September 30, 2022

Pelosi stunned as another House Democrat announces retirement

Michigan Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence announced on Tuesday that she will not seek another term in Congress, becoming the 25th House Democrat to make plans to retire or run for another office.

“This year marks my 30th year in elected public service, and I’ve had the good fortune of serving Michiganders on the local and national level,” Lawrence tweeted.

“After reflecting on my journey & having conversations with my family, I’m announcing that I will not be seeking re-election to Congress,” she added.

The news marks another concern for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The party’s slim lead in the House continues to look like it will disappear following the November midterms.

If so, the red wave would put Pelosi out of her current role and add a line of defense against Democrat policies being pushed through the House.

In addition, the change could signal that President Joe Biden should be concerned about the 2024 election.

The momentum has clearly shifted from 2020’s wins for the left toward a new focus on conservatives pushing back against Biden’s failures and overreach as Americans seek better days ahead.




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