September 30, 2022

Podcaster Joe Rogan argues Michelle Obama is the best chance of Democrats in 2024

Podcaster Joe Rogan argued on his program that former First Lady Michelle Obama is the best contender to represent Democrats in 2024, saying that if she runs, she wins.

Rogan made the comments during an episode of his program “The Joe Rogan Experience” that released on Dec. 24.

“He took questions the other day, they started asking him about tests. And he just kept saying the same thing, ‘Nobody saw this coming. This Omicron.’ And it goes on for like five or six minutes. And as it goes on you’re like, oh, my God, he’s gone. He’s worse than he was a month ago. He keeps getting worse,” Rogan said.

Then suggesting Obama could serve as a better candidate for the party in the next election, Rogan said directly, “I really believe, if Michelle Obama runs, she wins.”

Some across social media blasted the idea that Obama could join Vice President Kamala Harris to run for president.

Obama has given no response regarding the matter, but has long said she was not interested in running for office.




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