April 18, 2021

Physician that created cognitive test touted by Trump explains significance of high score

Democrats are doing everything they can to deflect criticism of Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities onto President Trump, but it’s not working.

President Trump recently revealed that he took — and aced — a cognitive health test to “shut these people up.” The physician that created the cognitive test revealed during a CNN interview on Thursday that the test is “challenging” for most people, indicating that Trump’s cognitive health is in good shape. 

The White House has yet to release the official results of the test, but Trump said during a speech earlier this week that he had gotten “30 for 30,” referring to the number of questions on the test.

Trump’s announcement that he had aced the challenging test provoked widespread mockery, but Dr. Ziad Nasreddine, who created the Montreal Cognitive Assessment explained in the CNN interview that the test is designed to be difficult.

Dr. Nasreddine told CNN’s Erin Burnett:

This test is meant to assess cognitive functions, meaning that we are assessing which cognitive domains could be affected in neurological illnesses. So we usually look at memory, at the concentration, attention, executive functions, perception. So all these skills are assessed to determine if somebody’s cognition is okay.

The physician continued to explain that the test is specifically designed “to pick up subtle cognitive deficits that are early signs, for example, of Alzheimer’s.” He continued:

So it is meant to be hard for patients who have a cognitive disorder. It could be somewhat hard for somebody who is normal, especially certain questions are harder than others. Especially the five-word recall. Most patients do not get the five words. Most normal people don’t get the five words after five or ten minutes [of] delay. Most of them get 3.7 words. So it’s not that easy to go through the whole testing.

President Trump was attacked for his characterization of the five-word recall. “The first questions are very easy,” Trump explained. “The last questions are much more difficult. Like a memory question.” But Nasreddine appeared to agree with Trump that it’s “challenging,” and that “Some people get only two out of five, three out of five.

“It’s not everyone can get five out of five or 30 out of 30 like I mentioned before,” Nasreddine said of Trump’s reported score. “Only 10% of normal individuals get 30 out of 30.”

Trump challenged Democrat opponent Joe Biden to undergo the same test, saying that the presidency is a “very important job” and that any president needs “stamina, physical health, and mental health.”

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48 Responses

    1. Yeah. Start with Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe, since he’s challenging President Trump for the presidency.

    2. Finally! Nancy can PROVE that she “is the most Intelligent, experienced and greatest Legislator and Administrator
      in Congress.” We well remember her fast turn-around as she was about off the stage when a Reporter asked her a question that could have questioned her Ability to perform her Speaker of the House duties.” DO IT NANCY! Make our President look small, finally, as you have been trying to do ever since he YOUR PARTY. WE AWAIT YOUR SHOW.
      Dr. David McCoy

      1. Nancy is a cagey politician, that’s all……this is not an indication of super intelligence. She learned early in life how to manipulate people and situations, Do some reading!

    3. It should be a requirement for major elections to do this test 6 months before the election with the results published in the National News.

    4. It should be required for all people working in high ranking, decision making government jobs that are over the ago of 60 to take these tests. I know I have lost a lot of cognition since that age and would not want the responsibility of the lives or incomes of the citizens if I wasn’t 100%. Look at how bad the thinking is of our Congress and Senate of late, not to mention even the younger, brainwashed ones.

    1. He will, why would anyone sensible person vote for this loser, called sleepy Joe. He’s democrat’s number 1 PUPPET

      1. So simple, they are greedy and backed by big money. That is all they care about, those dems. They do not care about the citizens, the tax payers or anything, especially our Republic. Just greed and power.

  1. President Trump you are brilliant! I have known this for years!
    I’m so proud of you for handling this “MESS” put upon our country, in such a graceful way.
    Your presence representing the USA, is something millions of us are proud to live in America! God bless you and your family!❤️

  2. President Trump will save America! Even if those high ranking idiots who would take the test would fail in mentality! We know who they are! The demoncraps! They attacked my Christopher Columbus statues! I’m Italian American! I’m insulted and want to rip their heads off! We love President Trump me and Joe 😇my husband! We’re losing our freedom and our country! We pray that President Trump wins but if he doesn’t, this country will be gone forever! I pray he wins and the conservatives take the White House and abolish the communists fascists forever! President Trump is the best President we have ever had in such a long time! I hope he can restore everything back! God bless you Mr. President!

  3. Way to go President Trump! We knew you
    were a genius!
    Hang in there, God bless you, your family
    and America!

    1. I am happy you, Pres. Trump did well in test, I want to see how sleepy Joe would take the test. Will he? I bet group of democract does not allow him to take the test because they would be embarrassed when he is done with the test.

      Yes, God bless you, your family , your team and Americaans

      Thumb up1

  4. How about the teachers of are kids…. I m sure most would be lucky to 2 out of 5
    and most are socials

  5. It would be hard to perform the duties and make decisions expected of a President if you’re a stumbler and a drooler.

  6. All biden knows for sure is how to be a career organized crime , treasonous , seditious , communist criminal ! After all you don’t become V.P. of a terrorist for 8 years – for nothing !

    1. What you just said. Wondering why our country let criminals run for politics, is beyond me.

  7. I am very happy to have you as the President now. You have really saved America from Socialism & Communism.
    The world will thank you much much more for your great contributions with four more coming years. God bless you and America.

  8. President Trump you have done a lot of good for the USA, I sure hope you win in Nov. I can’t imagine living under Joe Biden nor do I want to.
    I think all top government officials should take that test.
    Biden and Peloski along with others.

  9. I will certainly vote for Donald Trump in the November election … he has done more for this country than any other President in the past and the constant criticism he gets is deplorable … I guarantee that those who are the most critical would NOT like to be in President Trump’s shoes right now … NONE of us would ..

    Sooo .. come November make the right choice for this fallen country of ours … vote DONALD TRUMP for President … and God Bless America … Land That We Love …

  10. I believe, President Trump, is the Most Intelligent, Capable, and Truly Most Qualified, we have had in a long long time! Maybe Ever! That comes, from his ability to lead, this Great Nation, from a business man knowledge. He built, an “Empire”, before, he became President! Can any one name, a President, who has so much, “Accomplishment” behind him! No. The President, is a Patriot, who Loves this Great Country of Ours, not these,
    nobodies, rioters, paid rioters at that, by George Soros, and the like….. These Anarchists, are nothings, have done Nothing, for this Nation, but want to destroy, the very country, that gave them Life, Liberty and also, the Pursuit of Happiness, which These Anarchist Digustings, Chose to Not Appreciate! Perhaps, China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, might be a good choice, for them to GO TO. Lets put Donald J. Trump. in the White House, AGAIN!! Amen!

    1. Amen Eva. Beautifully said. You brought me to my knees. Just another Vietnam veteran. We serve our country, and what? These idiots we call democrats, get away with too many crimes. They supposed to be held accountable. I voted for president Trump. But come on Mr president, we need justice for these shameful traitors

  11. I’m 90 years old. I’ve lived through everyone since Herbert Hoover.Of the entire group I can’t think of anyone less qualified to be President than Joe Biden.. He easily sits at the bootom of the list one notch below Barack Obama

  12. I’m sure this “test” has significance in this field. However I personally don’t need to see these test results to see where we stand. This congress, in fact this whole democrat party from mayors to Joe Biden has shown repeatedly just how inadequate the whole party has become. Their closed door, behind the scene meetings from Adam Schitf to Pelosi herself provides the true big picture. But there are some of these democrat politicians with the political education and common sense to know that they are being led down the yellow brick road. Yet they will follow suit because of their belief to do so will keep them on the government payroll. When you see these politicians, like Biden, who have been screwing the people for 50 years logic demands their removal. This upcoming election will be the most important since the beginning of our republic. If Biden should become president and the house remains under the control of Pelosi and the senate is taken by Chuck Schumer We’re finished.

  13. This should be a test that is given to every individual running for any Office at least 6 months before the elections with the results also published on National News. This test should be written and administered by Doctors who work at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

  14. well
    if I recall I recently saw 2 BOZOS from the CNN staff mocking & making fun of the test which I am sure these 2 idiots couldn’t do well on themselves . I also recall the democRATS called on a Doctor from one of the University’s to evaluate President Trump & this Doctor without even & exam of the President was declaring the President unfit !!! If there is a cognitive test that is out there why isn’t it right that all candidates be tested !!! Especially the ones running for President !!!

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