January 18, 2021

Pelosi again rejects White House coronavirus relief deal proposal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been shooting down potential COVID-19 relief deals for months, refusing to budge in the slightest despite repeated efforts from the White House to come to a consensus.

Most recently, Pelosi ended negotiations with the White House once again this week, refusing a $1.3 trillion deal offered by the White House because the sum is not large enough to meet the needs of the American people.

Despite the fact that this latest offer added $300 billion in funding from the previous $1 trillion offer, it’s not enough for Pelosi.

White House Chief of Staff revealed earlier this week that President Trump is “right now willing to sign something at $1.3 trillion.”

Pelosi threw the offer back in Meadows’ face just hours later, saying that Democrats will not agree to a deal worth less than $2.2 trillion taxpayer dollars.

“We have said again and again that we are willing to come down, meet them in the middle — that would be $2.2 trillion,” Pelosi told reporters on Thursday. “When they’re ready to do that, we’ll be ready to discuss and negotiate. I did not get that impression.”

Pelosi’s justification for declaring that Democrats “are not budging” on the $2.2 trillion figure is that any lower figure amounts to “rejecting the funding needed for testing and tracing to crush the virus and safely reopen schools and the economy.”

The negotiations, which have already been dragging on since May, appear to be likely to push on into September as the US continues to struggle to recover from the economic damage caused by widespread and ongoing lockdowns.

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79 Responses

  1. It is not so much the actual amount of federal relief money, it is the actual content of what it is to be used for , or not used for. If Democrats keep trying to use it to rebuild cities that mob violence, looting, arson etc deliberately caused in the name of protest, that Democrat mayors and governors had turned a blind eye to and had refused to call out the National Guard, then those cities do not deserve any relief funds.

    1. I’ll put it this way, I am in my 70’s and still need to work to survive, my hours have been reduced to a couple of hours here and there, BUT, I would rather muddle through than give that bit_ _ what she wants. She just wants to siphon off money to do Democrat bidding and to hell with Americans — I say let her play hard ball that can only HURT the Biden for President since it will be plain to see where their priorities are.

    2. Spot on. This is something that I believe is true as well. It’s despicable what she and the dems are sound to the country by adding their pork fat to these bills.

  2. This has nothing to do with medical/scientific health…ONLY destroy economy and manipulate elections!!
    Wicked Woman!!

    1. Exactly. She wants the $$$ like the last time, for other issues, maybe even to fund BLM and antifa rioters.

      1. No she wants it to line her pockets because her husband may end up on the short end of the stick for insider trading.

        1. At the last Stimulus pay outs Nancy PoopOloosi gave her husband a $.1.MILLION Stimulus check!!?? She wants money For SF, and other Cities destroyed by BLM. Trump Just want enough to take care of the mainstream American.

    2. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Same for the dem mayors of Richmond VA, New Orleans LA, Baltimore MD, and numerous other cities. Every time I pick up the paper, Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s health (circling the drain) comes up…maybe the coronavirus might finish that problem….

      1. God forgive me but if a bolt of lightning struck them all I would feel no sadness at all nor regret that I feel this way. They (Demos) are so obsessed with their own agenda and hatred of Trump, the rest of the population of the US could die and it would not matter to them — I hope their supporters are seeing this.

        1. Doodles, your are not alone being 70s and still working. But if I knew that a million or two million concerned citizens would march on Washington surround Congress and demand accountability I would takre time off and walk my old bones as far as I could to be among them. And, just by chance, if we happened to find Nancy, Chuck, Adam or Jerry out in public, they just might accidentally get trampled. Well we can dream can’t we.

  3. Its no0t large enuf? Over $1 TRILLION ? Since we don’t KNOW who is gonna get slices of that amount, and HAVE seen her work before in the stimulus bill, I expect no style difference. Therefore, just how many NYC CTR for the Performing Arts are in that $1 T ? Or ANY pork barrel group??????? I say, ALL relief money
    goes TOTALLY to the public, or clearly to business. NO PORK BARREL..

  4. Can’t Trump write one of his Executive order? He should, and give the Demonscats the middle finger from both hands!

  5. Can’t Trump write one of his Executive orders? He can also, then, give the Demonscats the middle finger from BOTH hands.

    1. NO!! That is one thing he cannot do. And Nancy knows it so she is holding WE THE PEOPLE who she WORKS for hostage and as long as WE THE PEOPLE let her she will continue. She believes if she holds up the election she will be “sitting” president. That demented old hag forgets she is also up for re election and if there is no count she has to be out Jan 3rd soooo.. Keep dreaming Nazi Pelosi!

      1. Doodles & Nancy-
        God will forgive you, Doodles. I’m sure He is aware of what kind of a person that she is & how much hate & evil she spews at the people in this country.
        Nancy, The deadline is 2/31/21 & if the president is not declared at that time, she is in like flynn. Maybe you are talking about when the president is sworn into office-but I think that is later than the 31th.
        Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to this country. Whatever happens to her she has coming. I am a strong believer in KARMA & boy, does she have it coming!!

        1. Nancy is so blinded by hatred, that she isn’t even thinking straight or normal. She doesn’t make since anymore either, says dumb stuff. Maybe a little dementia there too?

  6. It seems ms. Pelosi thinks she’s the current president. ( her majesty?)
    How she holds all of Americans hostage with her indignant and defiant behavior is irresponsible.
    All those people without jobs or closed businesses need to hold her accountable. The pandemic is not a negotiation tool with so many suffering! Get to work Nancy

  7. America is in enough debt. Say no more. Enough is enough. Let Pelosi s illegals work in their own countries. Americans are tired of going without and supporting the entire world while we struggle to feed our families and can’t even afford meds that our Dr. ordered while fighting thugs everywhere we go. People, you must vote in Nov. for all Republicans. No to Pelosi

  8. There has got to be some way to “by-pass” that radical off-the-wall crazy woman, and her co-horts!!!!
    Can the Senate vote on Monday to “Impeach” Nancy Pelosi ?????? After all, she is harming the American
    public for her nonsensical “sick” ways !!!! I would think there would be a majority of votes no later than
    1:30 PM this coming Monday !!!! That is, IF we have any honest thinking “employees of the tax paying
    American citizens. She has “wasted” our hard-earned money long enough. Put both of her hands in Hand-Cuffs” and she would NOT be able to speak. She is NO “Speaker of The House”. She’s the Devil in a Pants-Suit !!!! (With a “designer” mask !!!. She should stay in her bunker in California. We’d be glad to pay for her
    “Security Guards”. It would be cheaper in the long run. Anybody with this thinking out there ???

    charlie F

    1. Sadly Nancy thinks she is unstoppable but, there must be something that can be done when a lunatic is the Speaker of the House!

    2. It’s not a mask, it’s a necklace mask. I have yet to see it over her face, which would actually look better than around her neck. Please! Cover that face.

    3. I totally agree Charles. She needs to be impeached immediately before she gets the chance to do any more harm. We the people need to stand up and flood our Congress with calls or what ever demanding her impeachment!!! She is supposedly working for us (what a laugh). Fire her!!!!

    4. Yes, it they took a poll to Impeach Nancy Pelosi there would be so many signatures on it you wouldn’t believe. Even Dems would sign it as there are so many of them being hurt right now too, with her demands!

      1. There is a poll for her impeachment. I believe its under the white house polls if I’m not mistaken. Or something along that lines. But it is out there…

  9. Pelosi trying to hold school opening and the economy hostage till she get her dem states bail outs.corupt and dont care of lives.just look wants the Democrats are letting happen in their cities..and pelosi wants tax payer to pay for the rebuild in her ppp.

  10. How did she ever become Speaker of the House? Everyone in America knows she is only out for herself, her cronies in the Demo—Rat Party by her actions with this whole Covid-19 scam! The have NOT done ONE thing to help Americans!
    I say GOOD RIDDANCE to all of them come NOVEMBER!

  11. Pelosi again rejects White House coronavirus relief deal proposal
    This has nothing to do with medical or scientific health
    …or what is actually the best for ALL American Citizens.
    Pelosi ONLY wants to destroy the economy and by
    …doing that, manipulate the election, blaming Trump!!
    IMHO, Pelosi is and EVIL and WICKED WOMAN!!

  12. Schools have already opened, People are already going hungry and out of a place to live. She is holding up this money for the people so she can get more for her friends. How long are the American people going to stand by and let this one person cause so much grief or so many. The money to help the people has already been offered but she is having a temper tantrum over her other pet projects which do not feed a single person.

    1. Bruce, she wants money for her ILLEGAL aliens!!! She’s such a witch!!!! She’s supposed to be doing the will of LEGAL USA citizens, as is the rest of the demonRATS!!

      1. Nancy could give a flying s**t about the people. Nancy is interested only in …..wait for it…..NANCY ! !!!!!

  13. I wish I knew how to start a petition to send to Nancy letting her know that what the Republicans are offering is enough and we DO NOT want to bail out the Democratic cities with our tax dollars. The Dems need to use their own money or the cities affected need to raise taxes on their citizens. Trump has offered many times to send help and has been attacked and accused of using the riots politically. She’s so selfish and mean.

  14. DemonRATS are hurting the American people because of a hissy fit by Pelosi. Someone needs to sit her down and tape her mouth SHUT

  15. If you love your families, freedom, and love peace,and tranquility in your Communities and Homes, there’s only one option, and that is Trump. I was a Democrat, I however flipped the switch prior to the 2008 election, when the Traitor won the election. I didn’t vote Trump, but I didn’t vote for that horrible woman either. She was a pure disgrace, have no fear Republicans, we are on your side… We are voting Trump and, That’s about 300 votes alone just in our family😁🇺🇸

    1. Thank you Tami!!! We are Americans first before any party. I am a swing voter just for this reason alone. I vote on America first!! Trump 2020 for sure!!

  16. It is not so much the actual amount of federal relief money, it is the actual content of what it is to be used for , or not used for. If Democrats keep trying to use it to rebuild cities that mob violence, looting, arson etc deliberately caused in the name of protest, that Democrat mayors and governors had turned a blind eye to and had refused to call out the National Guard, then those cities do not deserve any relief funds.

  17. PELOSI is just trying to squeeze more votes for Biden by destroying the economy. you can’t believe one word coming out of her mouth.

    1. No ‘words ‘ ever come out of her mouth…….just B*** S*** ! If it’s dark brown and stinks to high heaven, you know what it is.

  18. Most of my family began voting Republican with Nixon. The rest followed with OBummer and the idiotic the demonRATS are running now. My mother who passed in 2016 was able to change her party to Republican for PA’s primary election. My other family members were dropping out of the demonRATS party and proudly declare their Republican Party status if they hadn’t done so before. We are now almost (we older folks) a completely Republican family being in the majority. It’s the younger ones we can’t believe are so stupid! Yep! Some went to college and others had the rotten teachers in high school. I have always been a life long Republican!! As for Pelosi and company, the rotten lying they’re doing about being Christians, has yet to be seen. They won’t do anything unless it goes their way. That’s NOT rocket science to see!!!

  19. This sucks!! Nancy Pelosi being a cry baby because America won’t give her the money to help fill her pocket!!

  20. Nancy Pelosi’s family is pure MAFIA her husband is under investigation for insider trading, her daughter is on the board for several businesses including the Kennedy center. She is set on that 2 trillion dollars to help line her pockets. She lives in luxury while her constitutes live in filth.

  21. The tyrannical witch Pelosi can’t see beyond her nose for the good of the country. She is only interested in what benefits her, gets her votes, and makes her the darling of the leftwing press.

  22. I agree with you all. She’s got to go away along with the rest of them. Her hair color from a bottle should tell you how phony she really is..They work for us and us only. How can they get away with what they all are doing?? I’m with Trump to the end….

  23. Like I have said Pelosi is a traitor to this country, she should be removed from office and run out of Washington

  24. Old cement face Pelosi , you need to stick your left finger in your rear end and your right finger in your mouth then switch them every 5 seconds

  25. Piglosi is shooting herself and the demonrat party in the butt! Let them hang themselves with their lies and grafting! Vote RED!!!!!!

  26. It’s not a mask, it’s a necklace mask. I have yet to see it over her face, which would actually look better than around her neck. Please! Cover that face.

  27. Pelosi and her “students” only goal is to CRUSH the economy as bad as possible in the attempt to burn the president. However the stupidity of this to me is if they could somehow make this work for them in the election then what?? They would inherit the very economy they crushed. The only people hurt in their plan is the American worker. AND on top of that Biden has repeatedly said he intends to raise taxes to the maximum.

  28. How many more trillions do we spend on this ‘chinese virus’? How many more trillions before the demo_craps break the backs of the American people? Will it fill their pockets? Will it be enough to rebuild the damage done by their terrorist? Apparently, the demo_CRAPS and rhino’s have no conscience. The ‘ccp’ has a strangle hold on America because of peelouse and her minions!

  29. Now that the CDC has admitted the REAL stats, what’s her excuse? They shut this country down based on lies. Fauci lied to the president, then state governors shut this country down. Economic ruin for what? Democrat power?We ought to be hunting these despicable people down and sending them to their Chinese buddies.

  30. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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