October 2, 2022

Pelosi warns Trump against blocking coronavirus relief bill over USPS funding

President Trump is currently on a roll, making big moves right and left — and it’s infuriating to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has spent the last four years attempting to block his every move.

Pelosi threatened that if GOP negotiators refuse to agree to her stipulation that the hotly-contested coronavirus relief bill includes $25 billion in funding for the postal service, she’s going to “take it to the people.”

During her Thursday press briefing, Pelosi hit at President Trump’s dismissal of Democrat requests to prop up the failing US Postal Service.

Trump said on Thursday morning that he does not approve of current Democrat-led requests for funding for mail-in voting and the USPS, which sent Pelosi into a rage.

Pelosi warned that if Trump administration officials “came in the room and said, the president’s never doing this. That’s something we take to the American people, and the American people want the Postal Service protected and preserved.”

Pelosi did not elaborate on what “taking it to the American people” means, but Democrats are willing to do anything to defeat Trump, so who knows what Pelosi has up her sleeve.

Pelosi slammed Trump for holding up negotiations over the USPS funding, exclaiming: “They’re going to prevent children from having food, safety in the schools, people from being evicted, all of that, stopping the spread of the virus, because of the Postal Service? That’s what they’re saying?”

Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues know that they’ve lost the upper hand in COVID-19 relief negotiation. Instead of working on a compromise to help the American people, they’re digging in their heels on a program that is not directly related to the economic damage caused by lockdowns.


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