May 24, 2022

Police arrest Dem Rep. Bowman over election bill protest

New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman was among approximately 30 protesters arrested on Thursday at the U.S. Capitol building during a demonstration over election reform.

“Today, Congressman Jamaal Bowman joined a voting rights non-violent direct action at the North Barricade of the U.S. Capitol Building and was arrested by the U.S. Capitol Police,” Bowman’s communications director Marcus Frias said.

“We will provide more information and updates as we gather them,” she added.

The arrests reportedly took place after the demonstrators blocked a driveway and failed to allow others to pass.

The protest followed the failure to pass an agreement to change the filibuster rule in the Senate that would allow Democrats to pass a new voting rights bill that would federalize many state-level voting requirements.

The arrest brings even more attention to the election rights issue as Democrats seek to make changes in opposition to conservative bills designed to decrease cheating in future elections.

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