December 4, 2020

PETITION: Fire Nancy Pelosi [Add Your Name]

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for 33 years after being handpicked by her predecessor. Pelosi wasn’t even elected by the people, she was chosen by the Democrat establishment.

Since then, she’s spent her entire career undermining the United States, destroying jobs, defending corruption, and fighting against Americans.

Pelosi is supposed to serve as a representative of Americans, but she’s holding Americans that are desperately in need of economic relief hostage while she tries to accomplish her liberal wishlist. It’s time for Americans to say ENOUGH.

Pelosi has proven time and time again that she believes she’s above the law, as evidenced by her recent decision to violate her own rules to visit a San Francisco hair salon. She even had the gall to blame it on one of her own constituents.

Pelosi does not represent the people of San Francisco or America, she only represents herself and the corrupt goals of the Democrat party. It’s time for us to retire Pelosi once and for all.

Add your name to the petition to fire Nancy Pelosi today!

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