June 25, 2021

Pelosi promises to ‘take action’ after Roger Stone pardon

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had a major meltdown after Donald Trump officially pardoned former associate Roger Stone on Friday, and she’s already pulling the trigger on taking action against the president. 

“President Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of top campaign advisor Roger Stone, who could directly implicate him in criminal misconduct, is an act of staggering corruption,” Pelosi said in a statement on Saturday.

Pelosi promised that she would “take action” to prevent Trump from taking similar action in the future.

“Legislation is needed to ensure that no President can pardon or commute the sentence of an individual who is engaged in a cover-up campaign to shield that President from criminal prosecution,” she continued.

Democrats are absolutely furious that President Trump dared pardon Stone — who is 67 years old and at risk for contracting coronavirus — just before he was required to report to federal prison.

Curiously, for all their huffing that “no one is above the law,” Democrats have not emitted a peep about California releasing 8,000 inmates for the exact same reason for which Stone requested a pardon. Additionally, like former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Stone was set up by the outgoing Obama administration.

“Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement Friday night.

“There was never any collusion between the Trump Campaign, or the Trump Administration, with Russia.  Such collusion was never anything other than a fantasy of partisans unable to accept the result of the 2016 election.”

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127 Responses

  1. When at last this disgusting old witch will shut up for ever? Cemetery is eagerly waiting for this creature.

  2. The logical conclusion is: no collusion, no crime, but Pelosi hasn’t made sense in many things she’s done. There are still unexposed, and unexplained crimes of the Clintons, the Bidens, and Obama. Pelosi and the Squad should be exposed for promoting the Marxist BLM terrorist actions across the nation. People in government positions shouldn’t be involved or encouraging anarchy or any other form of government, when they were sworn to uphold the constitution. The 14th amendment states the American citizens have the right to protection, but Democrat governors are releasing prisoners, who are creating chaos across our nation.

  3. Perhaps we all need to look at Psalm 21:11- 13 to see that the plans that wicked people make shall return upon them . Not realizing that the Arrows of God are prepared to be released against those who plan wicked schemes. We often forget to look at Davids Psalms and realize how God defends the person who is doing the right thing and destroys the evil of those planning wicked schemes. Let God take into action his vengeance it is better than our ways and more powerful than any two edge sword.

  4. Offense is the best defense for someone who has a lot to hide and determined to keep the sitting President in so called “check”.

  5. where are all the lefties ? these comments are all notably missing foul language and swear words directed at conservatives… are they all out looting, committing arson and toppling historical landmarks ???

  6. Nancy and the Democrats are so nervous cuz they can’t take no more money off all of us because of the money they invested with China stop taking all those shots for your face to the student even help her anyway not even a plastic surgery will help her

  7. Lol Nancy is in a out of control tailspin. All these riots and looting and tearing down statues are all on her. When the 8000 from the prisons tear up the California landscape and u know they will release all the covid19 cases into the neighborhoods. Here’s a guess 24 hrs after the released hit the streets 250 will commit crimes that’s a lowball guess. Good luck California.

    1. And since most will have covid when released and most will go to minority communities. so Pelosi and her pen pal Newson will have committed mass murder.

    2. Since most will have covid, when they are released they will end up in minority communities. Where they will spread the covid, and kill many illegals, That means Peelo$ and her pen pal News$m will have committed m$ss m$rd$r, and killed many illegals.

  8. I would hate to know I would have to try to sleep at night and say and do the Devil’s bidding, just the thought of knowing this would make her want to repent. She has been listening to Schumer and the Swamp and there leading her to be a dinner in order to push Communism and socialist country. She has no respect for herself or the USA citizens.

  9. Pelosi and her coheres are long over due to be thrown out of government. They have disgraced this great nation in front of millions of people around the world. That alone is enough to throw them in the gallows or like the French used to have, “devil island”. Let them fend for themselves and maybe do away with each other. There are no words to describe the disgust people have for her. I cringe just to hear her flap her gums and tear down this country. When the day comes for all these disgusting Demarats to be shown the door, then this country will begin to heal.
    May God Bless President Trump and keep him and Vice President Pence safe.
    God Bless this United States of America and let her flag wave proud and true.

    1. ABSOLUTELY, Pelosi, Schumer and all of the rest of the Demcraps need to be abolished forever…

      1. How about sending them to Russia, where they will be put in a Siberian labor camp.
        Or China where they will be put in a reeducation camp, for failing the CCP.

        1. I vote for China or Venezuela. This is what the left is supporting with the BLM, a pro communism group. Look at what the radical left is wanting to abolish are systems.

  10. The one good thing with Peloski’s diminished mind, by tomorrow she will forget about what she was pissed off about today. She is still convinced George Kirby was killed in Minnesota that started all this blm BS!

  11. I can’t stand Pelosi. I’ve been a lifelong Republican, But, President Trump is stretching my loyalty. He doesn’t listen to anyone but the voices in his head

    The intelligence community doesn’t know anything, military leaders don’t know anything and his own executive staff isn’t listened to. He’s obsessed with the media, Twitter and attacking anyone that doesn’t agree with him.

    The only reason I will vote for him I because Biden is even worse.

    1. You for real ??? Obviously you have’nt a clue…any President elected from outside the “political establishment” would have faced what Trump is facing and it is very doubtful that a lesser man could have lasted this long. It will take more than two terms to get back what America lost to the globalist in the establishment so pray that someone like him will step up in 2024.

    2. Incase you haven’t been paying attention, which you have not.
      The CIA was engaged in trying to undermined Trump. The FBI was trying to hang him. Question would you trust People that were trying to destroy you. Of course you probably would. Since you are a Democrat claiming to be what you are not so switch parties.
      As far as the military is concerned there are those that benefit from these wars. They know where to invest their money. Which is illegal, it is called insider trading. do you notice where these people go when they get fired, they go the Communist Network News, Marxist Service Network, or the Nazi Yonkers Tabloid, you get the idea.
      So under those conditions you do think he should trust. Certainly not you.

  12. If “bluster” is Trump’s biggest problem, it’s more than offset by all the good he has done protecting our country from the radical socialist element in our country and our government. We MUST keep him for at least four more years! TRUMP2020!


  14. I’ve been watching the matching for black lives matters and they are all WHITE all of them.I didn’t see any Blacks in the march. Who is paying these people? The black people must be laughing there heads off over this.

      1. These children are Marxist, they are black people dressed in wh$te f$ce, so when they kill a bl$ck child, they can blame it on a wh$te man. They do this to promote soc$alism. the closest word to soc$alism in the English language is slavery. So why do these idiots follow them?

  15. How come Nancy didn’t get her drawers in a knot over the Clinton pardons? The Mark Rich pardon didn’t bother her. I think she should be investigated along with obama et al. How about Omar and AOC

  16. INVESTIGATE nazi pelosi, and her hubby, and some of her adult children , corrupt as the baltimore mob was and is, they both are. time to flip the page on this EVIL WITCH.

  17. Nancy Pelosi evidently is showboating for her Dem conspirators because she has to know how the Constitution is amended, unless she is truly an ignoramus.

  18. This is staggering. Pelosi is all upset because the President dare do his job and pardon someone from prison. Where was she when Obama pardoned 1715.00 people thru his whole presidency? Some of them were terrorists. But as usual democraps get away with anything and everything. Pelosi take a break. No one really believes in her anyway.

    1. Pelosi is still staggering from all the vodka she puts on two scoops. While Obama was holding her Drawers.

  19. PELOSI is a brain dead, drunken has been! She is desperate and afraid of losing her speakership, WHICH I PRAY SHE DOES!! Her and the demonrats are trying to take our country down, and IF THEY WIN, our country as we knew it is gone!! I feel sorry for the next generation if this happens!!

    1. Dear Nancy has already lost her speakership. Her head is getting flat from getting beat with her own gavel, AOC is beating her every day.

  20. It is past time to investigate Pelosi for her ties to China and Russia. Her loyalty doesn’t rest with America. Every day she comes up with another attack on the American People.

  21. One thing we can’t say enough, it’s just as important to elect many, many Republicans to the House and Senate to make the House Republican, and to keep the Senate Republican. Also, in primaries, throw RINOS like the Republican from Utah, who’s name I think I finally was able to forget, OUT of Congress and replace him with another Republican who is not a Rino, and elect him! Same for all the other RINOS! This is just as important as re-electing President Trump if we want to save our country!

    1. These rhinos should get fired. They are working for the globe elites, while they are taking your tax dollars. Incase you don’t know that is fraud.

  22. Why do people think that soc$alism equals progressivism or liberalism. Soc$alism has been around for thousands of years. It is responsible for the misery suffering and deaths of untold millions of people, the globe over. For those who think that it is utopia, you need to open your eyes to the real world. It is not as pretty as you think.

    1. The origin or Progressivism… The Democratic-Republican Party (states’ rights) is the original party Thomas Jefferson and James Madison formulated to oppose the Federalist Party (strong central government) of Alexander Hamilton. The Democratic-Republican Party split in 1824 to form the Democratic Party (of today) and the National Republican Party, which later became the Whig Party and then split in 1856 to become the Free Soil and Know-Nothing parties as well as the new incarnation of the Republican Party (of today). The Democratic Party began to change with the gradual adoption of Progressivism (an American movement) starting with Theodore Roosevelt. The Democratic Party has now completely adopted Progressivism under the Clintons. Progressivism emphasizes material egalitarianism, societal engineering, and insistence on strong centralized administrative rule – it contains many of the tenants of Marxism, totalitarianism. Progressives advocate that the Constitution is out of date, restrictive, and cumbersome (like the Ten Commandments). They insist it is “living and breathing” meaning changeable to fit whatever they want by interpretation. That actually means “dead” since it would provide no protection, guidance, or certainty. There are and have been a number of philosophical and political advocates over time; Herbert Croly (1869-1930), Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), John Dewey (1859-1952), and Hillary Clinton (1947- ) being some of the more notable. The answer to your Riddle is that if you are stupid enough to vote for what the term “Democrat” used to mean, they will take it, even though “Democrat” has no relation to their current beliefs or philosophy.

  23. Piglosi and her goons all need to be gotten out of our government! She said NOTHING about “ Obama almighty” trading five top Taliban leaders for a lousy deserter, or releasing al Baghdadi so he could start isis. Where was the outrage then? There was none! Now she is up in arms because President Trump saw through their scheme! President Trump needs to pardon General Flynn as well, stop their destroying innocent people’s lives, and put ALL demonrats on notice that their anti American treason will not be tolerated. There is more than enough evidence to prove treason on obama’s part, as well as the Clintons, biden, shiff, Schumer, Nadler and Piglosi as well! When will we see them pay for all their skulduggery that has gone on for years? It’s time for a reckoning and prosecution for all of them!

  24. What we need is to make sure that hiring practices don’t discriminate against Republican or Independent teachers in college or in elementary middle high school. we need to monitor what they teach and not let them teach personal beliefs, even if we need to put c$mer$s in the cl$ss room. Stop unions from deciding curriculum. That is not their job. Not make up history keep it real.

  25. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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