June 13, 2021

Pelosi says negotiations with President Trump are not a ‘good use of time’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) indicated during a Monday appearance on MSNBC’s “Live” that she has abruptly quit negotiating directly with President Trump because she doesn’t “find it a good use of time.”

Pelosi has taken intense heat for her refusal to compromise on a COVID-19 economic relief bill while still railing against Trump’s handling of the virus and its economic fallout.

However, she appears to be defiant in the face of criticism, doubling down on her controversial position.

“Live” host Craig Melvin questioned Pelosi about the apparent breakdown of communication between her and President Trump:

Madame Speaker, with all due respect, you just said “forget him,” talking about the president. You haven’t talked to him about the wildfires. I get the impression you probably haven’t talked to him about the coronavirus relief bill. Have you and the president just stopped talking? Is that where we are?

Pelosi admitted that she’s “spoken to his representatives,” referring to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and likely White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. “[Trump] says that they speak for him. I take that to be true about the secretary of the treasury. We had worked together.”

The California representative continued to slam President Trump:

Quite frankly, my experience with the president is it hasn’t been on the level. You know, he’ll say something, then it doesn’t really happen. So in the interest of time, we’ll work with who he sends over.

She implied that direct negotiations with President Trump are a waste of time, and accused him of misleading her in the past about his intentions to sign her proposals.

“But on TV a number of times, the president said, ‘You send me a bipartisan immigration bill, and I will sign it,’ and then walks away,” she claimed. “You wonder who is in charge there if he says that and then walks away from it. So I don’t find it a good use of time, but I do know that the Congress and the executive branch need to work together to get the job done.”

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136 Responses

  1. Thomas kelly, you’re absolutely right. We don’t have to worry about what other countries may do to us, we already have the dems destroying it.

  2. Any break down in communications between the house and the executive branch is on the house meaning Pelosi et al. She, as with most of the demon rats are in constant collusion accusing mainly the President of doing exactly what they themselves are guilty of.
    MAGA 2020

  3. May belle, my history tells me this….and let me know if I am wrong. It says this, first the President, then the Vice President and then the Speaker of the house would lead us if and when. Where does she get this… I am only one away from President!!

  4. May belle, my history tells me this….and let me know if I am wrong. It says this, first the President, then the Vice President and then the Speaker of the house would lead us if and when. Where does she get this… I am only one away from President!! Needs to be repeated again I say!!!

  5. I would care less if I read in the newspaper Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Along with her thugs in Congress, hostile state governors, city mayors, etc.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that many Hollywood elite mentioned leaving this country if Trump went in? Guess they couldn’t find their passports, huh? Am I wrong about this?

  7. Pelosi is the most evil woman alive. Just look into her eyes is enough to tell anyone that she has a legion of satanic spirits in her. The day is coming when she will stand before the MAN and give an account.

  8. We know she would rather go to the “BEAUTY PARLOR” instead of negotiating and doing anything good for the American people that she is suppose to represent–she must go

    1. You said it! She should be flushed down the toilet. She thinks that she is President. I have never seen such disrespect in my 79 years. I hated Obama, but I respected his office of President. The President of America is the highest office of our country; and Pelosi spits on it constantly instead of working for the people and with our President. She is one sick puppy. Please, everyone, vote Republican all the way. PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

  9. THAT’S ENOUGH! I know there is a petition going around to demand a recall of Pelosi. I would sign it in a minute. I tried to sign a recall petition but found that Michigan State legislature requires that you physically be there and sign the petition IN PERSON! I live in Taiwan, born in Michigan, my “home residence state.” She needs to be removed from her office. Maybe this would allow Trump to just pass the needed support and just ignore Pelosi’s attempts to blackmail the President by STOPPING OUR GOVERNMENT IN ITS TRACKS unless she gets what her radical anti-American DEM supporters want. Meanwhile, they caught ANOTHER COMMUNIST CHINESE SPY AT AN ELITE CALI UNIVERSITY! The Lib/leftist judge allows her out on bail provided by a CALI lawyer FROM CHINA who has no connection with the spy! The FEDS are fighting her release, but HOW FAR WILL THESE “RESISTERS” GO TO DESTROY AMERICA! Where is our STATE DEPARTMENT! This is a National Security issue! All these Chinese spies got into our universities under OBAMA/BIDEN! The Chinese researcher accused of lying about her ties to China’s military to gain access to a lab at UC Davis has been released on bail from the Sacramento County Main Jail, but federal officials have renewed their efforts to return her to custody as a flight risk.
    Dr. Juan Tang, a cancer researcher who was arrested by the FBI in July after spending nearly a month in the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, was released from jail late Thursday after a Bay Area attorney agreed to put up $750,000 in his home equity as bail.
    The lawyer, whose identity had remained a mystery until this week, was identified as Foster City resident Steven Cui, a civil attorney and emigre from China who had never before met or spoken to Tang but said he wanted to offer help to show that the U.S. justice system works fairly.
    Where is the DOJ! This is the third Communist Chinese spy caught in the last 6 months! We are under assault by the Communist Chinese, while National Geographic has endless propaganda shows about how wonderful CHINA is. BECAUSE COMMUNIST CHINA HAS MADE IT VERY CLEAR IF YOU DON’T BROADCAST THESE LIES YOU CANNOT FILM IN CHINA. EXACTLY HOW THEY BLACKMAIL HOLLYWOOD AND MEDIA OUTLETS! I have been to CHINA countless times over the last 20 years. I have been in their factories and outside of the big cities. It is NOT what NG shows, or shows of political tourists enjoying life visiting China. Meanwhile China has killed 20 more Indian soldiers on their joint border. CHINA WANTS TO RUN THE WORLD. Support an independent Taiwan! Vote Trump!

  10. If it can’t be “HER WAY” then SCREW AMERICA!!!!! Voters remember this come November, for this will be the way the Demorats will run our country (God forbid) if BiteMe wins

      1. She has the same 2 year office as all House Reps. She can be voted out.
        Maybe we can find out who’s running against her and help that person? Certainly, pray for God’s help in this.

    1. Robert W. – you are 100% correct. I shudder to think about the Democrats winning. We have to vote Republican all the way. It is the only way we will keep our America. I am fearful for my 13 grandchildren.

  11. This woman needs a mental hospital. Hate plus a gallon of gin n juice a day have let TDS destroy Nancy Pelosi
    (((( No Way she is that Stupid))))
    The way out is Vote RED!! The Dems have a lot of ignorance to pick from for a leader

    1. She was realizing that she cannot continue anymore arguing with her nonsense, hate, lies, etc…
      so she is trying to save her non-existing “face” …again exactly what fits her perfectly.
      I consider her THE lowest character I ever saw. It is beyond me how American people let her to stay
      such a time in important office, where she could play her dirty games? BTW just looking at her
      turns my stomach. Notice how extremely ugly she aged, hate is embedded in face, wrinkles, eyes.
      No slightest sign of good character line is there. Well, no happiness either, so she would suffer her hate till she dies.

    2. HAROLD MAYO, what do you mean pisslucy is not worth a bullet, to shoot her? I do believe that someone would donate a free one or even a free rope and there are plenty of ice ttrre’s to habg a rope on, and I’m pretty sure a rope would be donayed FREE also.

  12. Nancy respond as “MY WAY OR HIGHWAY”, she is nothing but EVIL. She forgot who is she SERVING TO and WHO VOTED HER IN. I have been watching for the last 52 years how the government and democrats were tightening the string/rope around the PEOPLES NECK, adjusting the Constitution and yet the people agreed/voted with everything. In 1984 was finally published about the American government/president supported WWII and brought in all the massive killers, scientists and so on in to the US. Yes they were extremely advanced and they did work on many projects underground. Projects continued even now and preparation continued all these years to get and complete the communist manifesto while everybody were sleeping and being ignorant. WELL, HERE WE ARE it is all up to you now.

  13. I wonder if her mother chased rabbets , she does not want to talk, but watch after Trump is reelected and she loses her majority she will be up the old creek without a paddle.

  14. Nancy Pelosi should not be the Speaker of the house. On matters of the business of the people, she is more concern about her own personal feelings. SHE MUST BE REPLACED for the sake of our country.

      1. I agree. The headlines are so misleading. They will say that they catch our eyes to read, but reading makes me stop in the middle.

  15. Nancy Pelosi has been the most hated in our Country. I do not understand her beliefs at all. She’s another senior that has lost it. See you in November Pelosi your toast

    1. From your mouth to G-d’s ears. This shows everyone how stupid the people are on the west coast, my family there included. They will keep voting for her.

  16. Walter Flatt, She has already said she will quit if Trump is re-elected. If you remember there were a number of people(mostly starrs) that threatened they were going to move to Canada. The best move would be for her to move
    to Siberia.

  17. Pelosi does not know how to use anytime. She is getting paid to do nothing but create problems for the nation. She needs to be removed.

  18. I hope her refusal to get it done will show up on
    Nov.3. She won’t pass it unless she gets way.
    She has no intention of getting done until after the election. She won’t do anything that might help Trump win.
    She doesn’t care about the people or America!

  19. She is older Than Sleepy Joe. She is an out and out liar and crook.she wants everything her way which for 35 some odd years has done nothing but make money on the stock market IPOS and military stocks as she has advance info on all this stuff. How do you come to be a congresswoman earning an verge of 170,000 a year and worth some 40 million dollars. As for walls being built look around her property. It is reonforced with metal and electronic devices. Her daughter is just like her mother, a liar and thief. They are so left wing it is sick

  20. I bite my tongue every time she claims to be Christian. She is an evil, self centered liar. She claims how families are suffering yet the Covid relief bill she keeps hostage for her unrelated items on the bill like bailing out poorly run Democratic cities who were already in financial problems prior to the Covid. Why should American tax payers bail out these cities? They shouldn’t!!!!. She is a control freak and is a total disgrace to America. I am so glad I woke up during the Obama administration and saw what a disaster the Democratic party really is and it has got even worse since then. Personally I think the Democratic party should be abolished, They are doing NOTHING for America and their plans will totally destroy this country.

    1. Unfortunately, one can abolish the name Democrats, but they will just be called something else and be the same stupid people.

  21. Yaa she’s too busy flying All over the country , staying in the best hotels on your money ! She’s a demon in disguise of a real person . I’m not so easily fooled . Democrates have joined the army of Satan . Paving the way for the anti-Christ , Don’t be lead astray , clutch onto your Christian heritage and hold on tight . God will be with you , and pray to Jesus Christ our savior .

  22. The Hollyweirds threaten to move to Canada if Trump is elected? Didn’t they promise that last time? Pelosi needs to retire, she has pickled her brain in alcohol and it shows. She is so self absorbed she cannot see American voters as real people. Laws, in her opinion, are just for thee not me.

  23. She will stand before God one day and get her reward it will be very HOT (fire & brimstone) I pray she will
    trust Jesus Christ as her savior I don’t want to see any one go to hell. It seems all these elected people want
    is power and money, they are not for we the people.

  24. She is just ticked off because she can’t intimidate President Trump . She thinks she is so powerful she can walk all over everyone . Horah for President Trump . Go Trump Go .


  26. Pelosi is a waste of time. She cares little for her own constituents! She should never have been in office anywhere at anytime. She is a hateful old wretch!

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