August 8, 2022

Pence issues official endorsement of Sarah Sanders for Arkansas governor

Former Vice President Mike Pence endorsed former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her run as Republican candidate for the governor of Arkansas.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Christian, a conservative, and a proud Arkansan who will fight for the people of Arkansas, stand with law enforcement, promote lower taxes, champion school choice, and more,” the former vice president said.

The reports comes one day after former President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at a Sanders event on Sunday.

Trump had previously endorsed Sanders in a January:

Sarah is strong on borders, tough on crime and fully supports the second amendment and our great law enforcement officers. She loves our military and veterans — and her home state of Arkansas. She will be a GREAT Governor and she has my complete and total endorsement.

Pence has largely remained quiet following his departure from Washington. However, the former vice president has remained active.

In February, Pence accepted two new conservative positions. The Heritage Foundation announced Pence was joining them as a distinguished visiting fellow.

The former vice president’s second new role will include a podcast with the Young America’s Foundation (YAF).

Pence’s endorsement of Sanders adds to the all-star conservative lineup supporting her run for governor. If elected, she will return to her childhood home, as she lived in the Governor’s mansion during the tenure of her father Gov. Mike Huckabee.

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Jackie (@guest_1176377)
1 year ago

She needs to refuse his endorsement. I wouldn’t trust him any more than I could throw a building.

Kurt Hanssen (@guest_1176549)
Reply to  Jackie
1 year ago

Same here, the ex VP. endorsement is like coming from the DemonRats, or a Rhino.

2004done (@guest_1177287)
Reply to  Kurt Hanssen
1 year ago

“Like” coming from? OR “IS” coming from?

Marilyn M Lindsay (@guest_1176820)
Reply to  Jackie
1 year ago

I agree – when things got tough, Pence bailed. He had as much Constitutional wright to send double sets of electors back to the states as Dems had to change election laws in those states. Also, he blamed the Capital protest on Trump and he of all people knew better. Then he congratulates Biden and Harris and then he attended the inauguration. I had so much respect for him up until then but I strongly believe he was paid off and that is inexcusable.

CPO Bill (@guest_1176386)
1 year ago

Go Sarah Go!!!!

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1176392)
1 year ago

Anything is better than what we have now. I vote for a good ole dog for president. Oh yeah aunt nancy has her puppy. All she says now is open biden. What a feak this thing is.

Nathan (@guest_1176395)
1 year ago

We need all the fighters and honest people we can get to take down the clowns

russell Remmert (@guest_1176453)
Reply to  Nathan
1 year ago


JERRY SNYDER (@guest_1176398)
1 year ago

I will vote for both Sarah Sanders and Jan Morgan when they run, time to get rid of John Boozman and Tom Cotton also.

abbiness (@guest_1176400)
1 year ago

Since pence is SEVERELY compromised as a Republican, his endorsement will have a negative impact. She should refuse the endorsement so that she can at least have a shot at the governorship

Paul E. (@guest_1176406)
1 year ago

Pence is from my state. He has lost all my respect. I could care less about what he does. If he runs for president, he won’t get my vote. Doesn’t matter if he’s the only republican on the ticket. I’ll throw my vote away to an independent.

Donella Wood (@guest_1176417)
1 year ago

Please tell me why my comments are not published

Donella Wood (@guest_1176423)
Reply to  Donella Wood
1 year ago

The fact that both Donald Trump and Mike Pence endorses Sarah, tells me she is a good choice for governor of
Arkansas. I’ve always admired her spunk and honesty. I would vote for her, if I lived in Arkansas.

russell Remmert (@guest_1176455)
Reply to  Donella Wood
1 year ago

She will do a great job

Brinda Gore (@guest_1176424)
1 year ago

Sarah Sanders has my families votes! Leslie Rutledge needs to rid herself of the Hutchinson stink before I could vote for her.
Trump Supports Sarah, I support Sarah!

Rev4God (@guest_1176443)
1 year ago

Go Sarah!

Larry M (@guest_1176478)
1 year ago

GO MRS SARh luv you mucho from california PENCE SCREW THAt UNLOYAL BACK STABBING SON OF A WHOOSIE LOOSER LO0OSER Any body who stabs our great President Donld J TRUMPSTER i the back should crawl back in their HOLE and stay there YUCK

Rebecca (@guest_1176512)
1 year ago

I wouldn’t accept anything from Pence. He showed his True Dirty Color’s, knowing that this Country would go down hill so now look what we have. If Pence run’s for anything I think he will be wasting his time. He is just a plain Ole Rhino.

Don (@guest_1176725)
1 year ago

Sic ’em, Sarah.

David Hume (@guest_1176733)
1 year ago

Sarah: I would get away from that Hypocridical Rino right
now if you are going to have any chance at all in the arena.
Trump is still trying to get out from under the bus that Pence
threw him under.!! Don’t let his puritanical nature fool you he
is just another silent watchdog connected to the hip with the
likes of Pelosi,schumer,Nadler,Biden,Harris and all the other
haters of what was once considered “Land of the Free and
Home of the Brave.”

Gary (@guest_1176760)
1 year ago

What’s with some of you? Mike Pence is one of the few in government who researched the guidelines as to what he could do with Trump’s request to end the voter issues and determined it wasn’t possible. He did not have the power to do what Trump wanted. He did what was right even though some of you jerks didn’t like it. I’ll take that type of righteousness over all of your surface crap. He is a fine statesman and an honest man. You plugged him into all the ‘rino’s’ who wouldn’t say a good word for Trump no matter what. This kind of thinking will guarantee we lose in 2024.

Pat shelton (@guest_1177238)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

How many democrats “researched what they could” and are doing. Get off it! Democrats set and play dirty from start to finish and cover each others behind, rules have changed demos changed them long ago and have now perfected the dirt either we fight fire with fire or the Demos and China will control openly, pretty close now.

2004done (@guest_1177306)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

Let’s remember obamao said he couldn’t do it, but then did it; THAT might be better than pence’s lead us to believe he would, and then smile and say I don’t have the power to say to the states “it’s awfully hinky, you had better recount BEFORE I can say it is correct.”

Angela (@guest_1180400)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

No Gary you got it all wrong. Pence was stabling President Donald Trump way before he was ask to do the right thing. Pence is not to be trusted at all.

One flag (@guest_1176775)
1 year ago

We already lost.!!it’s to late for this republic and Rino’s like Pence
are the contributors..Not once has he condemed the idiots that
are destroying America.He is one of those that believe in the
mantra..”Let’s see who’s winning.”

Ann (@guest_1176813)
1 year ago

Good Luck Sarah!!!! Wishing you all the best. I am not from Arkansas but I would cheer you on anytime anywhere. 😊

Ken Frazier (@guest_1176875)
1 year ago

Well what do you know ? Pence is finely doing something that makes good sense. However, if he thinks for one second that this makes up for the back stabbing of Trump he’s got another thought coming.

Jim (@guest_1177063)
1 year ago

Love Sarah and wish I could vote for her. If she runs for a BIG Office, I will vote for her then.

mikemm (@guest_1177074)
1 year ago

who cares what pence says or does…he is a rhino and after he had a chance to right the election and failed to do so his political career is over.

Pat (@guest_1177183)
1 year ago

Who is going to vote in 2022, when your vote didn’t count in 2020. Fraud is being brought to light daily from many states. If nothing is done to resolve the 2020 election, then the 2022 is just more fraud and a waste of time. Team up and take your country back is my best advise.

Pat (@guest_1177241)
Reply to  Pat
1 year ago

Totally agree!

Pat (@guest_1177248)
1 year ago

Totally agree!
Our country? Why are law suits not being filed to protect “our country: Family and ourself from Bidens incredible destruction executive mandates.
I’m told you can sue anyone for anything, this is way more than “anything”

Desert Pete (@guest_1177813)
1 year ago

There is a job opening in Delaware for someone to mow the
Bidens lawn this summer maybe that is something Pence can
do now that his political chances have “Left the Building.”

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