July 23, 2021

Report: Pennsylvania results may not be fully revealed until after election day

Election day is upon the nation, but due to Democrat advocacy, it’s unlikely that the final election results will be tabulated until after November 3. Pennsylvania is one of the states in which Democrat strategists campaigned relentlessly to delay the counting of ballots, but their plan may have backfired.

The Daily Wire reported on Monday that seven red counties in Pennsylvania — one of the most critical swing states — will not count mail-in ballots until after election day, which could end up dealing a huge blow to Democrats in the end.

These seven counties — Beaver, Cumberland, Franklin, Greene, Juniata, Mercer and Montour, all swung red in 2016, and are likely to do so again in this election.

Election officials in these counties declared that a lack of time and resources will force them to tabulate roughly 150,000 mail-in ballots after November 3.

NBC News noted that Donald Trump won the state by only 44,000 votes in 2016, so despite the mainstream media’s attempts to downplay the significance of these counties, the numbers say otherwise.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes could make or break the election, so the importance of winning the state cannot be understated, and the delay in counting 150,000 votes could entail a nasty surprise for Democrats confident that Biden’s slim polling lead will carry him to victory.

The prospect of a post-election surprise suddenly has Democrat officials in Pennsylvania pushing for the final results of the state’s election to be counted by the end of election day.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said on Sunday that she expects “the overwhelming majority of ballots in Pennsylvania, that’s mail-in absentee ballots as well as in-person ballots, will be counted within a matter of days,” though she revealed on Friday that she’s pushing the Trump counties to begin counting on Tuesday.

“Even if you could only do part [of the process], to get started as early as humanly possible on Election Day matters for every single county of any size.” She said at the time. “I want every one of them starting it on Election Day.”

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25 Responses

    1. You bet…they’re sorting through the stack of boxes right now to pull Biden votes per county as the numbers come in, so they don’t exceed the population of the county. All filled in and ready to go. Such a huge catastrophe – leave it to the DEMONCRATS to commit constant fraud. The judiciary was no better – allowing that dastardly plan.

  1. Democrat “intelligence” always ends up in the “SNAFU” department. It started with the Iowa caucuses and rolled out of control ever since. I hope Trump buries these ignoramuses.

  2. So, Democrats just change everything so it will suite their agenda? They end up with not enough votes then fabricate as many as necessary to fill their wants!? When is American going to stop this dishonest and tyrannical movement?

  3. Republicans, do not take anything for granted, Democrats will do anything they can to upset this election, fraud, cheating being dishonest means nothing to them, NO EXCUSES, GET OUT AND VOTE.

  4. Many reports are coming out of penn about voter suppression aganst Republicans, machines glitches, no more pper ballots, the poll watchers arent beng let in by the dems., many irregularties. Can someone call and report this? Same in other key states. !!!!!!
    of course we knew they would cheat but this is Really DISGUSTING.!!!

  5. Democrats are cheetahs in dishonest, but with God blessings the Republicans will be winning winning winning, Donald Trump 2020

  6. Looks like a Trump win in Michigan too. Everyone at the polls said they were not voting another democrat back in office. They’ve felled them terribly. I totally understand I definitely voted all red. Time for a nice change here. Trump 2020

  7. And Pennsylvania is aggressively not allowing certified poll watchers into the polls. They refuse to open the doors to them and refuse entrance. They tell them to call the police, even though the certificate allows entrance to any polls in the city. Why is that happening? What are they afraid of? It’s the Democrats who are refusing entrance to the polls.

  8. Trump draws THOUSANDS at his Rally’s while PEDO. Biden who draws all of eight (8) people to his Rally’s is thinking he will win? SERIOUSLY? I guess it has something to do with the postal service who has been caught and photographed trashing Ballots? Plus every other underhanded thing they can think of. Not while their is a God.

  9. Democrats are cheating there is no denying it. Never in our History has both parties been in so the election remains fair. They will be challenged and it will go to Supreme Court. Biden in his own words says Barrack and I have created the biggest fraud organization in History. There you have it. But I can tell you Trump has the best lawyers in town and the military is on his side that will crush Biden

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