September 28, 2021

Pence cancels campaign events in Arizona and Florida due to COVID-19

Vice President Mike Pence has been forced to put an end to plans for two campaign events scheduled to be held next week due to rising COVID-19 cases in some areas, a devastating setback to the Trump campaign. 

“Vice President Pence will no longer participate in campaign events in Arizona and Florida this week,” said a Pence spokesperson on Saturday. “This is related to coronavirus numbers increasing in those states.”

Fear surrounding a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in several states has slowed Trump’s plans to hit the campaign trail hard after weeks of progress towards reopening much of the nation.

Though Pence has decided to cancel next week’s gatherings and reschedule at a later time, Fox News confirmed that Pence will still travel to both states to meet with governors and discuss how to approach the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

VP Pence is the leader of the White House coronavirus task force and has coordinated much of the federal government’s response to the crisis.

Pence held the task force’s first press briefing in over two months on Friday to address rising concerns about a second wave of the virus in the US. The mainstream media is desperately trying to incriminate Republican governors of states like Florida and Texas for reopening too quickly, but Pence quashed those rumors on Friday.

“I think there will be a temptation for people to look at these Sun Belt states that have been reopening and putting people back to work and suggest that the reopening has to do with what we’re seeing in the last week or so,” Pence explained.

“But frankly, in the case of each of these states, they reopened, in some cases, almost two months ago.” The average incubation period of COVID-19 is between 4 and 14 days, so the current surge in cases cannot be blamed on reopening in early May.

The mainstream media is having a difficult time toeing the line between glowing praise of protests manifesting as large gatherings nationwide for several weeks and warning the public that any other activities are certain to cause a devastating surge in virus infections.

Do you support Vice President Pence? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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LEE GRAHAM (@guest_1014775)
1 year ago

Corona may well be around for some months; those who have been locked away will eventually have to face it or die of boredom. down will likely destroy what economy we have. So let’s open things up, let the most susceptible people restrict their exposure, and punish the idiots that are trying to destroy the country. We didn’t tolerate total stupidity before the virus, so why should we now!

Jim (@guest_1014776)
1 year ago

Could you please tell me WHY this posting is not being allowed? There is nothing I have written that you could not say in church and even in front of the Preacher. Tell me why it is not being posted. I do not wish to break rules but I honestly do not understand. Here is my posting; I intend to vote for Trump/Pence in 2020 and also do my best to encourage ALL Republicans and others who are of sound mind and wish to see the USA continue to be the best country in the world as well as the freeist nation on earth. All this ANTIFA and socialist people who are using crazy excuses to vote for Biden do not want to see this country remain a Constitutional Republic where the people are free to determine their own path for the future.

Wanda Linville (@guest_1014778)
1 year ago

Standing with President Trump & VP Pence !!!!!

Randell Renner (@guest_1014779)
1 year ago

Yes I agree with Vice President Pence. His thinking comes with hours of trying to choose the best way to go.
Thanks VP Pence.

Liz (@guest_1014791)
1 year ago

I am 78 years old and have many friends In their 90’s. I live in Az and have no friends or acquaintances who have had or know anyone who has had the Wuhan virus. We get different numbers every day which only enumerate new tested cases. The death rate from this virus is steadily declining even though the tested numbers are going up. I do not agree that Az is a “hotspot” And believe the dems are manipulating the truth about this virus in order to sabotage our presidents chances in the election and to try to convince all that he is not winning the people to his side. They are failing dramatically and exposing their naked quest for power at the expense of the American people. They are also trying to distract from the coming indictments for the fake Russia collusion. They can never forgive President Trump for spoiling their globalist socialist agenda.

Janet Rose Lyons (@guest_1014792)
1 year ago

The Lord has blessed our country, by providing us with President Donald Trump and VicePresident Mike Pence….a perfect team. We must get out the vote and encourage others to vote Republican in every level of government if we are to preserve our Godly values and our Freedom.

Morgaine Clegg (@guest_1014816)
Reply to  Janet Rose Lyons
1 year ago

Black people are not being blamed, only by those being racist. It’s not difficult to sort violent people from peaceful. Keep the image in your mind of the black man, carrying the white man away from being beaten to death. He was disturbed greatly, and will help the cause without associating with those he found to be violent protesters. People get that. Candace Owens is exceptional in contributing to awakening. Trump is in clearly, other than we have to help him with stopping mail in voting! The courts are corrupt.

Mea (@guest_1014805)
1 year ago

Opening up after lockdown is the reason for resurgence of COVID 19, we are told….. yet no one has said to stop the protesting, the burning, the rioting, the looting, the bringing down of statues this entire period as of May 30, 2020!!!! This is another strategy of the leftist, insane left… and why do we still have Fauci… the gloom and doom man being the spoke person and spreading fear…. hasn’t he done enough harm??? Do we have a death wish to go down in history as a ‘has been nation’ !!!! This is crazy… this plague is gonna be with us as long as we fear it and perpetuate it with our words…. it’s time for every individual to shake off the stupidity of listening to so called ‘authorities’ and heed our common sense!!! Be cautious, be careful but do not surrender to fear… we cannot survive on stimulus checks for the rest of our life…. we are Americans and we live in the land of the free and the hone of the brave!!! Most of our ancestors survived worst problems… let us not succumb to fear…. the enemy is trying to sink the ship either we go down or we survive by riding the wave,… which will it be ….: the choice is ours… we decide….

Marsha Cross (@guest_1014811)
1 year ago


Ford W Stevens (@guest_1014819)
1 year ago

I would go to the BLACK HILLS on the 4th of July to hear the President even if he decided to stand on President George Washington’s carved head if I could! BUT! I’d also watch him give his 4th of July “Independence Day” speech from his office in the White House if that was where he will give it!
He is our President and we love what he is doing and had done these past 3 1/3 years! We are very confident that HE WILL continue in November to do what he can to restore our Great Republic.
May God continue to bless him and may God continue to Bless America!

Karen (@guest_1014823)
1 year ago

If the sun kills this virus in 30 minutes, then why are the beaches closed? I am praying for President Trump and Pence.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1014914)
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

Read the same thing, lets all find a spot where the sun can shine on you for a good 30 minutes or more! And not with the rioting goons. Some look so unclean, YUCK!

Kevin B (@guest_1014868)
1 year ago

I dont care what the fake news might or might not say I believe the surge in outbreak of this china virus is directly related to the massive rioting and protest. Work places have taken steps of precaution unlike the rioters and protesters who have not, so the blame is squarely on the fake news media and the demonrat controlled cities and states who have applauded these thugs for rioting and the peaceful protesters who dont seem to care what they have done.

Frances Dail (@guest_1016088)
Reply to  Kevin B
1 year ago

I completely agree with you on tbis!!! The young people do NOT take this virus seriously., and are paying the price by spreading this virus!!!

Kevin B (@guest_1014873)
1 year ago

The democrats and the fake news media are directly the blame for these riots and protest that get out of hand. Work places have taken precautions against this china virus.

Alice (@guest_1015007)
1 year ago

I believe Pres. Trump and Vice Pres. Pence are working hard for all Americans. They need to solidify their plans between now and the election to show the American people what needs to be done for the economy, the military and veterans, jobs, and our security as a nation. I pray God will guide them forward to victory in November. We need to get out the vote for them.

Fay (@guest_1015110)
1 year ago

They will win and we can see them on tv. and it is safe❤

Larry McDonald (@guest_1015263)
1 year ago

The resurgence has everything to do with the protestor’s and nothing to do with reopening these states.

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1015298)
Reply to  Larry McDonald
1 year ago

I do believe protesters have contributed to the rise of the coronavirus. However, the young people have relaxed their social distancing and mask while in bars, clubs, and the beach.

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1015297)
1 year ago

I don’t believe the coronavirus is the reason all these people died. Many had underlying conditions and the doctors
marked it as COVID….
Why would Dr. Fauci and Pelosi give millions of dollars to China’s lab where the virus was created and not support USA labs? What’s behind this? It appears this coronavirus was politically motivated….. the Dems can’t bring Trump down so the manufacture a virus. Insane….. Yes… but that’s the Dems. Anything for power and control…. What a shame.. The Democratic Party used to be FOR THE PEOPLE,,,,, not its AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

chief 1937 (@guest_1015311)
1 year ago

Hard to understand why our news media dwells so hard on governors reopening their states as the cause of the increase in covar-19 cases and they completely ignore the protesters/rioters as being a contributing factor. As a large number of them were not wearing mask and none observing social distancing guess the virus knows the difference in law abiding citizens and the unruly. At any rate to stretch our imagination even further to insinuate the virus is Trump’s fault goes beyond belief of intelligent people. It is considered a wrong for people to attend churches but not for them to gather in large numbers for protest. Something wrong with that picture. My thoughts now is just exactly what next is blamed on Trump as none of the past claims have been fruitful. The news completely ignores the good his administration has accomplished and spend days looking for anything wrong and if nothing found they simply make up something for us gullible people to swallow. Instead of disbanding the police lets disband the news media that would be more productive.

T pac (@guest_1015317)
Reply to  chief 1937
1 year ago


Alton Clark (@guest_1015313)
1 year ago

That is why we see the numbers go up, this is just what the democrats wanted to happen. They would sacrifice their first born to stop Trump and save their $millions of income from China and other Counties

chief 1937 (@guest_1015314)
1 year ago

We are getting a large smoke screen from democrats to try and destroy our president. Just look at all the made up charges they have brought against him with nothing to show for it but egg in the face. WE need to look past their lies and re-elect our president for four more years to clean up the swamp. Trump 2020
Now blaming him for death’s of our service members by friendlies. How ridiculous just what would he have to gain in doing that? When looking at all these so called actions we need to use a little common sense in deciding fact or fiction.

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