October 22, 2020

Pelosi again rejects White House coronavirus relief offer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) again made the insane decision to refuse to agree to a coronavirus relief bill after months of failed negotiations with the White House.

The White House reportedly has offered Pelosi a deal that includes $400 per week in unemployment benefits and $1.6 trillion in federal funds, but it’s still not good enough for Pelosi.

“We raised our offer to $1.6 trillion,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters Thursday. “It’s one that she is is not interested in,” adding that the Speaker is “not being serious” in the negotiations.

For her part, Pelosi dismissed the White House’s offer, presented by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, saying it “isn’t half a loaf, this is the heel of the loaf” during an interview on Thursday.

Pelosi has attempted to blame the months-long delay on a new economic relief package on Republicans, ignoring the fact that the White House has confirmed on multiple occasions that each new negotiation session has included concessions to Pelosi.

Breitbart reported:

The White House plan, offered Wednesday, gave ground with a $250 billion proposal on funding for state and local governments and backed $20 billion in help for the struggling airline industry. Both areas are of great interest to Democrats’ union backers.

Pelosi has made it clear that she will not give ground in any way on the proposed relief, leaving Americans and the American economy suffering from the effects of the coronavirus lockdown with no end in sight.

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128 Responses

  1. The only way the wicked parasite will be exorcised is thru GOD’S intervention . She is not a catholic or even a careing human being. She he has made a deal with satan and only our Almighty GOD can save our country.Pray.believe and vote republican.

    1. Pelosi would rather see Americans suffer some more and blame it on Trump like they have been blaming him for everything. A day will come when she will suffer the consequences of her actions.

        SHE IS PURE EVIL!!!!!! SHE HAS A SPECIAL PLACE WAITING FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Take her out, please, anyway that is legal. She is the cancer of the Dems. Needs someone and not Schumer that can and will act like an adult. How can her group of senator’s deal with her, she is evil a and does not care. Just an old drunk, maybe on mary jane too.


    3. Yes you are right on the money the demodemons are all possession with Satan all the leadership of the demodemons all Americans of every color are far to smart I pray for any of the antichrists to be re-elected pray for continue of Republicans

  2. Will she go away like Hilariously or just go away and put her head in the sand like every good little ostrich. Maybe she will retire and do counseling for out of work salon workers.

      1. Pelosi and Schumer would not listen to God they hate our President that much, she is unhinged and dangerous to the American people while hurting the USA Citizens that could be better off if she would not time and refuse Trumps deals to help citizens that are hurting, shes not

  3. I totally agree !!
    Pelosi has to go. Pelosi anger has control of her, and it’s not for the ppl.
    Biden wins Pelosi stays.
    God forbid us

  4. I cannot think of a word bad enough to describe her. She cares only about what she wants and its not about the people of the US that need this money.

    1. she needs to repent, be baptized in Jesus name for the remissions of sins, ane be filled with the Holy Ghost speaking is a language she has not learned. The Holy Ghost is God’s spirit living inside of her. Everyone needs this experience.

  5. The left claims that president Trump has done nothing to help Americans with Covid-19. Every American including both parties are going to suffer because of Pelosi

  6. Pelosi has done more damage to our country than Antifa, BLM, White Supremests, radical Muslims, and Democratic Governors!

  7. I really think Pelosi being the vindictive, self-serving piece of scum that she is wants to drag this out until after the election hoping people will blame President Trump and help sleepy Joe win. Because she could care less about how it affects the citizens she is supposed to be working for. Then she’ll set her sights on Joe Biden and try and get him out of the picture so she and Camilla Harris will have the white house all to themselves.

    1. They don’t like her but in order to keep her jobs she listens to the likes of AOC, Omar, Rashida Tlaib, & Ayanna Pressley to get what they want! Oh and let’s not forget good old Chuck Schumer! She is afraid of them!

  8. These elected officials in Congress who cave in to Pelosis obscene demands should all be named to show their electorate that “We the People ” is now obsolete it is now ” Do as I say not as I do”.

  9. It’s obvious that with Nancy it’s personal and due to her insatiable lust for power. She would rather the entire nation suffer irreparable damage than drop her own need for all the power in both houses of Congress and control of executive branch authorities as her own.
    There is a need for a bipartisan effort to force her to vacate the chair and it must happen soon that sane and reasonable minds are in charge instead of an 87 yr old hag with a Napolianic complex.

    1. It’s funny how no body voted for that piece of cr yet she’s still in office her son is involved with burisma and yet it hasn’t been reported her husband has been under investigation for fraud and it hasn’t been reported really great news system we have here

  10. SHE REFUSED, just so that the blame could be shoved off onto President Trump.
    WRONG! We all can see who is to blame and that person is……Nasty Nancy!!

  11. I am joe biden and I, I, ummm, you know, that thing, that thing, everyone knows that thing. It was, ummm, it was just like that. I did great things in my 10 years as Vice President, and now I, ummm, I will, ummm, where is my mommy? Jill, I need you…

  12. I believe it is time for someone in the government, who has enough courage and integrity to defend our Constitution and American ideals, to bring charges against “nasty nancy” for sedition and high treason against
    the United States of America! It is quite obvious she 1) hates what America stands for, 2) does not care to fulfill her
    duty to represent ALL of the people of America and their needs, 3) secretly conspires with America’s enemies for
    personal gain, 4) attempts to overthrow the representative of the executive branch of America’s government through the use of fraudulent claims 5) uses any and all lawless methods available to bring about a total collapse of
    our American values as a people! She deserves prison time for her atrocities, at the least…..

  13. She seems to think the citizens of this country are no different than those in Congress she threatens when they don’t vote her way. WRONG AGAIN. All she’s doing is digging democrats hole even deeper by exposing just how corrupt she is and everyone who bends over to her will. Since most people can’t go to work they have a lot of time to see just what a bunch of crooks are running Congress and how little they care about our own citizens.

  14. Pelosi is a dimwit that doesn’t possess the brains of a Fifth Grader. She is so evil and filled with TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome, that it fills her very being to become childish in her actions and mentality. Nancy’s idea of negotiation is it’s my ball and if, I don’t like what you have offered, I’ll take my ball and go back to my Corrupt Democraptic members…

  15. Let’s change the house to the GOP. Reelect these idiots. Then censure them, ask them to resign and forfeit all pensions and perks, investigate how they earned every penny while in congress to become millionaires – returning all questionable earnings (insider trading) to the treasury, and charge them finally for sedition for not accepting and undermining Trump’s presidency at every turn. Jail them all

  16. Everyone has said facts above n it’s ashame.
    The only thing she made sure of was her paycheck. She made sure the government didn’t shutdown but could care less about Americans without paychecks. We see this evil thing for what she is n they need to vote her out n prosecute her

  17. What kinda Catholic supports abortion? What kinda Catholic lets their hatred ruin the entire country for political gain? What kinda Catholic is mean spirited and divisive enough to bear false witness against another? What kinda Catholic hides behind a religion but somehow fails to practice its precepts?

  18. She thinks the relief bill is the heel of a loaf.
    She’s the heel of a cadaver!
    She’s going down in history as not the speaker of the house.Remebered as the most useless government non working individual.

  19. Nancy/SleepyJOE/SchumerDavis all stand in front of our American flag at times but they all hate it—It represents what are country was founded on and still is…They are all phony commies!!!!

  20. She is a hateful, no good person. Democrats in total have no backbone and should be mad as hell having to deal with her, but they continue to not oppose because they won’t get Soros money for re- election. They are on the communist take. But no respect for tolerating her- obviously they are “on the take” and have no integrity. All I care about is having Trump win this election which Dems will do all they can to distort and disrupt the election results. If Dems win we should have an all out revolution.

  21. Pelosi is supposed to be the pride of the Democratic Party. She’s not sure if she is playing Cowboy and Indians or working at a Bakery. No wonder why she can’t do anything right.

  22. All the above posts are right on target! Piglosi is rotten to the core. She has NO saving graces! It is time for her removal, the members of Congress need to demand her resignation, if she refuses, charge her with dereliction of duty and force her out! And do it BEFORE the election, otherwise, she will do her best to take over the presidency. That is what she is after. Call your congressman and demand she be removed. This nonsense has gone on long enough! And—- she should not get paid a cent until she does her job.

  23. Sad part about this is that the Democrats are all thinking it’s gonna help by voting for Biden, It’s only gonna get worse. Pray God intervene on behalf of the people.

  24. her arrow quivre comitted treason by attacking the republican senate and president I think the FBI should investigate pelosi to see if she did it and than kill her for treason.

  25. Gin n juice Nancy you have got to cut back on the sauce. You can’t keep doing your pressers drunk.
    No reason known to man as to why you are not in a mental facility so you don’t hurt others or yourself.
    What do you see in the mirror Nancy??

  26. She knows she is not going to be in this position for long so she wants to hold control until the very last minute! The sooner she is out the better America will be!

  27. Nancy does not want the package. So she will never go for anything the RNC provides. All those waiting in the funds know who is the hold out. She cares about no one or nothing only see it as her way of holding up the RNC.

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