August 16, 2022

Bill Barr: Police reforms are reasonable, but defunding law enforcement will cause ‘increasing chaos’

Just two weeks ago, the concept of defunding the police was nearly unheard of, but now, high-level politicians across the nation are suddenly jumping on board with the ludicrous petition.

Attorney General Bill Barr shut down calls for crippling law enforcement in a Monday appearance on Fox News, saying that defunding the police is “the exact opposite of the way we should go.”

Barr began by acknowledging that “I understand, given the history of racial injustice in this country, why the African American community, or at least some of it, would view the ghastly events in Minneapolis as manifestations of institutional racism in police departments.”

He continued:

But I think, in fact, over the past 50 or 60 years, we’ve had a lot of reform of police departments. I was attorney general 30 years ago, and I can tell you, there’s a world of difference. Today, the police chiefs, the rank and file officers, understand the need for change, and there has been great change. And I think defunding the police, holding the entire police structure responsible for the actions of certain officers is wrong. And I think it’s dangerous to demonize police.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), always doing her best to promote the furthest-left platform possible, called on the nation’s lawmakers to “ask yourself what are you willing to sacrifice to make sure that over-funded police departments are defunded?”

Barr pointed out that acting on far-left calls to disband and defund law-enforcement will only lead to “increasing chaos.”

The Attorney General warned that “every organization has individuals who engage in misconduct, and we have to be very careful before we say the whole organization is rotten,” continuing that there’s a “general agreement among police agencies that we need clearer standards.”

What do you think about AG Bill Barr? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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Chris Robinette (@guest_1006034)
2 years ago

Let every damn Democratic controlled major city defund and remove the police departments. Let the citizens try to defend themselves against the criminals and gangs along with the psychos as well. Sometimes being Passive aggressive is the best way to teach brain damaged a real lesson.

Gwen Duckworth (@guest_1006037)
2 years ago

Thank you Bill Barr! What are these people going to do next! Can’t even imagine WHAT these people are doing!!!!

Georgia Stafford (@guest_1006114)
Reply to  Gwen Duckworth
2 years ago

I wholeheartedly Agree with all of your comments to NOT Defund the police – and I thank God for President Trump and Bill Barr.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1006116)
Reply to  Gwen Duckworth
2 years ago

He is totally RIGHT!
The insane LEFT want REVOLUTION and Chaos., they are following Max rules to the T!

Jim (@guest_1006570)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
2 years ago

Alicia, you are correct. This is how they get a revolution, erase history and the past traditions and customs, demonize the current government, create fear in the general population as well as chaos. When that occurs they can upsurp the current Government in a revolution and instil their own form of Government, either Communist or Socialist. Not going to work as there are too many folks who are Conservative and want the freedom that our Republic gives us. We WILL fight to keep out Government.

Dawn Doran (@guest_1006477)
Reply to  Gwen Duckworth
2 years ago

Whatever is up to Soros and the ugly Party of Democrats…

Leila (@guest_1007167)
Reply to  Gwen Duckworth
2 years ago

We stand with you Mr. Barr. Thank you

Nancy Allen (@guest_1006045)
2 years ago

I agree with Mr. Barr. The police Departments should not be refunded. That would be a terrible idea and would cause more problems and opportunities for chaos and crime in our country.

Garrett Meyer (@guest_1006046)
2 years ago

he is right on .keep up the good work MR A.G.

Thomas hughes (@guest_1006049)
2 years ago

We must have police to control random crimes and emergency response.
The people who want to refund are either privilege people who have no concerns of crime due to private security or crooks
What do seniors do when need of assistance also would encourage individuals taking matters into their own hands.

Buster (@guest_1006050)
2 years ago

Let’s Defund AOC!

Florence pearson (@guest_1006183)
Reply to  Buster
2 years ago

Demorats are responsible for the chaos. Let’s defund the demorats. Then try them all for treason.

Jan Webster (@guest_1006290)
Reply to  Florence pearson
2 years ago

Amen!! All for it!!

Darlene Auger (@guest_1006229)
Reply to  Buster
2 years ago

I definitely agree and the rest of her tribe of misfits that are crooked as the day is long. They need to go their ideas are totally nuts.

KATH (@guest_1006058)
2 years ago


Ron Ross (@guest_1006084)
Reply to  KATH
2 years ago


Wilma Devers (@guest_1006059)
2 years ago

I am so glad we have Bill Barr. He is the best!

Sandy Padlo (@guest_1006064)
2 years ago

Judge Barr is 100 percent correct. EVERY organization has a few bad apples. And one thing I’ve noted: George Floyd died of a heart attack! He did not die from brutality.

Sharon Nation (@guest_1006065)
2 years ago

Mr Barr is so right. The left just want to empty good citizens from any kind of protection such as lawful citizens having right to own guns and then strip us of police protection so their communist government can take over. We cannot let these evil people win.

Louise (@guest_1006088)
2 years ago

Mr Barris right, but just talking about it will never stop the radical left. They will find some way to do it. Right now they are seeing how far they can push it. The only way I see to stop them is through the Supreme Court.

DL (@guest_1006089)
2 years ago

Than you AG Barr. I’m proud of the growth this country has in a short 40 years. We need good policing. AOC needs to get her facts right before speaking. The police department are not over funded.

Harry Persinger (@guest_1006090)
2 years ago

Support Law we need our Police same as our Military and our Churches to be Open Prayer is the Problem solver with God as our Captain!

Lynda vining (@guest_1006093)
2 years ago

Thank you Mr Barr you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Thank you for supporting President Trump. If we cannot vote out the corruption we need to hold them accountable by prosecution of the laws

Shirley Libby (@guest_1006096)
2 years ago

Thank God for Bill Barr! Democrats are Lunatics! Vote every single one of them OUT!

Jan Webster (@guest_1006291)
Reply to  Shirley Libby
2 years ago

Please vote these dummies out!

Gary Burnette (@guest_1006109)
2 years ago

He’s right on 100 per cent. Mr. Barr you’re doing a great job and please go after and prosecute the instigators, looters and arsonist.

Joanna (@guest_1006110)
2 years ago

Thank God for Barr and Trump your the only ones I trust in this crazy world. Of course my pastor and family too.

Kathryn Schramm (@guest_1006132)
2 years ago

I appreciate AG Barr for giving clear guidelines and not caving in to the rabid insanity and useless , mindless comments by AOC and her counterparts – the Democrats . Thank you for holding the line. I hope you will stay with Pres. Trump because he doesn’t understand all of the ins and outs of all issues but has done more than any of our last 5 presidents to restore our freedoms. He needs your calm guidance . Thank you for standing up for the right.

Esther (@guest_1006150)
2 years ago

Barr is law and order personified. Just what we need so we can keep all the ills in the judicial process in sight and continue to right the wrongs of our country. Allowing a bunch of hate mongers determine our fate is insanity.

curt c morlock (@guest_1006153)
2 years ago

As often as possible, state and print statistics. Today’s environment offers more opportunities for minorities than in the history of the United States; the civil rights movement is dead. Any organization that speaks of any specific race, is racist! The organization Black Lives Matter are big time Racists! All lives matter wtf

Florence pearson (@guest_1006184)
2 years ago

Demorats are causing the chaos. Let’s defund the demorats, then try them all for treason.

Paula (@guest_1006194)
2 years ago

I think Mr. Barr is correct n with 30 yrs of experience he should know.As he stated every organization has people that brake the laws n behave disrespectful n sometimes corrupt we are seeing that in congress with some left leaders.thow away the bad apples before they spoil the whole bunch. When.people miss behave the ones whom do a good job shouldn’t suffer .

Marjorie Hinkle (@guest_1006259)
2 years ago

How about those Democrats on the left? They’re NEVER guilty of any misconduct!

Brice M Bell Jr (@guest_1006267)
2 years ago

The lefties advocating removing our law enforcement agencies are overlooking an element of our society ready to step in and totally remove them permanently: We veterans will not standby and allow this to happen. Take note lefties your days are numbered.

Jan Webster (@guest_1006292)
2 years ago

I agree totally with you! Defund the libitards!

Marg (@guest_1006295)
2 years ago

The wrong doing of one police officer should not tarnish THE WHOLE U.S. POLICE FORCES. I’m sure actions have already been taken accordingly. If not, take action in a civil & peaceful manner. am an Islander living in the U.S. mainland who love all cultures & people of all color. Please let us all have peace & love with one another.

Kathy Syphrit (@guest_1006300)
2 years ago

I support Barr and Trump that the this too will pass. If defunding the police then what happens to the property
value that families worked so hard most of their life to own, it will decrease. I feel for the black community.
When one person makes a mistake you can’t punish all the rest for their great efforts they take each and every day for the people. I support the police in their actions to be very concerned of their future. I guess if some cities win to defund the police, then defund the cities federal money. This would have a greater effect than the dumb democrates even plan it would. God Bless our President and those who stand for all rights of the american people.

Meenakshi (@guest_1006302)
2 years ago

A G Barr has given the perfect perception of the police department!! He is doing a great job and will do so the next 4 years!!!! Now if the DOJ will find out where all these looters and rioters came from!!!! They cannot all be Americans…… many came from outside the country!! My reason for thinking this is a huge amount of evacuees from around the world arrived in USA on repatriation flights!!!! Many arrived in USA from South and Central America and other countries…. European countries were not evacuated!! The State Dept did a great job in evacuation , but eventually they had to let go the reins to local authorities!!! This should be investigated
Suddenly, “out of the blue” I cannot but wonder how the rioters and looters were so organised and systematic in the rioting and looting…. travelling from city to city…. worth taking the time to find out where they came from!! We already have heard rumours of how they were funded…. or who funded them…. the most dangerous part is the evacuees all came to USA 🇺🇸 with a one way ticket!!! It was made very easy for those who could not afford the ticket…. someone else could pay for it!!!! I know so much about it is because I am a US Citizen still stuck in India as I could not fly out the of the city I am in, here in India and not choose Atlanta or San Francisco to land in from here in India!!!!
As far AOC’s remarks ….. has she ever lived in a state where there is no police force and no law and order…. I don’t think so as she is born and brought up in the Bronx, USA far from the emerging nations of the world!!! Therefore it would behoove her not to shove her socialistic viewpoints down our throat !!! Socialism is a proven failed institution in this world!! She should visit Tibet, N Korea, Sudan, and if she doesn’t want to rack up miles she should try Venezuela close to home!!!

I digress, the A G Barr has all the right answers as to how the fix our police force and I have full confidence in him and the President to see that the reforms are carried out!!!



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