PETITION: Demand The Senate AQUIT President Donald J. Trump [Join The Movement]

If you believe the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is a travesty of American justice and an embarrassment to our great nation, then keep reading.

The Senate must acquit President Trump and it should do so instantly! Sign this petition now to make your voice heard!

There are those who are corrupting their own political power to spread propaganda against President Trump. They must not win.

If our nation is to remain strong and free, it must not reward the abuse of political systems nor empower those who would deny due process. The Senate needs to send a bold message to those who are acting in bad faith against President Trump: ACQUIT THE PRESIDENT NOW!

The elected officials in the Senate MUST hear your voice. Now is the time to rise up and be heard!

Sign this petition and join the movement to protect our nation and protect our President!

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