July 1, 2022

Nancy Pelosi prepares House Democrats to choose President if election is contested

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) signaled over the weekend that she’s making her move to prepare the House to potentially decide the winner of the 2020 election. 

Pelosi sent a letter to her Democratic colleagues on Sunday warning that the election could be “stolen” from Democrats, and urged them to double down on critical House of Representatives elections that could determine whether or not Democrats retain the majority.

If neither candidate achieves a majority in the electoral college, the constitution dictates that the House decides the winner. Democrats currently hold the majority, but if the 12th amendment power kicks in, only one representative from each state casts one vote — meaning that there will be only 50 votes instead of 435.

“We must achieve that majority of delegations or keep the Republicans from doing so,” Pelosi said in the letter. “Because we cannot leave anything to chance, House Majority PAC is doing everything it can to win more delegations for Democrats. It’s sad we have to have to plan this way, but it’s what we must do to ensure the election is not stolen.”

“We have outstanding candidates in these key districts and they have built strong campaigns, but we must forcefully ensure they win. Simply put, this strategy to protect our democracy and elect Joe Biden will take an all out effort and resources,” Pelosi’s panicky letter continued.

Breitbart explained:

While there are 435 representatives, there will only be 50 votes. And a current tally of representatives in each state shows that there are more Republican-majority delegations than Democrat-majority delegations. Republicans control 26 delegations; Democrats dominate 22; Pennsylvania is tied and Democrats have a 7-6 Michigan plurality.

Pelosi is urging Democrats to focus on congressional races that typically aren’t a priority in order to gain a control of states in which the GOP currently holds a only slim majority.

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JESSE T. CHAVEZ (@guest_1053815)
1 year ago

The Democrats know this election is gonna be a landslide for Trump 🇺🇸 …. so they are exercising what means nothing… especially if Trump 🇺🇸 wins due to the Electoral College, like he did against Hillary Clinton.

Rosemarie Weleski (@guest_1053870)
1 year ago

YES….it will be a landslide win for sure…yet I am concerned about voter fraud and all those mail ins! If I were the Senators, I would ask for a vote to dismantle any votes coming by ballot in the mail…make these votes NOT COUNT….. and force people to go out to vote as they do for grocery shopping. Make sure to let people know their cast votes will count only at the polling places. (People will whine, but it should be done as it always was done…no exceptions! ) Absentees votes will count but must be received by the end of the evening to count. 2 people from each party plus security to check ID’s should be at each polling place to check that ballots are counted properly and once counted at the end of the evening, the count cannot be changed. Area policemen need to be patrolling and on hand for immediate service if needed for any disruptions. This is how I would handle it. It is not too late to recall those ballots, telling people not to vote that way. DO IT and quickly!!

George (@guest_1053881)
1 year ago

The problem is that there are 16 Democrat run states that have signed on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. They have all agreed that their Electoral College delegates must vote for whoever wins the popular vote. Remember how Hillary claimed that she won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote? This will do exactly what the writers of the Constitution were trying to avoid. The states with highest density population will control the outcome of the election and all elections in the future.
Add this to the mail in voter fraud and you can see what a serious problem we are facing. It is imperative that every Republican get out and vote in person so they will have confidence that their vote will be counted. There are already examples of how the voter fraud is shaping up.
Liberty Horn – Pennsylvania is already rigging ballots to help Biden
Lacorte news – Project veritas uncovers ballot harvesting fraud in Minnesota
Lacorte news – About 1400 Virginia voters accidentally received two absentee ballots in mail

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1054165)
Reply to  George
1 year ago

How can this be legal under the Constitution? States need to stick with the Constitution and stop manipulating the law.

Deborah fertig (@guest_1053963)
1 year ago

Nancy and the rest of them need to go, so tired of them

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1054159)
Reply to  Deborah fertig
1 year ago

Me too.

Joe leger (@guest_1053816)
1 year ago

She is desperate to be president. Pelosi has been a sinister person forever. She is the worse Congress person in history. She tried during inmpeachment to pull off a Pelosi presidency

Kaye Snider (@guest_1053817)
1 year ago

If she can’t do it legally she will do it illegally I hope they can fire her

stuart nolting (@guest_1053818)
1 year ago

What PISSLOSI is saying here is exactly opposite of what is actually going to happen and she knows the dems are going to lose in what will probably be a landslide! If anyone steals this election it will be the commucrats!

DOTTIE JONES (@guest_1053819)
1 year ago


Alicia (@guest_1053820)
1 year ago

I think Pelose has totally lost it and All credibility as well. I do not believe Biden is cognitively all there or that he can lead our country in these trying times….. Pelosie is 80 years old, and completely outof touch with reality!

Patricia Oakes (@guest_1053821)
1 year ago

Stolen?! Look at all those thousands of supporters for Trump and let that idiot skank try to convince us that President Trump is stealing the election?! How about that hag admitting the truth that once again she is projecting the very things shes doing! We are finding multiple ballots in the ditch all for Trump! Ballot harvesting, mail in voting, double voting etc! Now who is trying to steal this election?! Look you lousy hag, YOU WILL NOT STEAL THIS ELECTION, and we the people are the ones who have the God given rights to chose our president, not dirtbags like you!

steveo (@guest_1053957)
Reply to  Patricia Oakes
1 year ago

funny how piglosi and aoc have changed their minds on mail-in voting.they just found ballots in pennsylvania thrown in the ditch! they were from overseas military i believe.but now they have one more excuse when they lose.the post office and the postmaster general.they are truly desperate!

mbr722 (@guest_1053822)
1 year ago

This woman is stark raving mad!

George (@guest_1053876)
Reply to  mbr722
1 year ago

You mean extremely devious.

Louise J Bleil (@guest_1053824)
1 year ago

Pelosi is really asking for civil war ,isn’t she?

Martha (@guest_1053843)
Reply to  Louise J Bleil
1 year ago

That’s for sure !

Randy Justice (@guest_1053826)
1 year ago

I can hardly wait until November, when President Trump finally wins this dam election by the biggest landslide in election history and finally puts all this ignorant liberal bull squat to rest !!! MAGA and KAG !!!

judy (@guest_1053830)
Reply to  Randy Justice
1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more!!! Trump 2020…can’t afford to have Biden and his left wing ultra liberal nut job Harris running this country..we won’t have a country if that useless Biden wins..I hope America wakes up and does the right thing!

bj (@guest_1054156)
Reply to  judy
1 year ago

Yes. She has let her HATRED of Trump interfer with her sanity. She is HARMING Americans with her selfishness.

Martha (@guest_1053845)
Reply to  Randy Justice
1 year ago

May God watch over us and our country !!!!
Trump 2020 !!!!!

Antoinette (@guest_1053827)
1 year ago

The republicans need to have her removed right now. she is so crooked and out of her mind. No one likes her. No one believes anything that comes out of her filthy mouth.

Sherry Chase (@guest_1053828)
1 year ago

TREASON! Time for Military Arrest.

phyllis ELLIOTT (@guest_1053829)
1 year ago

PORELOSSER is JUST CRAZY AND biden has lost what mind he had!!!!!!!!!!!

della scott (@guest_1053831)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are one of the same. They both think that because they been there so long that they should be the first woman president. We really need to take back the house so Nancy cant be the queen bee any longer. Vote red

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1053834)
1 year ago

Pelosi has no fear of Republicans stealing the election, she’s just afraid their plan is going to fail, just like it did in 2016. It’s the Democrats that want felons and illegals to vote, It’s the Democrats that have won elections with the votes of dead people. It’s the Democrats that are using “Harvesting” to cheat. It’s the Democrats that lose, find, manufacture and destroy ballots in every election, and when an electronic voting machine malfunctions, it always votes Democratic. Yep, she’s really worried about those evil Republicans!!

Freddy Higgins (@guest_1053835)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a lunatic!!! She needs to be impeached by the republicans before she goes to far one day!!!!

William Lockridge (@guest_1053872)
Reply to  Freddy Higgins
1 year ago

Too far is already in her rearview mirror.

Roy Baird (@guest_1053837)
1 year ago

Here is what I do know and what I don’t; I know that ALL of the House is up for election this year. I know that all of the open seats are on the same ballot as the President. I know that if the President can’t be named because the votes are not all counted, neither can the House can be seated. I know that as of Jan.7, 2021, the House is to be sworn in and seated, where they will vote for a speaker. I know this cannot happen without all of the votes being counted. So, if the votes are held up from being tallied and turned over to the Voting Judges and the Electotial College is given a green light to vote will not happen. And pelosi cannot play President. What I don’t know is where the SCOTUS is called to take over the process of selecting a President. I do know that if we don’t have a competent person in charge, there are several hostile to the USA waiting for the opportunity to strike again…

Marceline Scoggin McElroy (@guest_1053839)
1 year ago

I think there will be some complete mental breakdowns on November 4, 2020 if they make it through the night. I don’t think they will even realize what they have done until sunup that day. They are making some soon to be very powerful enemies among the Republicans with their mouths. The price is going to be high

JOHN A MARTIN (@guest_1053950)
Reply to  Marceline Scoggin McElroy
1 year ago

Unfortunately, some Blue states are allowing mail-in votes to be counted as much as 7 days AFTER Nov 3… “harvesting” will make up a lot (if not ALL) of the difference !

Ole AL (@guest_1053841)
1 year ago

House majority “PAC” ?
Nancy Peloci sounds like she’s being used just like Joe Biden is…
So it’s no wonder the REPRESENTATIVES are petitioning to remove her as SPEAKER.
REMOVAL of Nancy Peloci now could be a good thing as long as it’s a republican or a Moderate Democrat.

Ole AL (@guest_1053844)
1 year ago

A “House” majority”PAC” sounds like a bribe or that the “House of Representatives” was sold like real estate or something.

Is this what is going on in the “Lower Chamber” of CONGRESS? Bribes are Impeachable offenses. Nancy just gave the petition to remove her validation.

jack Henriques (@guest_1053846)
1 year ago

Grimm reaper will be calling on Pelosi next and very soon . At 80 she is done. I m a catholic and would never say this if Pelosi was a true Catholic. She is a total fake including religion.

RM (@guest_1053862)
Reply to  jack Henriques
1 year ago

Why won’t the Pope excommunicate Nancy Pelosi??

Randy (@guest_1053854)
1 year ago

Think Pelosi has lost it all just like biden

Terry (@guest_1053860)
1 year ago

PELOSI pay attention, it’s you and the Democrat’s that are trying to STEAL the Election. IT’S been the DEMOCRAT’S that have not been able to accept the outcome of the last Election, you’ve been throwing a hissy fit since November 8th, 2016, THERE WAS destruction of property and people laying in the streets blocking traffic, attacking TRUMP SUPPORTERS, and that has NOT stopped!!!!!!! We’re sick and tired of the tantrums, grow up and tell your Party to GROW UP.

RM (@guest_1053861)
1 year ago

I would care less if I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result….

SUNFLOWER (@guest_1053895)
1 year ago

Someone tell us WHAT we Republicans can do WHEN the LEFTIST STEAL the election from Us?? We all know that is what they are planning since old worn-out Biden doesn’t have a chance to win!! I am so saddened that our country has gotten to the point where we have such liars AND cheats [LEFTIST] in public office.

Debra Gaudette (@guest_1053904)
1 year ago

She’s an IDIOT DEMONRAT!!!! Get rid of her. She’s only bad news for those of us who love America!!!

Old Sailor from the Jungle (@guest_1053905)
1 year ago

Does Pelosi think she is fooling anyone!? I think she has totally misread the American mind, and she has come to believe that she is still dealing with a totally dosil public mind that is more concerned with their day-to-day activities than her attempts to wreck the national economy and democratic government. When her continued treason becomes so blantant that it can no longer be ignored and she suddenly realizes the great danger she has created for herself, does she really think that dialing 911 will bring law enforcement or possibly the military to her rescue!? Guess again!!

Ronald (@guest_1053908)
1 year ago

If nasty nancy and shi-y shoemer are so sure sleeepy joe is gonna win why all the panic
TRUMP 2020

Glenda Hammer (@guest_1053913)
1 year ago

Why doesn’t Pig-losi follow Ginsberg, then we could be rid of them both, forever and ever!

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1053917)
1 year ago

This b**ch Will be hunted down when the war starts and hung for treason

Alan (@guest_1053960)
1 year ago

Pelosi.s Democrats have done nothing for 4 years and tend to keep doing nothing but go after trump and hold the country back..they dont care of human life or the welfare of the country.California is burning it it has nothing to do with global warming PELOSI..

P Lightfoot (@guest_1053962)
1 year ago

Piglousey has already said if TRUMP wins she would retire she won’t have to she will be voted out when the right takes over the house and retains the senate and the
White House Nadler piglousey Schumer all dems voted out Schitt hung for treason

larry ossler (@guest_1054103)
1 year ago

democrat greed/evil/money from rich communists/ media lies or distortion keep these demons going..need lots of prayers..Keep GOD in our country..it will drive the commies crazy!

Patty (@guest_1054115)
1 year ago

The Republicans MUST take back the house, get Piglosi, Schumer, shiff, Nadler , the squad and all demoncraps out of our government! We must get out the vote, VOTE RED, save our country! A demonrat win will destroy our country and all it stands for! Don’t let our forefathers’ sacrifice to keep us a free country be in vain! MAGA— KAG



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