August 7, 2022

Pinkerton: Dems will lose midterms because they ‘are a referendum on’ Biden’s performance

Political writer James P. Pinkerton just hit President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats with a dose of reality in a piece that he wrote for Breitbart News called Sorry, Joe! Midterm Elections Are a Referendum on White House Performance. 

In the piece, Pinkerton explains why it is that the Democrats are being predicted to lose Congress in the midterm elections that will be held later this year.

In short, it is because the American voters are given every indication that they will hold Biden responsible for the problems – the economic crisis in particular – that the country has been facing ever since he took over.

Pinkerton explains:

. . . whatever happens, good or bad, is on the commander-in-chief. Nobody makes you take that job, but if you get it, expect to be held to account, because buck-passing won’t work. And we can add that the c-in-c’s political party, too, is at risk of being, uh, bucked.

Pinkerton backs up his argument with various facts and polling.

In terms of this year’s election, polls have consistently shown that Republicans are heavily favored to take back the U.S. House and somewhat favored to take back the U.S. Senate. They need to net five seats in the former and even less in the latter to do so.

Pinkerton, for example, cites a recently-leaked Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll that has Republicans beating Democrats 47% to 39% on the generic ballot. The poll even said that most voters “want a Republican in Congress to provide a check on Biden, rather than a Democrat to help pass Biden and Pelosi’s agenda.”

Pinkerton writes:

There’s an underlying logic here: Just as voters are holding Biden accountable for the inflation rate, so, too, they are determined to elect men and women who will check the president’s power to do further harm. This is a national thought process that’s destined to transcend the ups and downs of the news cycle—good, bad, and tragic.

Pinkerton concludes by arguing that all Republicans have to do to secure victory in the midterms is “not get in the way.”

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