October 5, 2022

Petition seeks removal of Loudoun County, Virginia school board vice chair

In the latest development in the controversies surrounding the Loudoun County, Virginia school board a petition was filed Thursday seeking the removal of the group’s vice-chair, Atoosa Reaser, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The request was filed in the Loudoun County Circuit Court by an advocacy organization called Fight for Schools, and as the Examiner notes, a previous petition to remove a school board member in the county garnered 1,795 signatures, and the current one has attracted roughly 1,859.

Ian Prior, Fight for Schools’ executive director, declared in relation to the filing, “The parents of Loudoun County are simply not going to stop utilizing their voices and the rule of law to make a change in our schools,” and his group is also seeking the removal of board members Ian Serotkin and Denise Corbo.

According to the Loudon Times-Mirror, any petition to remove an elected official from their post requires the number of signatures received to equal no less than 10% of the votes initially cast in the election to fill that position in the last election cycle.

The paper reached out to Reaser for comment on the matter, and she replied via email, “I was chosen by the voters of the Algonkian District to represent them on the Loudoun County School Board for four years. Unfortunately, a small fraction of residents have filed a petition to silence their voices.”

Reaser continued, suggesting that the danger of this situation is that it is less about removing one person from the school board, but rather about robbing “thousands of citizens” of their right to have their chosen representative continue to serve.

The beleaguered school board vice-chair added that a petition for removal such as the one targeting her is designed to be used only in cases of “neglect of duty, misuse of office, conviction of certain crimes, or incompetence in the performance of duties,” adding, “none of which are remotely applicable to me.”

Remaining defiant in tone, Reaser opined, “Our democracy is at stake, as is the well-being of thousands of Loudoun County Public Schools families. I look forward to fighting for them and the voters who chose me, while serving out the rest of my term.”

Given Fight for Schools’ grave accusations that Reaser has repeatedly restricted the public’s exercise of First Amendment rights and failed to act on knowledge regarding a much-publicized sexual assault case within the district, the quest for accountability from those charged with the safety and education of the county’s children is a noble one, and one which will hopefully succeed.




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