barry w vann (@guest_1009776)
2 years ago

Antifa and blm don’t want any laws, especially if it’s a white cop telling them too obey the law. They’re the most racist people on earth and the white man is the most discriminated against. That’s right. I said it. Now get over it. The truth shall set you free.

Santospal (@guest_1189618)
1 year ago

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FrankGoaky (@guest_1261706)
1 year ago

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