May 20, 2022

Pelosi says federal mask mandate is ‘long overdue’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pulled the trigger on publically announcing her support for nationwide mask mandates on Sunday during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

After the media and Democrats took several weeks off from hysterical coronavirus coverage in order to protect and promote massive protests across the nation, leftists are attempting to refocus on COVID-19.

Cases are reportedly spiking in some states, leading Democrats to renew the push for extended lockdowns and mask mandates. ABC’s George Stephanopolous asked Pelosi on Sunday if she believes that it’s “time to mandate the wearing of masks across the country.”

Pelosi jumped at the chance to make it known what’s next on the Democrat agenda, replying that a federal mandate is “long overdue,” echoing Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s comments earlier this week.

“Oh, it’s definitely long overdue for that,” she said. “And my understanding is that the Centers for Disease Control has recommended the use of masks but not required it because they don’t want to offend the president,” practically salivating over the prospect of finding a new way to attack Trump.

Most of the response to COVID-19 has been left up to state and local leaders in order to allow them to tailor response measures to their area’s outbreak severity and needs, but Democrats can’t stand that the federal government isn’t in control.

Though many states and localities have instituted some form of mask requirement, Democrat nominee Joe Biden said earlier this week that if he was President, he would use his executive power to order all Americans to wear masks in public. Pelosi told Stephanopolous that she “totally agrees” with Biden’s proposal.

Since most stay-at-home orders have been partially or fully lifted, Democrats that spent much of the spring haranguing Americans about staying home to “slow the spread” have pivoted to virtue signaling about wearing masks to stop the spread.

According to the CDC’s current guidance, “cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others. The CDC cited “emerging evidence” showing that some types of fabrics can reduce the number of microorganisms released into circulating air.

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FOX (@guest_1015248)
1 year ago

Sorry Nancy (not really), GO TO HELL , and please enjoy melted ice cream und Glovine on the way

Keith Underwood (@guest_1015250)
1 year ago

Here she goes running her neck and teeth again. She dont even wear her mask she hides her terrible looking skinny neck with hers. Its always falling off her face! Almost time for the Resthome home Nancy? Start making plans. Early signs of SENILE!

Sherry (@guest_1015251)
1 year ago

She thinks she President! She needs to be charged with Treason. Mask only if you feel sick. And I will not be vaccinated. Can we do a People’s arrest? Start Locking them up for their corruption.

Mea (@guest_1015257)
1 year ago

It seems they stay up nights to think of more ways to punish the nation!!! If the Demonrats hadn’t made China their bedfellows, we wouldn’t be in this predicament!!! I no longer will say it is the CHINESE VIRUS… it is a DEMONRAT VIRUS…. they can’t let go…. they are bent on America to go down te drain… aren’t these pundits Americans or are they Chinese!!!! Instead of governing the country and getting rid of the BLM and looking to improve, economy, employment, and education of our children they are more interested in frivolity …. are these sane adults or are we living in a nation full of retards. It’s time they did their job or go home to pasture…. I have never heard of so much hate one person can generate toward every citizen of a nation.
President Trump will win but he has to make major changes to his campaign…. he too should stop worrying about Bolton’s book, his niece’s upcoming book and take every action to steer the country away from lawlessness and destruction…, all the executive orders will do nothing unless they are implemented…. printing up money to help the citizens financially … which millions of Americans did not receive…. is not helping our economy!!! The nation and the world has to see that he is taking steps to have law and order in our country!!! The exchange of words with a dead beat media and individuals in the opposition is not gonna re-elect Him….. we the people have to see him implement all steps to reinstate law and order and see to the economy and jobs!!! He should give us, his supporters some credit…. we don’t judge him for what someone wrote….. who really cares for what they write!!! We want the President we elected and not a man who is at a continuous war with the opposition!!! This is a time for taking the right action!!! The riots continued for too many days before the President addressed the nation which was very hurtful!!!! The destruction of statues too went too far before any action was taken. There may not be another rally if Fauci has anything to do with it…. so it’s time the President concentrated on good governance during these perilous times to get re elected and not on petty remarks and exchange of words with the dead beat press and the losers who say what they please…..we need a President, a LEADER, to lead us out of the hole we are trapped in………..

dave (@guest_1015260)
1 year ago

Nancy needs to be put in one of Cuomo’s Nazi killing homes, I mean Covid infested rest homes in New York along with Cuomo, Nadler, etc…the list of democrap politicians who need to be there is endless.

Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1015264)
1 year ago

Why is it that the Democrats ALWAYS want to implement something that will give them control over your life? I think that a Federal Mandate that everyone HAS to wear masks inside and out is a little ridiculous, especially when the CDC says that “some types of fabrics can reduce the number of microorganisms released into circulating air” and that “cloth face coverings MAY help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others”! I mean it certainly doesn’t seem very sure; “some” and “may”? And Nanny Pelosi is ready to put a federal mandate out to force people to wear masks indoors and outdoors on “some” and “may”.

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1015265)
1 year ago

She needs taken out and I don’t mean out of office

Scotty (@guest_1015274)
1 year ago

I agree, Nancy Pelosi should be MANDATED to wear a mask. A gag would be better!

Waka Sasha (@guest_1015281)
1 year ago

Notice how it took a Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK to bring out all the phony covid fear warnings again. Did we hear of covid with rioting? NO Did we hear of covid when idiots took over 7 city blocks of Seattle and declared it their own country CHAZ? NO Did we hear covid fears when same idiots who banned police from CHAZ called for US ambulance services that couldn’t get through their barrier? NO. Do we hear of covid fear as crowds tear down statues and monuments? NO. But suddenly let President Trump throw a rally that protestors in parking lot prevented many from attending = and SUDDENLY covid rears it’s ugly head again? It is apparently a disease that only infects good people and leaves the bad and the ugly alone. (Fading out with Clint Eastwood movie music ……. )

chief1937 (@guest_1015348)
Reply to  Waka Sasha
1 year ago

We are finding out much about this virus that makes no sense. Not trivializing the virus but one can not use it as an excuse to hinder one segment and not another. Pelosi’s desire to make wearing a mask a federal law is nothing short of preparing us for socialism where government makes all decisions and we circulate like robots at the complete mercy of government. I believe it was Patrick Henry, could be wrong about the person, who said ” Give me liberty or give me death” That my friends is fast coming to fruition. WE have lived under freedom too long to give it up.

Alton Clark (@guest_1015387)
Reply to  Waka Sasha
1 year ago

All of this has been in the planning for 3 years, every crook and turn has been planned out and they play it when needed to stop Trump

Patricia A Moore (@guest_1015523)
Reply to  Waka Sasha
1 year ago

Very well said!!! I agree totally!!!!

Lorraine Davis (@guest_1015820)
Reply to  Waka Sasha
1 year ago

It is also interesting how NO NEWS CHANNEL will say the COVID 19 spikes are happening as a result of THOUSANDS of people protesting without masks for 4 weeks……

Don (@guest_1015282)
1 year ago

Nancy and the rest of the Dems need gags not masks.

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1015295)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

Right on, they also need the face masks. After all, the less we can see of their faces, the better off we are. Now, if we could just find a good, quick way or removing them from DC and sending them back home, we’d be much better off.

Jim (@guest_1015751)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

it’s called VOTING and we MUST vote in November to remove as many Democrats as possible in 2020. When you do not have a choice as there are only Democrats in the running for Office, please pick the one that is the least progressive!

Jo Ann Scott (@guest_1015299)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

NO, they all need tall trees.

N A (@guest_1015355)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

Maybe they can borough a MAXI PAD from MAD MAX MAXINE WATERS and shove it in their MOUTH 👄👄👄 ‘S

Robert L. Kahlcke (@guest_1015372)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

They provide me with a GAGGING sensation.

Alfred (@guest_1015409)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

Totally agree with you . I WILL NOT WEAR A MASK ALL THE TIME .

Patricia (@guest_1015524)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

LOL Very true!!!!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1016240)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

Ropes around their necks is a better idea! Now they have the chinese making a new flu virus. It is time to take action against the demonrats!

Bill (@guest_1015283)
1 year ago

She is truly a evil and hateful woman . May God give her peace

N A (@guest_1015358)
Reply to  Bill
1 year ago

Maybe her BROTHER SATAN will help and show her down to HELL ! And not BACK !!

G.lpping (@guest_1015286)
1 year ago

P0L0SI IS OLD, FAULTERING IN MENTALITY, and leaving an avengeful mark on AMERICA as she ends her career without a caring thought for any people outside her Circle of PEEPS.

UMCane (@guest_1015291)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a pathetic leader. Her failure to condemn the looting, rioting, monument defacing and church burning by home grown anarchists, many paid by outside anti American groups is inexplicable. The pandering, and kneeling with African garb in the Halls of Congress to seek favor from Antifa and BLM borders on treason. The old lady better watch out, there’s soon to be AOC 2.0 in Congress as Pelosi’s old buddy NY Congressman Engel lost his reelection PRIMARY bid after 30 years in Congress to Socialist Bowman. Pelosi’s old friend Crowley lost to AOC 2 years ago, now Engel is gone! The number of young leftist Turks in the Democratic party who despise her continue to grow. Octogenarian Pelosi fails to realize that you can not please the commie-socialist alligator, it will eat you first chance he has!!

Sharon Jenkins (@guest_1015293)
1 year ago

I don’t think mandating wearing a mask will be enforced. I wear a mask when going in public for my safety, however, it is my choice. Pelosi is infringing on an individual’s right under the US Constitution. I also believe less people are dying from the coronavirus that what is stated in the numbers.

Len (@guest_1015294)
1 year ago

She’s the most hated politician in history. Doesn’t know much but can’t keep her big fing mouth shut for more than 5 minutes. I wouldn’t let her in the White House under any circumstances unless she agreed up front to the President’s demands. She needs to be put in her place and told to shut up. No one cares what she thinks.

Robert Childers (@guest_1015302)
1 year ago

Losers never know when to go home. California is better off when she’s away, America is worse off when she’s not at home. I suppose senility takes no prisoners. Her clock is running out fast. The sooner the better for America. May she rest in peace, I believe America will be at piece when she’s gone.

Karen Butters (@guest_1015316)
1 year ago

Nancy needs to go. It’s getting to the point that she can’t be understood, just like Joe. She hasn’t done any significant legislature for quite awhile. It isn’t the job of Congress to just placate to other haters, how does that help America? That goes for a lot of people in Congress that have been there way too long not letting new people in with new and prosperous ideas.

Seamus O’shannon (@guest_1015326)
1 year ago

I have always believed that she was crazy, now with this last stunt I know she is, this is not a Communist country and she is not the KGB so get lost Pelosi.

William E. Salisbury III (@guest_1015342)
1 year ago

I wonder what funeral parlor does Nanci Pelosi’s make up? I told my wife not to have my funeral sevices there

Esther (@guest_1015574)
Reply to  William E. Salisbury III
1 year ago

She looks like a walking dead with cheap make up. And bad dentures

Larry Gaines (@guest_1015353)
1 year ago

Piglosi does not have the authority to make that order

N A (@guest_1015354)
1 year ago

Someone needs to put a MASK around her BUTT UGLY FACE and tape it on for GOOD ! WE THE PEOPLE need not listen to this OLD FOSSIL WINDBAG .

Robert L. Kahlcke (@guest_1015375)
1 year ago

A certain element of our society is very comfortable and pleased to wear a MASK.

Esther (@guest_1015575)
Reply to  Robert L. Kahlcke
1 year ago

Let them.

Pattie Kelly (@guest_1015411)
1 year ago

First off no one can ORDER American citizens to “wear a mask”. We are not a communist country. And what is happening with the increase in COVID-19 outbreaks are to be expected. This simple and has worked since Jesus walked the earth. There was lepracy and they were quarantined. They wore a cow bell around their neck so when they came into town people would hear the bell and go inside to avoid them until they were done shopping. You don’t quarantine the well you quarantine the sick or the ones most likely to get the virus. So what has happened now is the well have been on lock down. During that time period your immune system gets weaker. Every day a well person is on lock down and wearing a mask outside their immune system weakens day by day. Then when the lock down is closed and you can go out some people wear masks still, which is a big mistake, or they don’t. Since their immune system has been weaken by the lock down and mask wearing once exposed to the virus our bodies can’t fight the virus so they get sick. Just think about it. My husband is at an age where the COVID-19 can hit him plus he has asthma (an underling condition). Since the lock down was set in March he has never worn a mask and works outside a lot. And he’s gotten threw it all. The same for me. My age put me in the high risk bracket but no underling conditions. I had to take the test once because I had a cough, no fever just a cough and it came back negative. So by doing what we’ve been asked to do Americans have weaken themselves so when they finally go outside they are hit hard and their bodies can’t fight it off. The two things the virus can’t survive in is ultraviolet rays and high humidity. I live in Louisiana now we are in our summer months and we have lots of sun and very high humidity. How about we universal lock down next year when the regular flu hits?

hodge (@guest_1015528)
1 year ago

Stupid as Stupid does, I have said all along that when shut in your body can not resist the virus that is in the air and therefore your immune system is in a weakened condition and makes one more vulnerable to the virus. Masking will only allow more violence and death. We are not Hezbollah or some other terrorist group who hides their face so that they can not be identified. Thieves love the wearing the mask as it makes it so much easier to be less recognized.

Marlene (@guest_1015669)
1 year ago

First the covid virus panic and lock down, a big blow to our new prosperity. Then the virus be darned we need protesters to band in groups, with looters, rioters, and various thugs. Now that, that is dying down we are back to the virus excuse again. If we could just get rid of the demented drunk Pelosi, Chuck the schmuck Schumer, the waddling blob Nadler, and the bugeyed pencil neck Schiff, we might get something good done. Fighting the demonazis socialist agenda has become a full time occupation of most of Congress.

Susan (@guest_1016264)
1 year ago

I’m not so sure they won’t get away with it….remember motorcycle helmets, seat belts…pants!

Vic Anderson (@guest_1016647)
1 year ago


SEO (@guest_1064721)
1 year ago

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