January 28, 2022

Pelosi claims she’s ‘saving the world’ from coronavirus

Talk about a god complex.

After a top House Republican questioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) refusal to address the violence in her home city, Pelosi exploded in rage, snapping that she is too busy “trying to save the world from coronavirus.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on Wednesday that Pelosi, who characterizes herself as a devout Catholic, should speak up against the violence happening in her San Francisco district.

“Today should be a day for celebration,” McCarthy said. “Instead, we’ve recently seen a violent leftwing mob tear down the statue of St. Serra in Speaker Pelosi’s district in San Francisco, California. Given that today is the Feast Day of Saint Junipero Serra, her condemnation of mob violence would be especially timely,” he sniped.

Pelosi slammed McCarthy’s statement, firing back at the Washington Examiner that “I’m trying to save the world from coronavirus. I have no interest in McCarthy, who hasn’t had the faintest idea of our dynamic in our district.”

Pelosi’s idea of “saving the world” from the virus is centered around her coronavirus stimulus bill, the HEROES Act, which she pushed through the House in mid-May. However, it’s been stalled by the GOP-controlled Senate since then.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) dismissed Pelosi’s bill as a “Democrat wishlist” at the time and said that the Senate will return to coronavirus-related legislative proposals after the chamber’s Independence Day break.

McConnell’s dismissal has infuriated Pelosi, who — along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) –sent a scathing letter to McConnell criticizing the GOP’s decision to prioritize judicial confirmations over Pelosi’s bloated economic “rescue” package.

“Now is the time for action, not continued delays and political posturing,” Pelosi and Schumer hyperventilated. “We are outraged that instead of holding bipartisan, bicameral negotiations during the June work period, you chose to prioritize the confirmation of rightwing judges and several Republican-led committees devoted precious time to chasing President Trump’s wild conspiracy theories.”

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Jon (@guest_1018146)
1 year ago

Wake up America vote to remove these bad players. Vote Trump.

George Elo (@guest_1018184)
Reply to  Jon
1 year ago

Pelosi is bad news. She’s not a real catholic either. Just say is to get her through the day. Get rid of these losers.

Marie E Abbott-Porter (@guest_1018440)
Reply to  George Elo
1 year ago

She has been excommunicated from the church. Even if she wasn’t she is a bad role modem for the church.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1018658)
Reply to  Jon
1 year ago

A G R E E 100%! Kick the keels out of these disfunctional politicians.!

frank (@guest_1018968)
Reply to  Jon
1 year ago

you are correct, how come she still has a job in Congress when she cannot handle her own STATE!!

ANI4ANI (@guest_1018148)
1 year ago

Too many people don’t understand or refuse 2 recognize the GLOBALDEMOSOCOM agenda. Pelosi & Co. R not
crazy or stupid. Their goal is destruction of the USA PERIOD! They wish 2 B in control. In order 2 do that they must stupefy the young, (succeeding @ that) bamboozle the weak minded & ignorant. Ferment racism by stoking angry minority envy. Destroying past achievements/indoctrinating the aforementioned groups is part of the elitist program. Control the media/social internet/schools is something they already have by 90% [email protected] 1 time violence was last resort but their paramilitary arms R being pushed in2 the 4front. IE: Antifa actually REALFA
BLM a combo of former black panther party & violent racist marxists. As 4 JB the fact that he can’t think 4 himself is perfect 4 the SOCOMS. He will B controlled by a platoon of SATRAPS, (Tom Perez DNC chair & Puerto Rican communist/Pelosi/ Shumer until the wild eyed radicals have complete control. Voting 4 JB is actually putting the chosen VP puppet of the aforementioned in the Oval Office.

Gary m (@guest_1018374)
Reply to  ANI4ANI
1 year ago

This makes them traitors, therefor not immune to being removed.

Thomas Plohr (@guest_1018463)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

SHould be tried, if convicted, should get death penalty like the Rosebergs in the 50’s.

Phyllis (@guest_1018439)
Reply to  ANI4ANI
1 year ago

You’re right. Many do not understand how disastrous it will be if Democratic Socialists take over the country. You are also correct in saying Pelosi and company are not stupid nor crazy, but they are evil to the core. They don’t care what happens to any of the American people. There only goals are take complete control of the American people, have absolute power and greed. There agenda is completely obvious, if people would take time to listen to what they have planned. They encourage the rioting and violence of antifa and blm, and say nothing when people are seriously injured or murdered, as a result of their violence. They push gun control, medicare for all, the new green deal, both of which will cost the taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars each, and they have already stated they will increase taxes dramatically. They plan to open our borders and let anyone who chooses to come here, walk or ride right in. That is just the beginning. Pelosi’s statement that she is a devout Catholic is hypocritical at best. No devout catholic would vote to murder babies. They are traitors to America and should be prosecuted as such. What part of their traitorous agenda would any sane , intelligent person think was worth putting them in charge ? Their is not one thing as far as I can see.

Meadowlands (@guest_1018152)
1 year ago

As a Catholic I can tell you my dog is more catholic than Nancy

Gary m (@guest_1018379)
Reply to  Meadowlands
1 year ago

Smart Dog

Gary m (@guest_1018155)
1 year ago

Can’t let her resupply.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1018160)
1 year ago

Most of the demonrats in Congress belong in HELL!

Gary m (@guest_1018383)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

Most Dems are commies, and want to make you a slave. For real

MANDAGUEVOS (@guest_1018161)
1 year ago


Carl Peal (@guest_1018162)
1 year ago

No time to delay? Really? But it was perfectly fine for San Fran Nan to hold the articles of impeachment from the Senate?? IMO she is a pathological liar. We don’t need her wish list phase two any more than funding the Kennedy Center in phase one. All she cares about (along with her lapdog Schumer) is power for the Dems. IMO the American way of life is at stake. Vote all Dems out. JMO

George Elo (@guest_1018192)
Reply to  Carl Peal
1 year ago

Amen. I think the Democrats are going to see big changes come November.

Keith Underwood (@guest_1018164)
1 year ago

Nancy claims to be saving the world and being Catholic? Neither claim could be true. She is growing too old and delusional.

Jackie Burch (@guest_1018169)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi and her whole Democratic Party have done nothing for over 3Years!!! She says, she has to save us from the Virus, But in Late February, she was telling Everyone on National TV, to come there. She claimed it was Safe!!! She is a hypocrite ! All she cares about are thinking of More LIES !

robert jewell (@guest_1018552)
Reply to  Jackie Burch
1 year ago

Most of the time she is not worth paying attention to at all. She’s a master of manipulation, and takes full advantage of her bully pulpit. She cant figure Trump out,however, and this drives her crazy. Keep up the great work Nancy, I sure feel better having you in DC

Dorothy (@guest_1018170)
1 year ago

Nancy pelosi is a joke. She hasn’t cared about her district just like maxine waters. All they see are themselves and what they can steal from the true American people next. Schumer is pelosis puppet. Everyone sees that. Pathetic bunch of liars thieves and do nothings

rick (@guest_1018172)
1 year ago


Purpleonion (@guest_1018529)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

100% AGREE!

Nena (@guest_1018234)
1 year ago

As a Catholic (which means universal), I think Pelosi is more likely a cat(holy-ick) because it seems she values the lives of cats more than millions of aborted babies annually. It’s so sad since pretty soon she will be facing accountability for what she used her gifts of power, fame and wealth. It truly is sad that so many of these politicians who remain in power for much too long no longer (or refuse to) recognize right from wrong – the mind and the soul just run in unison, unfortunately towards perdition.

Tim Toroian (@guest_1018255)
1 year ago

The same —- who sent people to Chinatown to avoid “racism”? What is HELL has she done to stop the virus. Conceited ——–. I guess with so many Democratic dingbats supporting violence she can’t be seen as opposing it. As far as AOC and defunding the police is concerned I really hope she lives to regret it.

Gary m (@guest_1018400)
Reply to  Tim Toroian
1 year ago

The —– supports the virus, would like to see it spread. Maybe her kids will get it.

russell d remmert (@guest_1018270)
1 year ago

shame she does not care for her own district

Gary m (@guest_1018401)
Reply to  russell d remmert
1 year ago

She doesn’t care for her own kids.

Wanda Frost (@guest_1018292)
1 year ago

Mrs. P is nothing like the Catholics I know, so will just say she. Is a big, big disgrace.

Gary m (@guest_1018403)
Reply to  Wanda Frost
1 year ago

The witches thinks so too

Gary m (@guest_1018307)
1 year ago

What we need is to make sure that hiring practices

Gary m (@guest_1018310)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

Don’t discriminate against Republican or Independent teachers in college or in elementary middle high school.

Gary m (@guest_1018313)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

we need to monitor what they teach and not let them teach personal beliefs,

Gary m (@guest_1018320)
1 year ago

Stop unions from deciding curriculum.

Gary m (@guest_1018323)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

That is not their job. Not make up history keep it real.

Gary m (@guest_1018363)
1 year ago

this is a liberal site, you can b$$$ all you want ,but don’t get serious.

Gary m (@guest_1018386)
1 year ago

Boycote football afl nfl cfl that plays the black anthem

Gary m (@guest_1018405)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

football is racist all black players.

Gary m (@guest_1018407)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

basketball is racist all black players

Gary m (@guest_1018410)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

welfare office is racist only token white

Gary m (@guest_1018414)
1 year ago

Are Chines nationals spies, according to the CCP they are, so should we deport all Chines nationals.

Larry W Gaines (@guest_1018425)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a Do Nothing Democrat. She drinks booze all day on the Taxpayers dime while spewing her hate for Trump and the American people. She is totally unfit to be in office and she is to damn old. She isn’t in control of her mind, the Booze and hate is controlling her mind along with Crooked slimy Schumer ad Nadler

Mr. Aaron Griffith (@guest_1018472)
1 year ago

Remove all crorrupted crimanals Democraps, Defund abolished Criminals idiots democraps politicians party.

Dennis K. (@guest_1018500)
1 year ago

At one time the Parties were a vital part of our government, But now it seems that the Democrat party just thinks that they should have total power in this country and they will stop at nothing, up to and including Terrorist acts against the people and murder via BLM, and ANTIFA. Pelosi and her terrorist crew are a Cancer in our Countries Government and they need to be brought to justice!

Jim (@guest_1018509)
1 year ago

There is only ONE way that we are going to stop all this stupid goings on and that is to get a massive turnout for Trump and the Republican Party and elect as many as we possibly can in order to take back the House, and retain the Senate and Presidency. If we can manage to get out the vote and prevent fraud then this Nation has a very good chance to keeping US History real and taught as well as passing Bills that will help this nation get back to the tremendous growth it had the first couple of years Trump was in Office and even more as Congress can spend their time working FOR the people instead of trying to make up dirt on the President and remove him from office.

Jim (@guest_1018511)
1 year ago

What is wrong with this post and why will the powers to be not allow it to be posted?
There is only ONE way that we are going to stop all this stupid goings on and that is to get a massive turnout for Trump and the Republican Party and elect as many as we possibly can in order to take back the House, and retain the Senate and Presidency. If we can manage to get out the vote and prevent fraud then this Nation has a very good chance to keeping US History real and taught as well as passing Bills that will help this nation get back to the tremendous growth it had the first couple of years Trump was in Office and even more as Congress can spend their time working FOR the people instead of trying to make up dirt on the President and remove him from office.

Bruce House (@guest_1018547)
1 year ago

See! Polosi is trying to remove our president she hasn’t the time for the virus! That means she hasn’t the time for her constituents, homelessness, illegal immigration, basically her job! These Democrat leaders only have time for there own agenda! What happened to the peoples agenda?

Walton (@guest_1018548)
1 year ago

Who is going to Protect us from Anti-American’s like Pelosi and her gone over the Ledge Party? Trump will so VOTE RED, straight down the line and put these Losers to Bed once and for all.

Neill Griffith (@guest_1018550)
1 year ago

Commisar Peloski is a liar, and do nothing bag of bones. She is anti-USA.

Jack Horton (@guest_1018568)
1 year ago

For Pelosi and Schumer to accuse ANYONE of “political posturing” is the height of hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness—LOOK IN A MIRROR, Pelosi !!!!!

Alice (@guest_1018601)
1 year ago

Pelosi you are a lousy “catholic”. A GOOD catholic would never ask people from other countries to come and stay, leaving them to poop in the streets, NO shelter and little food. This is happening in Pelosi’s district in Ca every day, while Pelosi goes home to her gated mansion filled refrigerators and large freezers filled to the top .A GOOD catholic wouldn’t try to leave the country when needed in Washington DC to do her job, when she closed down the country, denying to pass the budget .You were caught leaving with 90 other people all on the military’s dime! A Good catholic wouldn’t help make up the “Russian collusion stories “designed to destabilize and overthrow your government.2,800 subpoenas and 500 search warrants, conducted 500 interviews, a two year investigation ,costing the US taxpayer 30 million dollars! A Good catholic would do her job by coming together with the REPUBLICANS and get some of the bills passed that are sitting on your desk for the last 3 1/2 yrs .A Good catholic would not have ripped up President Trump’s Address to the Nation speech for the world to see. A GOOD catholic would not have launched the IMPEACHMENT FARCE! In fact Nancy, it was you that tried to stuff the Caronavirus economic rescue legislation with your radical left projects, including taxpayer funded abortions. A Good catholic would not have lust for the power you crave . You are a lousy speaker of the house and in many people’s opinion a lousy Catholic. PS how much do you give to the poor each year??

Vickie (@guest_1018732)
1 year ago

Someone should investigate Pelosi’s and Schumer’s finances. I bet they are the ones paying the protestors for all the violence and killings that have been going on and are paying BLM, Antivi groups to. The democratic party is a disgrace to the United States of America and needs to be put out of office permanently. Also, I think that they should pay back the money they took from our social security retirement fund to pay for the impeachment of Trump which failed. Vote Trump 2020

patrioted (@guest_1018773)
1 year ago

How is Pelosi going to get this done? Is it by closing her mouth or, closing her legs?

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1 year ago

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Karen Tanner (@guest_1018860)
1 year ago

Pelosi can’t save San Francisco from the violence taking place there so how does she think she can save the world from the Carina virus? She needs a reality check. What has she done for “We the People” ? Answer, NOTHING! She cares nothing for the people. All she wants is to ruin anything she lays her hands on along with Schumer. I can’t stand either one and I vote to impeach them, try them for promoting the violence and incarcerate them.

M Price (@guest_1018878)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is CERTIFIABLE

Jerry Martin (@guest_1018889)
1 year ago

TRUMP IN 2020 .

9MM (@guest_1019098)
1 year ago

Does she really think that bs was acceptable from the people who, some stupidly Votes for her as a Representative of the state of Kalifornicate and not the world? She actually feels as if she is the Queen, or American Dictator for the world when really all se is is a State Representative to the people. Sad but her dementia is commIng on as fast as JOE JOE’s is

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1027869)
1 year ago

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