March 6, 2021

Pelosi pushes ‘exalted’ election reform bill that increases federal government’s control over elections

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) isn’t content with up-ending Washington D.C. with her unconstitutional and vindictive impeachment push.

Now Pelosi has turned her sights on a new prize: Sweeping election reforms that give Democrats even more advantages in upcoming elections. Democrats may control D.C. right now, but by some of the thinnest margins in history — a fact she’s well aware of.

Pelosi announced last week that she’ll be throwing her energy behind the “For The People Act,” declaring that the Democrat-let election reform proposal is in an “exalted position” and is a “priority” for the House.

Nevermind fulfilling promises of additional COVID-19 relief. Suddenly, supporting suffering Americans is no longer a politically advantageous priority.

Pelosi characterized the bill as a way to “reduce the role of big, dark special interest money in politics” and give “more leverage to small donors and grassroots activists” — but admitted the real motivation behind the bill — achieving leftist social reforms.

“What’s important about it,” she told reporters, “is that it gives people the hope that, yes, we can have clean air and clean water and address the climate crisis because big, dark money will not dominate the policy; yes, we can have gun violence prevention because big, dark, special interest, gun lobbyist money will not dominate the process.”

Just The News reported on Wednesday:

Under the legislation, Super PACs would be required to publicly disclose their donors, and the bill would “match small donations (up to $200) to participating congressional candidates at a 6-1 ratio.” The bill also establishes a nonpartisan redistricting commission, and it requires automatic voter registration with an opt-out provision for individuals. In addition, the legislation makes Election Day a holiday for federal employees. It also prohibits states from placing restrictions on a voter’s ability to cast mail-in ballots.

The legislation isn’t new, having been first introduced in 2019 and then shelved due to legislative gridlock. At the time of its first introduction, then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned that the bill would “grow the federal government’s power over Americans’ political speech and elections.”

“It should be called the Democrat Politician Protection Act,” McConnell wrote at the time.

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116 Responses

    1. Pelosi mentioned “DARK MONEY”, Funny but I recently read that Biden’s campaign took in more DARK MONEY than any other campaign – Democrat or Republican. I guess she thinks we the people can’t read or comprehend what we read.

    2. MORE ADVANTAGES THAN STEALING A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN 2020? nANCY, YOU ARE DEFINTILY THE queen beee of vitriol and treason.!, but karma is catching up with you and fast.

    3. I agree, a really destructive thing for individual freedoms. Pelosi lied strait away. The “For The People Act,” does nothing to help US citizens; it does everything to increase politicians strangle hold on individual fredoms. Politicians could not be held responsible for anything.

      1. I do not know I wish someone would, but she is guarded 24/74 becasue she knows people are coming after her.

        1. Where are our patriotic snipers who would whatever is necessary to defend our country against all enemies foreign and domestic>

      2. Why does she keep getting re-elected??? I guess Democrats just proved without a doubt that they do not have any working brain cells. What is the world is wrong with you people. Power hungry people produce nothing that is good for our country. They only want to destroy. Why don’t you guys vacate the USA and go to China or another Communist country. See how you fare over there!!!!

      3. There is the old adage “what goes around comes around”, and “reap what you sow” Sooner or later it will happen and be much worse than being shot. For being such a “good Catholic”, as she claims. Sooner or later they all will have to account for themselves. Either in this life or the next. Trust in God! He’s still running things!

  1. Why can the House not expel Methuselah Pelosi. She is naught but poison to govt and any form of democracy or republic.

  2. Tjhe GOPis part of the swamp/ How could sleepy joe win an election against the best president in my lifetime (I’m72), without help from elite swamp member McConnell? The Gop has as many swamp members as the dumbocrats

    1. I know one and she voted for Trump. There were more votes than registered voters in every state. It was calculated that 135% voted. Can you say fraudulent election? No more hiding vote counts. No more machines, paper ballots and equal number of both parties do the counting publicly.

  3. Pelosi needs to shrivel up and die like the bill did the last time it was introduced. Keep in mind there are different kinds and levels of dementia, and it appears to be contagious in the democratic arena.

  4. At that point conservative Americans should stop paying taxes because that would clearly be taxation without representation.

  5. Pelosi is from California-need I say more?–they elect her but do not force her to do what needs to be done-
    and then congress votes her in to continue her dictatorship–the demorats and the ones who put her in power are
    to blame for electing her to that spot.
    Anything she does is to her benefit and not the American people.

    1. I think you need to say a little more. I lived in the Bay Area for the better part of my life. I owned a company that I sent out several service vehicles every day. Just to let you know, I was born in a small town in Northern Wisconsin and was raised on a dairy farm. I told my wife that if I start acting like the people in the CA Bay Area we are moving. I hated people with road rage the most so much that I told my wife we are moving to the country in Northern CA before I have to hurt someone. My kids are grown up so that wasn’t a problem. My wife and I found a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that reminded us of our youth. We are just trying to make it like the next guy in this miserable time. The first day I heard Trump speak I was all in. A will always think President Trump was the best President this country ever had in my 65 years of existence anyway. I donated as much money I could two days ago to help us Patriots keep the momentum going. Never judge a book by it cover man. There are a lot of good people that live in screwed up places.

  6. The Democrat party, nation wide is being filled with megalomaniacs. If they attain unilateral control as her proposal would ultimately do, than there would be no democracy.

  7. Pelosi, and about two thirds of the Senat MUST BE retired- FORCIBLY if necessary! Somewhere between half and two thirds of the Senate is anywhere from 66 to at least 87 years old!!! Almost all of We the People MUST retire at 65. Nasty Pelosi is 27 years past that. Being a .e.ner of Congress or the Senate was NEVER meant to be a lifetime job!!! Term Limits, and a MAJOR house cleaning MUST be done NOW!!!!!!!

    1. Make them retire with the same pay as the military gets.We had to spend a minimum of twenty years in before we could retire. Many times we worked twelve hours on and twelve off with no overtime. I would do it again if my country needed me but I am 89 years old so I don’t think they will need my help

    2. Agree with you totally! You know why they want to hang onto those positions is because of all the benefits that go along with them. We definitely need term limits for sure for Congressmen and Senators. They may have come in with good intentions but we all know what happens when the Good Ole Boy’s Club gets a hold of them. They become complacent and just go along with the corruption and forget about representing the people who got them there in the first place. What we have in there now is way over the top and democracy will be nonexistent if we don’t have enough warriors to take on these liberals on steroids who profess to be for the people and for unity but their underlying agenda is the direct opposite of that and if allowed to succeed America the Land of the Free will be no more.

  8. It’s obvious even to the Democrats that Pelosi and her cohorts are way beyond their shelf date, but they are still useful tools for them. If we want our country to be what it was advertised to be by the Founders, as they once stated IT’S ON US TO DO IT! This country needs to be taken back by WE THE PEOPLE!

  9. Enjoy the show you are watching because these vermin are showing their true criminal acts and do not seem to care what anyone thinks ! This is what criminals do when they think they are getting away with their crimes unpunished but eventually they will come to justice which I believe is coming soon!

    1. lets get petitions against her shumer shiffjust like there doing to her nephew in california. lets do it before she opens her dementia mouth. she really is the devil.and calls herself a devout catholic.?dont think so.

  10. Pelosi is from a Political Family in Maryland ( Her Father was a Mayor ). She is part of Willie Brown’s San Francisco PLANTATION, like his Ex-Mistress Kamala Harris, and Governor Gavin Newsom. Insider Big Money “Rainmakers “ All $$$$$ !!

    1. You’re right. Her father was a corrupt politician. So corrupt that Pres. Kennedy wanted the FBI to investigate whether he had ties to organized crime. Her brother was also a corrupt mayor of Baltimore. He nephew is Gavin Newsome the corrupt governor of California. Her son Paul was also involved with the energy business in Ukraine the same time Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff were. The family tradition of corruption has been consistent for three generations.

      Do you think Swamp Queen Pelosi may also have Chinese ties? San Francisco appears to be a major hub for Chinese spies. Eric Swalwell represents the district that is adjacent to Pelosi’s district. He had an affair with a Chinese spy. That spy tried to get at east one of her members hired in Swalwell’s congressional office. Whether that was in San Francisco or Washington is anybody’s guess. Then the senator who also represents the districts of both Pelosi and Sawlwell, Diane Feinstein, had a Chinese spy as her chauffeur for 20 years. Do you really think they would have ignored Pelosi all this time? I suspect Pelosi has a few working for her in one or more of her offices.

  11. Even the title of her proposed legislation is a lie. She has never been for the people. Anything she does is for only a small majority of people. The only people her legislation is for is those already in the Democrat party. Vote rigging is going to be made legal with her legislation.

  12. The Bill would destroy any opportunity to ever have another honest election. Sadly, the Bill is against every protection there is of guaranteeing a fair and honest one. This bill would destroy the entire election process.

  13. Pelosi and Schumer following Biden’s agenda could be the end of the DEMS.

    Americans are ready to end their party and it appears the Dems are destroying themselves and they do not even know it!


  14. I have a prediction. Pelosi will be president within a year. She pushed Biden for president because she could get him tossed out via 25th amendment. Heels up Harris will be forced out or impeached. Pelosi has been planning this coup for a few years. I think she was planning in 2016 on impeaching Hillary for corruption or evidence tampering on her emails. Trump happened though, now she is out for revenge on Trump because he exposed her for what she is. A power mad, greedy, corrupt, and arrogant elitist.

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