May 14, 2021

Dr. Marc Siegel tells Pelosi to stop speculating about Trump’s health

After President Trump abruptly halted COVID-19 economic relief negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday, Pelosi reportedly speculated that the steroid medications he was prescribed to fight COVID-19 were “impacting his thinking.”

Pelosi has now been instructed by Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel to “stop pontificating on the president’s health” due to her complete ignorance of his actual circumstances. 

CNN correspondent Manu Raju reported on Tuesday: “On a Democratic call, reacting to the President abruptly breaking off stimulus talks, Speaker Pelosi questioned whether Trump taking a steroid was impacting his thinking, according to two people on the call.”

Siegel told Carlson, “to Speaker Pelosi, who is not a physician, I wish she would stop pontificating on the president’s health given that not only isn’t she a physician, but she hasn’t seen his chart.”

Siegel explained that despite his status as a physician, he also cannot make specific statements about Trump’s treatment because he does not have access to Trump’s medical records.

I haven’t seen his chart … so I’m not going to say what the impact of steroids or anything else is other than … he looks healthy, he’s breathing comfortably. He’s not short of breath, he doesn’t have oxygen and he’s going back to work in the Oval [Office]. That, to physicians, is a very positive sign.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, a specialist in pulmonary critical care, further dismantled Pelosi’s odd speculation, saying that Trump received his first dose of the steroid, Dexamethasone, on Saturday and did not appear to be experiencing any adverse side effects.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also hit Pelosi for her allegation saying on Wednesday that Trump’s decision has nothing to do with medications and everything to do with Pelosi herself.

“Anybody who’s negotiated with Nancy Pelosi more than a month will realize that cutting off the deal has nothing to do with steroids,” Meadows said on “Special Report”. “It has more to do with the person that looks in the mirror when she gets up in the morning.”

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61 Responses

  1. The Arrogance of Pelosi to comment on the President’s Health is stunning. Who does she think she is any how? Everything is Political with her. They have an agenda to Fundamentally Change this Great Country as Obama said before her. She is losing Power and she is desperate so she continues to offer opinions where they are not wanted.
    I for one am sick and tired of what she is doing. All she has done is try to Remove a Duly Elected President for 4 years. She is doing Nothing for We the People.

    1. Randy Walton thank you for saying that I pray with all my heart that she doesn’t make it back in to the house after this election she has lost her sense of what is right and wrong she cares about no one but herself I almost throw up when I see and hear her on TV you did good about her

    2. Shes dividing even more our country, and for that and many other reasons, she must be ousted from Congress , indicted for Treason.

  2. I can;t Understand why these people are not in jail for treason schiff .schumer. waters, pelosi and nadler they all know the last time the brought forth a whistleblower and took an oath that they knew not who it was well according to their favorite news reel it was schiff;s daughters Boyfriend. why wasn;t he arrested for lying under oath it seems the Democrats can do any dam thing they want and who gets blamed the President.
    i would give the President a medal just for putting up will all the baloney from the Democratic politicians who are as crooked as can their having votes stolen in different areas all are Trump votes i would make the people come into the voting areas with a picture Id. we in ri. have picture i;ds.

    1. Can you imagine how think President Trumps skin is to just brush off all of the things they have done and said to him Do you all realize what good could have been done if she hadn’t been after him tooth and nail even before he was elected He has done so much for us and that Kamala Harris was so smuge and and snickered all the time Time will tell and I pray God lets Trump win or we are all going down the dain

    1. in several articles I have read, 1. The Botox solution enters her brain! 2. Alcohol enters her brain. 3. she is on high adrenaline fix 24/7 4. this contributes to her symptoms -==-
      An Overview of Alcoholic Dementia – Verywell › Addiction › Alcohol Use
      Excessive drinking over many years may lead to alcoholic dementia which affects memory, learning, and other cognitive functions. Learn more.

  3. Why don’t they vote her out she has went plum insane trump won’t vow to her she has met her match and Trump will win and we will take over her place. I’d say the devil would refuse her

  4. Pelosi has been, for a long time, so busy herself with finding ridiculous and dangerous words to talk about President Trump that she hated from day one of his Presidency.
    I think the Botox has been permeating heavily into her brain.

  5. …..well said….now president trump shoul concéntrate just on the facts he has done and is doing like his talk at the NRC and more people will vote for him….people are not blind once the facts or objective evidence reveals the truth…..Biden and Harris have no evidence at all…..they talk like plagiarism trump of what he has already done and said…

  6. Pelosi is for Pelosi and ONLY Pelosi. She makes outrageous statements, not caring one iota who and/or what they affect negatively, unless. that is, the negativity lands on President Trump, his family, or anyone in the Republican Party. Actually, that includes anyone agreeing with our President. I have heard there is a way to “ignore” or go around her denial of Stimulus offers but no one seems to care enough about the desperation of their constituents for survival funds, to employ that route.

    Karma may be a long time coming to these self-centered so-called caring EMPLOYEES of the American people, but Karma WILL appear sooner or later. One’s actions are like a boomerang. They ALWAYS come back to/on you at some point in your life.

    They should remember: God is ALWAYS here and He may forgive, but He NEVER forgets and He SEES ALL.

    1. Actually our President has said he will sign a Stand Alone Stimulus bill for $1200.00 without her after the election. He has made her as null and ineffective as her whole career has been.

    2. Pelosi is trying her trick again.”If you say it offen enough people will start believing the LIE” there is a video of her saying just that .By the way Chuckle Schumer is trying to over take Miss Mask ” She tried to SET Me UP = pelosi in the house.

    3. I have wondered many times if she (Pelosi) and Hilary were separated at birth they are so much alike with their hatred of Trump and the horrible things they have done against the American people

  7. You can bet your bottom dollar and win bc everything they accuse the President of doing, they are doing or have already done.
    Let’s get out to the ballot box and place our vote. That way we know it’s been counted.

  8. Nancy Pelosi is not a medical doctor, nor a lawyer. She IS 80+ years old, Filthy rich, eternally spoiled, self-entitled, arrogant and CA Governor Newsom’s Aunt. She and Senator Feinstein have much in common: Apparent long-time China CCP connections. It is way past time to unseat her and her ilk.

  9. I have examined the Democratic Party since the days of Andrew Jackson. They have given us the “Trail of Tears”, The Civil War, Jim Crow laws after the war, share cropping, disenfranchising blacks of their voting rights up to and through the 1960’s, embracing the 1619 project as historical fact, lying as Kamalia Harris did during the VP debate last night when she said Lincoln in October 1864 did not nominate a justice for the Supreme Court because he (Lincoln) wanted to wait until after the election. Congress was not in session in October 1864, so he could not nominate a justice until Congress returned. Democrats were traitors in the 19th, 20th, and 21st century, and still are!.

  10. Nancy is crazy….should have been removed from office a long time ago. She’s Crupt. Greedy, and insane. CA needs to wise up, quit voting these crazys in. They should really be asking what has Nancy done to make there lifestyle better? Vote Nancy out of office.

  11. Let’s play democrat for a minute. Narrative( Official DNC talking points)
    Nancy Pelosi is always sucking on her dentures . She must have “foot in mouth disease”, and should be quarantined immediately.

    1. You know what I find totally, absolutely, 100% bs is the notion that BLM and Antifa support black lives, they use the excuse to destroy black communities. If you notice 99% of their members are white privileged spoiled brats, from rich homes, that are using this as an excuse to destroy black communities.
      When governors ( or mayors ) tell the police to stand down, they are telling the people that there is no law enforcement and that the people have to protect themselves. So when the people have to from a militia to protect themselves. The governor ( or mayor ) no longer has a say in the matter, as he (or she ) has abdicated his ( or her ) responsibility to the people, and are stepping down from the office, and must be replaced.

  12. There’s a mentally and physically sick old hag in Pelosi’s mirror which I strongly wish she’d take a look at before opening her trap about something she’s totally ignorant about.

  13. Peelosiiii is crazy if she let’s her boyfriend tell he how to do her job, He is a real [email protected], he thinks he can control her. He is some boyfriend telling her she doesn’t know how to do her job, she has been doing it since the T-Rex went extinct, so he will tell her how to do it. And make her look really for real bad. maybe he needs to stick to being the little guy from the senate.

  14. Well it’s almost Halloween , it’s her season of the witch , to devour anyone who stands in her way . When the finger flies the pelosi lies ! She lies so much her teeth want to jump out of her mouth .

  15. Piglosi is drunk. She needs to quit drinking n maybe she’ll have a few brain cells left but I doubt it. She n Joe both have major mental issues n it strongly shows. We will never see her arrested for the crap she n her gang have done n still continues to do.

  16. Until Piglosi can show us her credentials as a medical doctor, she should keep her mouth shut! For once in her life she should do her job, instead of running her mouth about things she knows nothing about! If anyone has mental issues it is HER! SHE needs medication for “ big mouth disease” aka demonrat propaganda! She needs to be removed as soon as possible for the sake of the country. Mr. Mc Carthy, kick her to the curb, she is of NO benefit to our country!

  17. Let’s speculate on Pelosi’s mental capacity. It would she is totaly “nuts”, and not the kind squirrels eat. The woman needs to be removed from her position as Speaker. She, undoubtedly, is the laughing stock of the world. Harris will be the same type of person if she gets voted in. I watched that debate of the VP’s, and if she would have put anymore expressions on her face, which was not becoming and batted those horrible ugly eye lashes anymore, it was distasteful to say the least. Don’t know who told her that she looked nice, NOT!

  18. She going to get the virus within a few month. Then she’ll be regretting she ever said those s things about Trump

  19. Everyone knows Pelosi has no intention of ever negotiating anything, she just wants to keep distracting so nothing will get done. Time to call her out on it, and get busy with the business at hand.

  20. She is holding up the relief bill for her 1200 for illegals and bailouts for burned down dem states .she dont cae of people lives and it stops trump economy.going to keep using the her BLM marxists spreads the virus and threating voters .

  21. PELOSI is DEMOCRAT and we all know that DEMOCRATS ARE THE AUTHORITY ON ALL THINGS. Even when facts prove otherwise we are to believe DEMOCRATS and everything they SAY.

  22. I believe her stupidity and the reason she makes these comments is because of her constant BOTOX injections, and her drinking of many alcoholic beverages. And the constant dye jobs on her head don’t help either, along with the adult diaper/
    pads she wears.
    It’s just my opinion, but as Biden will say. C’MON MAN! ….
    ..what else could it be?

  23. I have wondered many times if she (Pelosi) and Hilary were separated at birth they are so much alike with their hatred of Trump and the horrible things they have done against the American people

  24. I’m SO tired of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk!!! People just need to STOP listening to them! They DON’T even deserve the time of day!

  25. Nancy Pelosi can’t think much less judge anyone !!! She hates President Trump because they paid a lot of money for Hillary’s camp and lost it. Now deal with it. You are totally out of control and you are a spoiled old hag looking for attention causeing trouble for the American people. Stop politicizing medical care and Trump. It is none of you business and you are not a doctor.

  26. Like I said before she is a mental case !!! Needs to be taken away in a straight jacket before she bites some one !!!

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