May 23, 2022

Pentagon resists plan for no-fly zone over Ukraine

The Pentagon continued to resist plans for a no-fly zone over Ukraine on Monday as a growing number of Americans say they support the additional military assistance to Ukraine.

“Our assessment is that all these air launched cruise missiles were launched from Russian long-range bombers from Russian air space, not from inside Ukrainian airspace,” a Pentagon official said.

“For the advocates of a no-fly zone, this is an example of how a no-fly zone inside Ukraine would have had no effect on this particular set of strikes,” the official added.

Illinois Republican Rep. and military veteran Adam Kinzinger is among leaders supporting a no-fly zone.

The military considers the move risky, as it would escalate the conflict by a direct confrontation between U.S. and Russian air fighters.

The negative side is that not providing a no-fly zone is allowing Russia to continue bombing Ukraine, killing thousands of people, and destroying its cities. The American military and Biden administration has seemed to have made its choice, leaving many to die in Ukraine to avoid a larger war.

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