July 7, 2022

Pelosi wins award for Women for Peace and Security

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accepted the inaugural award for Women for Peace and Security on Monday during a NATO ceremony in Portugal.

“Thank you to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, to all of you for this wonderful award, which I will display with great pride in the Speaker’s Office in the Capitol as a constant reminder and inspiration of the work that you do and the importance of parliaments in the work of security, the economy, governance — the issues that brought us here today,” Pelosi said.

Critics argue Pelosi should not be awarded for anything related to peace and security. The California Democrat ranked among the top supporters of President Joe Biden’s disastrous military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The botched departure included leaving Americans behind as the nation fell to the power of the Taliban. The Taliban, a strict terrorist group, has already changed many laws, especially those that limit the freedoms of women.

Pelosi has also not been a glowing example of security. She has continued to support the president’s open border policies that have allowed more than one million illegal immigrants to cross the nation’s southern border in 2021.

Similar words could be said about her divisive nature in Congress. She has pushed strict COVID-19 laws, including masking in the Capitol building.

In addition, her Jan. 6 select House committee is the opposite of peaceful, adding additional division among Congress and the nation to highlight the events at the Capitol building.

Pelosi’s award may be for peace and security, but she is known in the U.S. for being the top in areas that divide the nation.

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