May 7, 2021

Pelosi: Mail-in voting will be a priority of coronavirus legislation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) confirmed that Democrats will use the currently-debated coronavirus relief bill to push mail-in voting ahead of the November election.

Democrats have seized on the COVID-19 crisis as the perfect opportunity to completely overhaul the way US elections are done, and Pelosi indicated that its a hill leftist legislators are willing to die on.

“CNN Newsroom” host Jim Sciutto asked Pelosi on Monday if she will “insist that any stimulus package include significant funding for election security,” to which Pelosi replied:

Yes, and let me tell you why. This is a health issue. First of all, there’s real inconsistency on the part of the administration. We had a special election in the spring in California, where the president’s son namesake, Donald Trump Jr., was urging people to mail in their absentee ballots, and where his daughter-in-law was out there robocalling and saying, vote by mail. So, this idea that they, all of a sudden, have decided that there’s something wrong — but the fact is, I was a former chair of the California Democratic Party, years ago, before I came to Congress, and I can tell you, we could win any election on Election Day.

It was that vote by mail that the Republicans came in on that made the difference, and the Republicans very much have been voting by mail and they understand the importance of it,” she continued.

“Right now, even more important. Because it is a health issue. People should not have to choose between jeopardizing their health with the coronavirus and being able to exercise their right to vote,” she concluded.

Democrats have touted the tired argument that voting by mail is the only way to keep Americans that want to vote safe during the pandemic, completely ignoring the fact that COVID-19 outbreaks have yet to be linked to in-person voting. After Wisconsin’s April primary, only 52 out of 400,000 voters and poll workers contracted the virus.

Democrats have also worked overtime to deny that there are any links between protests at which thousands of people gather with minimal-to-no social distancing and the recent COVID-19 spike that has pushed much of the US to slow reopening plans.

If it’s so safe to march arm in arm with thousands of other chanting protesters, surely it’s possible to safely vote at the physical polls? Of course, Sciutto conveniently did not think to ask Pelosi her thoughts on that matter.

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61 Responses

  1. She is once again Only About Power, Control and Cheating. We should not bow to her Demands. Find some Backbone Republicans and Stop Nancy and remove her entire flock of “DemonRats!”

    1. Time to permanently get rid of Pelosi and friends. Not just voting them out.
      They are a disease to this country.


  2. Nancy Pelosi’s goal: POWER GRAB. She does not care about country, you and me!
    All she wanted to grab POWER. 40 million dollar Mansion in SF with 24,000 dollar refrigerator is not enough for this dementia power toxicated lady. She wants to destroy the country in order to achieve what she wants. Refuse Pelosi!

    1. This DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE needs to ADMIT she is in there to be the DICTATOR OF GARDEN VARIETY GUTTER TRASH ! ” DNCC ” .

      1. Your sooo right Shes proven that over and over..What a disgrace to America, Democrats its time to open your eyes and #STAND UP AMERICA …. You’ve seen all you need just look at the violence homeless hatred lies and just pure evil they’re literally agreeing with!! Is this really how you want to live??? And please don’t dare try and blame this on President Donald Trump!! They fight him at everything he’s trying to Make America Great Again. I’ve seen enough that’s why I have walked away from the democratic party! I ask God to open my eyes because I was so confused as to who to vote for.. And he’s defiantly opened my eyes.. Again haven’t you seen ENOUGH????

    2. This lady clearly show to all spoiled goods , have you ever noticed seems like when she lies she start stuttering and can’t stay focused. Humm poor Biden when he talks seems when he lies he don’t have any thing to say , haha these democrats are the biggest joke

    3. If she get her way. I will bet there will be a bad civil war. She already in bed with China and Russia. She can denied it all she wants to. She is our WORST enemy in the congress. Beside all her puppet house.

    4. SOOOO funny the last mail in primary was a COMPLETE fiasco! Never saw who was running. For counts and to be sure my vote was counted, just go to this computer address! Guess what, a glitch of some sort! WE never heard who won or if and who counted the votes. Guess whom ever counted them just picked the winners. Boy I thought mooney was bad, BUT newscum is NOT any better. Born and raised here. Been thru the riots and wars. Sat in front of a radio while Pearl Harbor was bombed. Times were hard, BUT we all worked together. Food was rationed and we had to grow most of our own to survive. These demands and so called UNLAWFUL protesters MUST BE STOPPED! AND ANY AND ALL VOTES FROM OUR MILITARY MUST BE IN AND COUNTED! There has to be some sort of communication from where ever their at to vote on line! NO FINAL TILL ALL ARE IN AND COUNTED!

  3. Why is Nancy Pelosi still in the government. She is dishonest a cheat a liar etc. what are the waiting for = get rid of her ‘NOW”

    1. How do you get California voter to wake up? You can’t tell a dumb Liberal anything. Just as you can’t explain to black people that IT THE DEMOCRAT WHO ARE DESTORY YOU! The polls in California are RIG TO KEEP THE DEMOCRAT IN CONTROL!

      1. WE fight it but there are 4 or 5 big filthy rich families pulling all the strings! With their money and illegals, and ballot harvesting, mail ins to many addresses with different names, ( were caught). There was a court order to clean our rolls. Mooney faught it and the scum is no better. 1 report I saw had over a thousand more votes than people who lived in that town! And of course no others were shown and this one did not stay up long! SOOO all who put us down should never have to deal with BS and those who dump on us! Many times we are just out voted. Oh and they pay the homeless, then deliever the ballots. COME ON REPS get OUT and OVER COME THIS SH>T IF WE CAN! WE MUST AS OUR COUNTRY AND OUR SAFETY IS AT STAKE!

  4. She knows how much voter fraud will result from her vote by mail, that is why she keeps insisting.This should be stopped.  My choice is to go to the polling place and vote in person. Republicans show courage and fight her.

    1. YES!!! Absolutely right. Here in Michigan we voted today…We went in person! No problem!! Had hand sanitizer there…masks if needed….and distanced voting – sat in chairs and filled out paper ballots with a brand new pen, placed them into the tabulating machine…when it said, “ballot completed” we were done, got our “I voted” sticker and left. The line was beginning to form when we left, but they were spaced 6 feet apart. Easy!! No need to mail in…unless bed ridden. But folks, if you can go to WalMart, you can get out and do this very important, Patriotic duty. It is an honor to do so.

    2. Yes, I agree. She claims we need to vote by mail, that this is a health issue. In the last few months the Democrats walking shoulder to shoulder in a protest, then the riots started with the looting. Even Governors and Mayors is favoring the rioters and closing churches. Then last week the funeral of John Lewis in Washington DC, packed with people. I thought funerals were banned. They all need to be voted out.

  5. Well she can push whatever she wants but it can be overrode by the President. So it’s not going to do her anything good.

  6. Pelosi knows they can win the vote in California if they can do mail-ins as they are fantastic cheaters. She needs to be removed from office along with Shummer

    1. U know I love reading all of u my fellow we the people Republican’s of this god blessed America! Reason said that!! U never see our lord mentioned on the left side !!! If I was them ! the lord said vengeance is all mine sayeth our lord !!! But u know they hold themselves higher than our lord !!! I forgot they destroy god’s given children !!!! As well as blaming others for there faults !! And no don’t go to any baseball games but Dr. Fouchi can go with two other people sit in the stands side beside one another with mask in hand and not on there face but by damn u and I can’t go !! Really!!! COVID will be over the day after the election! If anyone really wants to know !! But trump will still be there to lead us through and beyond !!!!!

  7. How can Pelosi get away with all her c$”p. She know she is doomed to lose and fighting to last breathe she can take hopefully will be her last on Congress. We should have term rules for congress make them take OUR health care take away their 15000 a month salary for not working no work no pay program take away their corrupt bills that gives all of them kickback and do away with their pensions. Let them redM provide got their own pensions In fact we should do away with congress have no party affiliation just one big republic of America. Take down Democrat party ,the Republican Party and all their rhinos that claim they are trpublican. Have certain Amount people in house and senate and get rid of all the other leech’s. Why should I Pay your salary when you sell me body and soul to the cabal I am just as good as congress senate just not as corrupt. Down with US America incorporated.

  8. Stupid Pelosi admits that with mail in voting they could win any election they wanted. Mail in Voting is not the same as Absentee Voting! Ask her that question and see what she says. That ought to be good!

    1. Anyone voting must be registered and have a legal ID number to vote to be 100 percent legal and be an American plain and simple solution!!! Why r the democratic’s making this so hard ???? Well hell we r all not stupid like they think we r !!! It’s there communists way and liberals too !! Birds even have a song for them cheat cheat !!!!!

  9. Once again Nancy Pelosi proves what a corrupt person she is. The stimulus has nothing to do with voting, it has to do with helping people, democrats and republicans and greens and independents alike. Pelosi still doesn’t know the difference between mail in and ABSENTEE VOTING. If she wants vote by mail, and she wants to avoid any dishonesty she should have supported a one time mandatory absentee ballot for Novembers election. However this is not what she wants, she wants to control the ballot box and and the election process. Omnibus bills should never be allowed and the only ones that benefit from these types of bills are members of congress who have become millionaires by receiving money or favors from supporting these bills. Democrats always use this procedure as a threat. Well I hope the republicans and the president tell them to shove their bill where the the sun rarely shines. Some of us need the money but not if millions are going to unrelated issues.

  10. I don’t care how many people suffer DO NOT GIVE INTO THIS WITCH. If you do we will all suffer from now on. Just let it be known why they aren’t getting any extra help because Pelosi wants her way again. Well you would think she is the only person in the world. If you have to skip another relief bill altogether don’t give in. She knows they cant win unless they cheat so this is the only way they have to try it.

  11. She knows the Constitution laws. And she play it to her advance. She doesn’t care who try to stand in her way

  12. Not going to post my comments I guess. Censoring me? If Biden wins she will have him declared incompetent and whoever is VP, she will force them out. Pelosi then becomes president. Think about that. That is her plan for power.

  13. It doesn’t matter what Piglosi wants. President Trump will never sign any bill that pays for mail in voting. President Trump will not sign any bill that gives more than 1 Trillion dollars to her bankrupt Democratic Sanctuary States and cities either. I live in Tennessee and we have has a balanced budget. if States and Cities think they can recklessly spend money and then run to the Federal Government for handouts they are DELUSIONAL!

  14. Using the America public hostage again to try and push her agenda. She doesn’t care about blacks, whites or any American. She just uses people when she needs them. Sick bunch but their day will come and it won’t be pretty.

  15. Come November three we have a chance to get rid of the do nothing Democratics. So my fellow Americans let’s change this Democratic agenda once and forever.

  16. Bugg ‘Er ! Pelosi pretends to claim the health issue (but doesn’t answer her own ‘conclusion’ ; instead, Actually C0RR0B0RATING That as a DEM she could use “mail-in” ballots to RIG ANY “election” into a DEM WIN ! (They don’t even try to Hide their ELECTI0N FRAU’D ! ) : “First of all, there’s real inconsistency on the part of the administration. We had a special election in the spring in California, where the president’s son namesake, Donald Trump Jr., was urging people to mail in their absentee ballots, and where his daughter-in-law was out there robocalling and saying, vote by mail. So, this idea that they, all of a sudden, have decided that there’s something wrong — but the fact is, I was a former chair of the California Democratic Party, years ago, before I came to Congress, and I can tell you, WE C0ULD WIN ANY ELECTION on Election Day.” – Nancy (the Rigger) Pelosi

  17. The Democratic party should accept responsibility for all the damage that’s been done by antifa , b L M , and students that participated in the riot’s looting and destruction in America , so cough it up democrates , it’s called being responsible .

  18. Does Pelosi honestly think people are THAT stupid?! Well, duh. Of course she does. I wonder if she’s deep in the Country of Dementia? It’s certainly become an extremely large area of late. We all know who lives there.


  20. Trump should take unilateral action via EO and move the stimulus package forward, but first remove all pork from the package.

  21. Sure Nancy will push for mail-in-voting!!! It is the only way she can win = Fraud, Fraud, Fraud!!!! Fraud is the only way she stands a chance!!!!!

  22. Nancy is a horrible woman and she is losing it……she needs to retire and move along ( she is old and can’t even talk right).
    I would love to be around when Karma catches up with her and Chuckie, how do they sleep at night
    Get them out of there, we need fresh new blood that have character….

  23. PELOSI the stimulus SHOULD BE for the people and businesses impacted, NOT you’re way of CHEATING in this Election. NO MAIL IN VOTING!!!! If w people can PROTEST/RIOT, go shopping, then we can go out and VOTE!!!
    STOP trying to pull a fast one, WE’RE on to you DEMOCRAT’S!!!!! ENOUGH with this absurd notion!!!!!

  24. Okay I am registered Absentee voter in CA. I need to understand the difference between Absentee and Mail in Ballots. As an Absentee, I can track my ballot, when received, counted, etc. As a TRUMP supporter, I want to make sure my vote counts!!!!!!

  25. Once again we see the democratic party’s double standards. It is permissible to protest without mask nor social distancing but it is not permissible to go to the polls and vote. Just exactly how stupid do they think we are not to see through this scenario? No mail in voting except absentee ballots where necessary.

  26. There are at least 150 lawsuits regarding “mail-in votes.” A lot of them that have gone against the democrats so far. Let’s look at John Lewis’s funereal NO MASKS AND NO SOCIAL DISTANCING. DO THE DEMOCRATS REALLY THINK THE PUBLIC IS THIS STUPID AND GULLIBLE? I guess they think we are. Good to know.

  27. Pelosi is a hateful Leftist disgusting LIER. The only way to get rid of her is to Vote Democrats Out they are going to destroy America.

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