May 20, 2022

Pelosi pushes ‘exalted’ election reform bill that increases federal government’s control over elections

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) isn’t content with up-ending Washington D.C. with her unconstitutional and vindictive impeachment push.

Now Pelosi has turned her sights on a new prize: Sweeping election reforms that give Democrats even more advantages in upcoming elections. Democrats may control D.C. right now, but by some of the thinnest margins in history — a fact she’s well aware of.

Pelosi announced last week that she’ll be throwing her energy behind the “For The People Act,” declaring that the Democrat-let election reform proposal is in an “exalted position” and is a “priority” for the House.

Nevermind fulfilling promises of additional COVID-19 relief. Suddenly, supporting suffering Americans is no longer a politically advantageous priority.

Pelosi characterized the bill as a way to “reduce the role of big, dark special interest money in politics” and give “more leverage to small donors and grassroots activists” — but admitted the real motivation behind the bill — achieving leftist social reforms.

“What’s important about it,” she told reporters, “is that it gives people the hope that, yes, we can have clean air and clean water and address the climate crisis because big, dark money will not dominate the policy; yes, we can have gun violence prevention because big, dark, special interest, gun lobbyist money will not dominate the process.”

Just The News reported on Wednesday:

Under the legislation, Super PACs would be required to publicly disclose their donors, and the bill would “match small donations (up to $200) to participating congressional candidates at a 6-1 ratio.” The bill also establishes a nonpartisan redistricting commission, and it requires automatic voter registration with an opt-out provision for individuals. In addition, the legislation makes Election Day a holiday for federal employees. It also prohibits states from placing restrictions on a voter’s ability to cast mail-in ballots.

The legislation isn’t new, having been first introduced in 2019 and then shelved due to legislative gridlock. At the time of its first introduction, then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned that the bill would “grow the federal government’s power over Americans’ political speech and elections.”

“It should be called the Democrat Politician Protection Act,” McConnell wrote at the time.

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James (@guest_1115688)
1 year ago

I would call it DEVIL in the details.

Lee Harant (@guest_1115797)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

Or details in the devil

russell remmert (@guest_1115800)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

James i wonder when he/she/it will make it to the hot spot/ its expiration is past due

Jacque McBride (@guest_1115869)
Reply to  russell remmert
1 year ago


Carol Powell (@guest_1115854)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

She definitely wears horns well

Donna (@guest_1115884)
Reply to  Carol Powell
1 year ago

Carol, that one woman is so wicked I think she would cause the devil to have headaches and vacate !!! TERM LIMITS being called? not by a democrat however…..we NEED them !!! Rats would never go for them no more 47 years that some have made careers out of the positions, she is one with too much power, or does she have as much as she thinks she does ? Am sure others could do that job with ease and grace but did not see any running for it, Schumer may have been interested ?? QQ another hurdle to over come……………..

James Talcott (@guest_1115689)
1 year ago

When will this nonsense stop! When will THE PEOPLE have a say in what is going on in our government rather than these morons that people placed in the various seats? You want this kind of crap, put it out for a general vote by all ELIGIBLE voters in the country!

gerald (@guest_1115702)
Reply to  James Talcott
1 year ago

this will stop only when the people rise up and take these idiots out of office

John Gross (@guest_1115718)
Reply to  gerald
1 year ago

She should be the first one! I would jump for joy if she was gone permanently!

Donna (@guest_1115883)
Reply to  John Gross
1 year ago

That woman has toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much power, does she have ANYONE to do check and balances on HER like she does others ? Have yet to see them if they are there hiding in the back rooms. Democrats need to put her on a leash and curtail some of her rantings, Ya ALL. I laughed when she said President Trump was endangerment to the people and then I thought about her and Maxine Waters and the Squad to name a few……Lord help us all . I think most of the Democrats just tune her out but also have noticed the new Rats are more for working on the good for all and not for just a few and they are beginning to yell ” she has GOT to go “. There never will be unity with ones like her in the ” leadership ” positions, they are like slobbering dogs after Trump and most of what they slobber over is things they create not even close to fact………Pulling for the young Rats, they have new ideas and new goals not for self gratification,

Scot Billingsley (@guest_1115723)
Reply to  gerald
1 year ago

As old as Pelosi as her mind is definitely going the wrong direction. That woman is insane. Come Republicans protect your country thru your elected positions in Congress and the Senate. Protect our freedom stand STRONG.

Pierre (@guest_1115828)
Reply to  gerald
1 year ago

Yes, for sure ..These people ,creatures, need to be REMOVED FOREVER.

Tanya (@guest_1115859)
Reply to  gerald
1 year ago

Yes, this is the only way…

Donna (@guest_1115887)
Reply to  gerald
1 year ago

Sooner or later that is what it will come down too, sadly. None of us want it but how else can get Democrats to heed what we vote for ? Voter ID to keep the fraud at bay but you know there will be ways around that too, make it more difficult tho. Perhaps military supervision of our elections from beginning to end. ?

Dale Hefner (@guest_1115711)
Reply to  James Talcott
1 year ago

Dear Mr. Talcott,

I suggest you read Ted Nugent’s post on Facebook or Twitter about the sort of people that voted for Biden. He pretty well hits the nail right on the head. I agree though, we the people should be involved
in major legislation that affects

Scot Billingsley (@guest_1115726)
Reply to  Dale Hefner
1 year ago


joe (@guest_1115818)
Reply to  Dale Hefner
1 year ago

cant see Teds comments, any Idea where else i can read them since i am banned from spacebook and twatter?

Brian Floyd (@guest_1115872)
Reply to  joe
1 year ago

It’s time to hang them !

Elizabeth Davis (@guest_1115727)
Reply to  James Talcott
1 year ago

The states need to step in She is trying to take away states rights

Tim (@guest_1115696)
1 year ago

Nancy pelosi is the embodiment of what a spoiled rotten child grows up to be.

HOWARD P PHIPPS (@guest_1115728)
Reply to  Tim
1 year ago

nancy has a festered pimple as a brain!!!

Pollty (@guest_1115700)
1 year ago

Even Jezebel met her demise

Jack (@guest_1115705)
1 year ago

There should be a way of removing Politicians when they have become mentally ill, such as the Democrats and RINOS. This Election has shown just how sick they are!

rga (@guest_1115796)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

Pelosi needs to examined to insure she is not losing her marbles, because she appears to be sooooooo…..

JIM (@guest_1115882)
Reply to  rga
1 year ago

She has failed that test her whole life.

Eleanor Cummings (@guest_1115838)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

I think if we were to take the time and go back all the changes that the Democratic Congresses made in our laws and regulations you will find that the Democrats benefit from them, making them immune from any allegations of wrong doing WHILE THEY ARE IN OFFICE!! They make it darn near impossible to get them OUT of office to be held accountable for their corruption and crimes against their country,the constitution, the POTUS, and the people. They have the voting system as they want it with their fraudulent voting schemes. The candidates that the people want are NOT the people elected to office. I wonder how many Americans know about the original ”lost” 13th amendment? It sure covered a lot more than the freeing of the slaves. Look it up, folks, and see how they control us.

raymond lombardi (@guest_1115707)
1 year ago

Peloci, and yes I called her by her last name, needs to just leave office now, she’s been in politics for way too long, it’s time for someone else to be speaker.
If anyone should be running for office, it should be me

John (@guest_1115719)
Reply to  raymond lombardi
1 year ago

Amen brother.

Sic&Tired (@guest_1115708)
1 year ago

Someone…..Really Needs to Put an End to Pelosi and Her ….Stupid Thoughts and Decision Making Ordeals.!!! The Best Decision that Pelosi could make…… Is to Tell Herself to Go Jump Off a Cliff, Get Lost, Fall in a Ditch the Witch,
Flush herself in the Toilet Room, and all the other good things that would be just Great for Her.!!! She is such a Waste of Space.!!!!

John Bridges (@guest_1115712)
1 year ago

Pelosi should be removed from Congress.

John (@guest_1115721)
Reply to  John Bridges
1 year ago

Amen brother.

Lisa (@guest_1115714)
1 year ago

This horrible thing needs to be gone. I like how they call these disgusting things they do such nice names like “for the people act” and it’s no such thing. Democrats are disgusting scum.

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1115715)
1 year ago

The sooner this old Biyatch croaks the better off the country will be.

Don Knuth (@guest_1115716)
1 year ago

“Hate Filled” Pelosi needs to be removed from control in the senate. Everyone bows to her pathetic anger at the fact that she is losing.

Sharon Miller (@guest_1115717)
1 year ago

She is stepping on our constitution. States have the right to say no mail in ballets. This is how they won.

Janet (@guest_1115835)
Reply to  Sharon Miller
1 year ago

The Constitution left the way that the elections are run to the State Legislatures. Actually, if you read the Constitution you will find that the job of government is very limited and that only the duties that the Constitution bestows on the Federal Government is what are their duties. Otherwise, everything is left to the individual states. Have you noticed how education has gone to H-E-doubleL? I need to do some research into how the Federal Government got into the business of financing and demanding certain things be taught in the schools or they will withhold funds….not their business, but somehow they do it because we don’t have anyone in Congress that will stand up for us. These are the things that shouldn’t be.

Robert Wayne Wagner (@guest_1115720)
1 year ago

recall Pelosi and Schumer

sturgis (@guest_1115739)
Reply to  Robert Wayne Wagner
1 year ago

and obozo joe!

Patty (@guest_1115799)
Reply to  Robert Wayne Wagner
1 year ago

Ditto! They must be removed!

Stevo (@guest_1115737)
1 year ago

Everybody in America could vote against democrats forever now but the dems are all rigged to win anyway with the country-wide Dominion election equipment that “elects” based only on software manipulations . We have just seen that happen , Dominion CEO even bragged about it ! The dems don’t even need the illegal diseased hordes they want to come in again “to vote” . They just want the criminal hordes to destroy America per their NWO agenda goals .

Patricia (@guest_1115738)
1 year ago

This site censors comments. I tried to post a comment about her and it wasn’t shown. Not American free speech here.

Eleanor Cummings (@guest_1115844)
Reply to  Patricia
1 year ago

We need to keep an eye on that because in March, when this is all over with, we want only unbiased media that does not ban free speech unless it is threatening, obscene, foul, or seditious.

Rosemarie Mitchell (@guest_1115743)
1 year ago

It is time for Pelosi to go. Her ideas are ridiculous and out of bounds. She is not our boss. We are the United States of America. The land of the free and the brave. No more mail in ballots ! This election was a scam and full of illegal votes. She needs to be removed from office now. Send her home to clean up her own district in San Francisco! Good bye PELOSI !

Kenneth Butler (@guest_1115745)
1 year ago

Nasty Nancy, You want to impeach President Trump well he has done nothing wrong! You are the one who has done more things wrong in this country along with Chuck Shmuck! Than anybody in this country and I think that for all of the EVIL that you two have done should be tried for treason and hung or shot by the people of the United States of America!

Kenneth Butler

Lukas McKane (@guest_1115753)
Reply to  Kenneth Butler
1 year ago

Amen brother!

Patricia (@guest_1115746)
1 year ago

More libtard power grabbing that needs to stop now!

Larry Gaines (@guest_1115747)
1 year ago

Crooked Mafia Nancy Pelosi needs kicked out of all Politics and locked up with no contact to the public. She is Pure evil and is thinking and acting like Hitler

d w (@guest_1115748)
1 year ago

I can’t begin to express the level of my disgust I have for this creature of the abyss.

Norma Ross (@guest_1115750)
1 year ago

When Dominion machines get eliminated from the voting process, we will begin to have
more honest voting results. We also need to have more honest voting regulators and
handlers of the votes.

Lukas McKane (@guest_1115752)
1 year ago

The Pelosi Crime Family (most all of the Democrats & RINO’s) are all guilty of Sedition, Treason, Inserrection, Election Fraud, and numerous other crimes against the Constitution!! They all should be charged and hauled off to either Gitmo or Leavenworth!! It’s hard to believe we have such spineless, gutless, corrupt, Republicans who won’t stand up for the people as they were elected to do! Between these two groups, the only solution appears to be the people in complete revolt!!

Grumpy Veteran (@guest_1115757)
1 year ago

That evil and senile old hag needs to be removed from office IN CHAINS!! She is so focused on crap that will hopefully hurt Donald Trump that she has become totally unhinged! REMOVE HER NOW!!!

Geri (@guest_1115785)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is a Cupid stunt that needs to go the hell away!

Patty (@guest_1115804)
1 year ago

Piglosi will stop at nothing to gain full power and control of OUR government! The republicans stand around, slack jawed and incompetent and let her get away with what ever she wants! This is ludicrous! Come on Mc Carthuy do something to stop her, get the republicans up off their butts and go after her, you could pull enough demonrats wh hate her to join you in impeaching her for dereliction of duty!

GAU (@guest_1115805)
1 year ago

Like everyone above STATED, this EVIL WITCH NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE NOW!! Along with all the other Rino’s and tried for TREASON!!!!!

Gene C (@guest_1115811)
1 year ago

Anything that any Democrat brings to the table should be gone over with a fine tooth comb. They lie,steal every chance they get. Every time they speak it is another lie, they can’t seem to ever tell the truth. Changing what our founders put into place is a treasonous act by the people doing it. Right now it is the Democrats doing all of the lies and cheating the public out of their rights. Don’t believe them, they are in Satan’s dominion. The Bible has told everything they are doing and it isn’t a pretty sight. God and his Arch Angels, will remedy the problem, but it will be to late to fix the problem ourselves. The war will be happening and the Christians will be the ones that will win in the end. We will look down on you Democrats flailing in hell where you all belong.

Lynn (@guest_1115824)
1 year ago

Sounds to me like Antifa is going to end things for Pelosi and Biden. Appears their partners have turned on them, which really does not surprise me.


Michael S Dowling (@guest_1115830)
1 year ago

Just keep using the deminion democrat voting machines and we all just stay home and we know what happens……….

O. Wilson (@guest_1115850)
1 year ago

As long as the COURTS refuse to even look at any challenges to election fraud issues, they can do ANYTHING they want [illegal, unconstittutional OK].

Old Sarge (@guest_1115853)
1 year ago

When this becomes law, voting will just be a formality.

Rodney (@guest_1115858)
1 year ago

Article 1, Section 5, clause 2 of the constitution allow congress or the senate the power to remove a sitting fellow member of congress or the senate. Expulsion is normally done in cases of disloyalty to the U.S. or conviction of a crime involving abuse of power. The left wants a low bar, let’s let them see what happens and use it against them.

ajk (@guest_1115894)
1 year ago


Brenda whitney (@guest_1115897)
1 year ago

They waste so much time on stupid s____! But always remember that is to distract you from what their really doing! We have got to find out how they rigged the election!!

bobbie (@guest_1115906)
1 year ago

I don’t think so Miss Nancy!!! You want too much. We live in America, a country of freedom, without a lot of government interference!!! We especially do not want your interference. You are a part of the corrupt swamp that we want to drain!!!

AMERICAN PATRIOT (@guest_1115908)
1 year ago

So when are we gonna finally rise up and take action against her????? This has gone way far beyond enough and we have got to do something PRONTO to get rid of this evil demon once and for all!!!! She is literally worse then Hitler, Kadafi, Sadam Hussie, and Bin Laden combined!!!

Arthur Jurczak (@guest_1115925)
1 year ago

No more elections, just Democrat selections.

George Washington (@guest_1115926)
1 year ago

Remember there is no age limit to be tried for Treason
My peeps and I made sure that this kinda power didn’t exist in Government through the Constitution
and that it would be up to the people to use it
Do what is right by God and the rest will fall into place
The Red Coats were less abusive to the American way of life than this ol hag

Jack (@guest_1115931)
1 year ago

Obama is my shepherd, I shall not work.”
“He maketh me to lie down and watch Oprah;”
“He leadeth me beside the still factories [the EPA closed down].”
“He restoreth my bling;”
“He leadeth me in the paths of idleness for Barack’s name sake.”
“Yea though I walk through the valley of the sharing of the wealth,”
“I will fear no work fare; for thou art funding me.”
“Thy Gat and thy blade, they comfort me.”
“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of people who actually produce;”
“Thou anointest my teeth with gold; my pipe runneth over.”
“Surely rebates and Earned Income credits shall follow me all the days of my life,”
“and I will dwell in the house of Obama forever.”
Straight and to the point.

Rob Lewis (@guest_1115950)
1 year ago

Does this mean that big businesses like Dominion, Twitter, Facebook, Google etc will not have any say, away in future elections? I believe that like I believe Nancy Pelosi is really 25!

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