April 18, 2021

Police confiscate arms of Missouri couple that defended home

Fox News is reporting that police have searched the home and confiscated the weapons of a St. Louis couple that were filmed holding guns while protecting their home from a mob of protestors that had entered a private gated neighborhood.

Fox notes:

Authorities in St. Louis executed a search warrant Friday evening at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who made headlines last month when they took up arms to defend their home from protesters.

There was no immediate indication the McCloskeys were arrested or charged with a crime. The warrant applied only to a search for the guns, KSDK reported.

On Monday, the McCloskeys appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” and disclosed that protesters had returned to their neighborhood July 3 – but the couple was alerted in advance and hired a private security company to protect their residence.

If this is any indication that prosecutors are moving against the McCloskey’s, a grave injustice is being done.

Americans can’t fail to notics that mobs of trespassing protestors can riot, burn and assault their way across American cities, and the police will do nothing. But when middle-class home and business owners seek to protect what is theirs, police move in and suddenly start to act.

This is a tipping point in history – will the American system of justice survive?

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43 Responses

  1. St Louis authority and the police deserve whatever happens for folding like a cheap suit now you see how corrupt these people are when your told that they brake down the gate and enter private property these people where defending the property and there being charged well like it says when they outlaw guns I’ll become a outlaw

    1. Time for the Atty. of the couple to file counter suits against the prosecutor and city of st. louis as well as the state for civil right’s violations as well as leaving the couple open to retaliation with possible damages.

      1. S tLouis Has violated the cvil rights of their citizens. They have placed their people in harms way by taking the means to protect themselves.shame on St Louis for such knee jerk responses.

    2. Unclejim, I so agree with you. If those Rioters came to my Home I would do the same thing. I have a little Girl and a Wife to defend to the “Death”. You bet I will Gladly give my “life” for Family and Home to the “Death” I have worked for almost 45 years to get what I have, and I will not go down without a Fight to the “Death.” I promise you I will take no Prisoners.
      BOBBY ~!~

      1. Missouri is an open carry state, and, also they brought in “the castle doctrine”, a few years ago!

      2. Missouri is a open carry state, the prosecutor overstepped her authority and needs to be disbarred as she obviously doesn’t even know the law of the state let alone the constitution for which every law is supposed to be based on.

    3. Right… and if these coward cops choose not to do the job according to the oath they swear to they should QUIT.

  2. This is a damn outrage. The district attorney who authorized this illegal search and seizure was supported and received campaign funds from George Soros. What else should we expect.
    This will never stand up in court of course but during the period it is being litigated this couple have had to pay for private security. What a crock.

    1. Do you know for a fact George soros was i. On it? If so George soros should be kicked out if this country

  3. Since when is it illegal to defend your home? The “protesters” were trespassing on private property. They tore down a gate to get into the private community.

  4. This is a clear violation of the Constitution, Amendment IV and Amendment II The DOJ and the AG and the so called Administration should have had the FBI and national Guard on the spot, over ruling these local yokels criminals that know they are violating the Constitution and confiscating these peoples possessions and trying to protect their home and lives when the rioters and terrorist group invaded private gated property and tried to break in and enter these peoples home. The FBI and the AG and the President should have immediately interefered and stopped it and instead arrested on federal charges all those that participated in this This is also the case of the veteran, in Oregon whose home was broken into by state police and his arms were confiscated without a warrant on the say so of the corrupt governor based on a democrats report that the veteran was unstable because he was a veteran and made statements that violaters of the Constitution should be charged with a crime.
    It may be time that the citizens take a look at what we are voting for and should we continue supporting an administration that will not confront criminals and corrupt governors and people who are knowingly violating our rights and freedoms, such as Soros and Obama and organizations like antifa, the BLM and who openly are professing to violate the Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, and the violation of Congressional duties, Article I, Section *, para. “to provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.” It is clear that china and the organization to overthrow the U.S. constitutional Republic to a globalized New world order and by the direct plan of obama and soros and democratic Congress to form and conduct domestic insurrections and means of terror, riots, lootings and destruction of businesses, homes, cause murder and chaos of private citizens, whereas the President has not received the support of Congress to call forth the militia and these above organizations have spread their terror in major population areas of the U.S..

  5. It’s terrible! I can’t believe this is happening in our country. We need to get rid of all the Democrats.

    1. Start with the terrorist and democrat enabler, Soros. Find out which politicians he owns and go after them “big time”.

      1. canam884: the whole of the godless, democratic party, plus some RHINO’s would be gone in a NEW YORK minute.

      1. I would carry that a bit further and say “get rid on all dems” and we would have a great country again.

  6. Is it this just plain vaidatin of the Second Amendment? The family should sue City State and Police Department and for City and State to field protect life of its Citizents from valiant mop.

  7. Is it this just plain vaidatin of the Second Amendment? The family should sue City State and Police Department and for City and State to field protect life of its Citizents from valiant mop.

  8. ARREST THE RIOTERS. They are the one’s who are destroying property that is no theirs. If a group of rioters, prosters, looters are approaching my home you are going to have to call to have the bodies removed.

  9. Arrest George Soros, BLM leader and Anifta leader. Sue the mayor, governor, city, county, and state. I’d sue the mayor and governor personally.

  10. I believe sending the St. Louis Police over to the home of this couple was unconstitutional and needs to be dealt with by the Feds! I believe the couple have grounds for a big time lawsuit against the Mayor and all those connected to this issue!

  11. Emma, You are spot on! If you are going to shoot an intruder don’t do it on the front porch,let them come inside first then shoot them. My late husband was a firefighter and worked 24 hour shifts.When he left for work that was his sage advice to me.

  12. First. Don’t come to my home to cause trouble or make threats. Second. I will defend myself anyway possible and third l don’t give a damn what an iignorant fool like Gardner thinks about my method of protection.

  13. We live in periless times! There is no way this will stand up in court, the property owner definitely has a civil rights violation/ law suit. I still can’t believe that it happened. We the people are under attack from very evil people and it looks like we are in a civil war. It is time that every civilian arm themselves. it’s your civic duty!!! Must protect your family and friends. Pray that this madness ends!

  14. Well mr. President it’s time for you to stand up to your word that you are standing behind the people of this country here’s a couple that stood up for their properties and are being prosecuted having their guns taken away it’s time for you to bring in your thoughts on this and stop this madness

  15. Unconstitutional when people don’t have the right to protect their family and themselves or their property. Unconstitutional when your own state officials and law enforcement protect the criminals instead of law biding citizens.


  17. These cops are a bunch of hypocrites they take guns away from law abiding citizens and let these animals loose in the streets. They are supposed to protect and serve the law abiding people. They should have showed some balls and refused to enforce a warrant that is totally illegal.

    1. Don’t blame the cops they have to do what the prosecutor tells them to do, for the most part, but they should have pointed out to this prosecutor what the law and the constitution says about the right to bare arms and more importantly the right to defend yourself and your property.

  18. This is ridiculous. These people have a right to protect their home and family. This is unconstitutional.

  19. This was a illegal search and confiscation. The people have the right to protect themselves and property. St. Louis police and Law makers are caving and obeying The black Lives Matter Terrorists. BLM is a Terrorist Racists organization and needs to be declared as such

  20. I hope that the McCloskey’s sue the city back into the stone age. This cap is all funded by Soros and the Obama cartel. These rioters are terrorist and need to be dealt with.

  21. canam884: the whole of the godless, democratic party, plus some RHINO’s would be gone in a NEW YORK minute.

  22. This couple did NOTHING wrong! They simply defended their lives by displaying their weapons, just like those rioters did. I do not believe that they even pointed their weapons in an aggressive manner. They were on their own property so they are allowed to walk about openly carrying their firearms.

  23. It’s time for America to stand up and start shooting these mfers. It’s plain to see that the law isn’t going to do anything to protect us. It’s past time that we the white stood up. We are being persecuted and no ones doing a damn thing about it. Stand up you spineless bastardsbefore we are wiped off the face of the earth. After all…that’s what they REALLY want.

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