June 29, 2022

Pelosi slips up, calls Biden’s ‘build back better’ agenda the ‘Obama agenda’

Joe Biden may technically be the president, but many people have speculated that the elderly politician is a puppet for radical leftists. That claim was bolstered by a slipup from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi accidentally called Biden’s Build Back Better initiatives the “Obama agenda,” TheBlaze reported. Network host Dave Rubin said she’s saying the “quiet part out loud” and acknowledging that Biden is “Obama basically getting a third term.”

“Keep government open,” Pelosi told reporters Tuesday. “We have to do those imminently, more imminently even to address the full Obama agenda of building back better,” she said.

“Nancy, you just said the quiet part out loud,” Rubin quipped on “The Rubin Report” this week. “You do know that Joe Biden is the guy that we’re supposed to think is the president and in charge of everything?” he said and reiterated Pelosi’s error.

“She meant Biden but she said Obama and, you know, this is now coming up all the time because anyone with half a brain realizes that Biden is not in charge, right, he’s just not,” Rubin added. “He’s the figurehead that they put out there to read, often poorly, off the teleprompter and mumble and stumble through anything that he’s doing,” the host charged.

“But you are now seeing what this really is about. And this is about Obama basically getting a third term,” Rubin said. The host explained that Obama had expressed that “he’d love to just pull the strings from behind” since he couldn’t have a third time and that seems to be what’s happening.

“They tell you exactly what they’re doing,” Rubin later added. “So, if you wonder where this radical, crazy, leftist, progressive, ever-expanding state, $3.5 trillion equals zero, more and more climate shutdowns and masks and lockdowns and mandates … this has something to do with Barack Obama and his third term,” he said.

“I don’t think that is a conspiracy theory,” Rubin concluded. “Nancy Pelosi said it right there: ‘Obama’s build back better’ and Obama himself said he wanted a third term. These people are gross.”

Pelosi certainly misspoke, but it seems she did share a truth that many have suspected. Biden doesn’t seem competent or capable, and yet his radical agenda is being implemented at breakneck speed — and now we many know how that is.

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