June 30, 2022

Pelosi’s office dismisses GOP questions about security decisions prior to January 6 riot

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is facing increasing scrutiny of her decisions regarding House security prior to the January 6 Capitol riot, but she’s pushing back — hard.

Pelosi’s office is attempting to cover up Pelosi’s role in denying requests to increase security measures ahead of the chaotic election certification vote, responding to GOP lawmakers’ request for answers by claiming that they’re trying to “deflect” responsibility for the riots away from Trump.

A coalition of GOP leaders sent a letter to Pelosi on Monday demanding she answer questions about why she refused requests from Capitol police to shore up security on January 4.

The Republican Reps. wrote that they had “many important questions” about Pelosi’s “responsibility for the security” of the Capitol on Jan. 6 which “remain unanswered.”

In response to the request for information, Pelosi’s office said that the Speaker “has and will continue to take action to ensure accountability and enhance the security of the Capitol.”

“Two of the four House Republican ranking members voted to overturn the results of a fair election, just hours after the Capitol was sacked by an insurrectionist, right-wing mob – a mob incited by Trump,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill told Fox News, turning the spotlight back on Trump and his supporters once again.

“A full 65% of House Republicans joined them in voting to undermine our democracy,” Hammill deflected. “All four ranking members also voted against holding Donald Trump accountable for inciting the mob. Clearly, the security of our Capitol and democracy are not the priorities of these ranking members.”

Then-Capitol police chief Steve Sund claimed that he approached former House Sargeant at Arms Paul Irving — who was later fired by Pelosi — about requesting additional National Guard resources ahead of the January 6th certification vote.

Irving refused the request, but GOP leaders claim that the blame for the lack of resources lies at Pelosi’s feet because “the speaker is responsible for all operational decisions made within the House.”

Hammill fired back that Republicans are initiating a “transparently partisan attempt to lay blame on the speaker, who was a target of assassination during the insurrection fueled by the lies of House Republicans,” and that “the ranking members are trying to absolve former Police Chief Sund, former Sergeant-at-Arms Stenger and the leader who appointed him, Mitch McConnell, of any responsibility.”

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James K (@guest_1137902)
1 year ago

Pelosi is in charge of security for the capitol with sergeant of arms as her manager of capitol police. So how is she not responsible for securing the capitol? Trump offered national guard troops days before jan 6th and offer was refused. Nothing to see here…attack was preplanned by pelosi and dems and that’s why they didn’t investigate it before the sham impeachment. MAGA 2 SWAMP 0

Mike Thompson (@guest_1137977)
Reply to  James K
1 year ago

agreed , she figured another way to screw Trump and to hide the Blame!

WALTER FLATT (@guest_1138236)
Reply to  Mike Thompson
1 year ago


jb (@guest_1138249)
Reply to  James K
1 year ago

Thumbs Up, if you read the end of the article the author is trying to say the riot was an attempt on piglosi’s life what bull are they going to try to do next. Their attacks on trump are NEVER going to end, even if he dies they will go after all his family just to keep them out of office. The swamp cares for no one but themselves and their pocket book and the means to keep power and promote profits has no boundries

Linda Sue Payton (@guest_1138287)
Reply to  James K
1 year ago

I agree! All of this needs to be investigated. All who have orchestrated these events and all the players. Investigate all the way back to Obama spying on the Trump campaign in 2016, probably more before that, like Ben Ghazi and emails. Lots of people need to go to jail or worse, because of all the hate they have sewn.

Edith Gregorios (@guest_1138725)
Reply to  Linda Sue Payton
1 year ago

They won’t get investigated because Biden will put a stop to it . Thats the sad part. They stole the election so non of the swamp will go to jail.

Donna Wickings (@guest_1138003)
1 year ago

And why was there scafeling at the window in the first place we all no she did this to make trump look bad and we all no he had nothing to do with it she had this planned out for a long time

Harold L. Andersen (@guest_1138489)
Reply to  Donna Wickings
1 year ago

I agree, waxi nancy,. Is a sick individual, mentally ill.

R. Kerch (@guest_1138056)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a sickcommunist–1 word!

Harold L. Andersen (@guest_1138493)
Reply to  R. Kerch
1 year ago

Those Dems are responsible for the riot’s at the Capitol,pre planned period….

Marion E McKenzie (@guest_1138179)
1 year ago

This Riot belongs to Pelosi ,and Pelosi alone…She is in Charge of Security ..She is the TOP DOG in CHARGE.

John Decker (@guest_1138538)
Reply to  Marion E McKenzie
1 year ago

Marion, could you call Pelosi the top PIG instead? Dogs are man’s best friend and shouldn’t be insulted like that. Thank you.

WALTER FLATT (@guest_1138242)
1 year ago


Debi (@guest_1138261)
1 year ago

Someone throw her out in the street.

James Hirvela (@guest_1138302)
1 year ago

notice the dems didn’t give two cents about the people that we’re getting attacked all summer. their businesses looted and burned not to mention the police being attacked. know that they were attacked all of a sudden the police are the best thing since sliced bread. if it wasn’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any!

Charlie (@guest_1138351)
1 year ago

WE SHOULD DEMAND AUDITING OF ALL POLITICIANS AND GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES PERIODICALLY AND ALSO DRUG TESTING SHOULD BE MANDATORY. Term limits and no politician or government worker should not receive any benefits from being in office other than which one is paid by the government.

Wade (@guest_1138474)
1 year ago

I remember bones always had the power to pull Captain Kirk when he saw that he was getting crazy in the head. Where are the checks and balances that should be sending pelosi to the looney bin. They’re all crazy they’re completely insane they haven’t done a single thing for ‘the republic for which it stands’ in over four years. They’re wasting billions and billions of our dollars trying to protect themselves. 75 million of us just told them to go pack it yet here they are shoving the worst garbage down our throats, executive orders. What a cowards game.

Daniel from TN (@guest_1138783)
1 year ago

I want to know who REALLY arranged the attack on the Capitol; Psychotic Pelosi, Sanctimonious Schumer, or Beijing Biden?

Douglas Williams (@guest_1141655)
Reply to  Daniel from TN
1 year ago

All of them were involved and they all need to be sent to the pig farm prison and throw away the key andThe Real President Donald John Trump needs to be declared President of the United States of America. Pelosi was one of many ring leaders of the voter fraud and corruption.This all needs to stop now and REMOVE BIDEN/Harris from office and INSTALL PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK IN THE OVAL OFFICE SO THAT HE CAN STRAIGHTEN OUT BIDEN/HARRIS. MESS THEY HAVE CREATED!!! President Trump Did An Excellent Job during his term

Judy Owen (@guest_1142329)
Reply to  Daniel from TN
1 year ago

Does anyone ever wonder why those police officers took there own lives Never heard about that why.

ken E langdon (@guest_1139165)
1 year ago

Tired of all these do nothing investigations how about so action that end up hanging these dam Democrats at cause all of this.

June Garris (@guest_1139173)
1 year ago

The whole dam White House needs to be investigated, jailed and the truth will come out. Traitors most of them. Then Hillary, Obama, AOC, Biden, Harris, McConnel and more need to be dealt with now.

We want our Freedom and Trump. Stop the illegals out of our country.

Billy Wilson (@guest_1139685)
1 year ago

She led the riot from inside with BLM and Antifa Supporters to due the dirty work and have Harris bail them out so they could disappear.

Brad (@guest_1144354)
1 year ago

I would hope that the Republicans don’t let this rest and demand an investigation into all of this. She is responsible for the deaths that were incurred during the Jan. 6th Riot and could be charged with murder. It’s time the truth comes out. AOC, by her own admission knew about it 1 week prior to the riot.

Javiernop (@guest_1235023)
1 year ago

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