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 June 19, 2024

Petition from Leftist "Christian" Group Gets Thousands Of Signatures Calling For Justice Samuel Alito's Resignation

A "Christian" social justice organization has launched a petition calling for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's resignation, citing actions and comments they claim undermine constitutional principles.

Newsweek reported that the petition, organized by Faithful America, criticizes Alito for promoting a Christian-nationalist agenda and has gathered nearly 15,000 signatures. Faithful America is a self-described activist group that believes in social justice which makes it clear where they fall on the political spectrum.

Justice Samuel Alito was reported to have flown an upside-down American flag at his Virginia home. This incident, tied to January 2021, was perceived by some as a symbol of distress linked to the "Stop the Steal" movement.

Alito's wife was said to have raised the inverted flag during a dispute with neighbors over an anti-Trump lawn sign, contributing to the controversy.

Undercover Recordings Reveal Alito's Ideological Stance

Further stirring controversy, undercover audio recordings from a Supreme Court Historical Society dinner captured Justice Alito discussing ideological divides within the country. These recordings, published by Rolling Stone, were made by filmmaker Lauren Windsor, who posed as a conservative during the event.

In the recordings, Alito expressed that the nation faces "fundamental things that really can't be compromised," indicating a stark ideological divide. His remarks, according to critics, support a Christian-nationalist perspective and misuse Christian teachings.

Faithful America, the organization behind the petition, has accused Justice Alito of distorting Christianity and violating the separation of church and state. Their petition vehemently demands Alito's resignation, arguing that his actions and statements render him unfit for the judicial role.

The petition also highlights Alito's flying of a Christian nationalist or "Appeal to Heaven" flag at his summer home in New Jersey, noted during July and September of 2023. This action has been interpreted as an endorsement of a Christian-nationalist agenda, further fueling the demand for his resignation.

Alito's Denial and Non-Recusal From Cases

Addressing the backlash, Justice Alito has distanced himself from the controversies regarding the flags, attributing the actions solely to his wife, Martha-Ann Alito. He emphasized in a letter to Democratic senators that the incidents cited do not fulfill the criteria for recusal from ongoing cases, despite calls from critics for him to do so.

Critics have specifically urged Alito to recuse himself from a case involving former President Donald Trump's claim of presidential immunity, citing potential bias. However, Alito has remained firm in his decision to stay on the case.

The public reaction to these events has been mixed, with significant coverage in major media outlets. Newsweek has reached out to Faithful America and the Supreme Court for their comments on the unfolding situation.

The discussions around these events highlight a broader debate on the impartiality required of Supreme Court justices and the influence of personal beliefs on their official duties.

Conclusion: Reaffirming the Call for Resignation

In summary, the petition by Faithful America captures a moment of significant discontent among certain Christian groups with Justice Samuel Alito's conduct and statements.

As the petition nears its signature goal, the controversy surrounding Alito underscores ongoing debates about the role of judiciary members in maintaining a secular state and adhering to constitutional norms. Supporters of the petition argue that Alito's actions compromise his ability to serve impartially, calling for his immediate resignation to uphold the integrity of the Supreme Court.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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