May 23, 2022

Police investigating the death of Miss Alabama 2021 as family hints it wasn’t a suicide

Police have begun the investigation into the death of Miss Alabama 2021, Zoe Sozo Bethel following her death just weeks ago. 

According to The New York Post, Bethal reportedly “fell out of a third-floor window” in Miami in what the Miami Police Department initially considered to be a “possible suicide attempt. 

On Feb. 11, police and fire responded to the possible suicide and confirmed that the 27-year-old model was taken to the hospital and was in a coma for over a week before succumbing to traumatic brain injuries, The Hill reported. 

Family members reported that she had been involved in an “accident” while she was in the coma, and police later told People that the medical examiner ruled out blunt force trauma as the cause of her death. 

The Post received a statement from Bethel’s family where they wrote that “if she had a choice, she would still be here with us today.”

“The initial police report is simply preliminary and is not conclusive, and is further absent specific facts from eyewitness testimony that would alter the ‘incident type’ status listed on the preliminary police report.”

The Miami Police Department has not responded to The Post’s request for comment, however her family added that at an early age Bethel “was taught to stand up for the truth and to never be apologetic.

“She was a devout believer in Jesus Christ and was a strong conservative who was very patriotic. She loved God and valued her life as well as the lives of those around her. She was growing and becoming more successful each year of her life, and she was only just beginning,” the family went on. 

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