June 25, 2021

Nancy Pelosi on latest coronavirus stimulus negotiations: ‘There are no red lines’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been attacked by Democrats and Republicans alike for her $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus proposal, and it appears she may be already backing down.

Though Pelosi came out with guns blazing last week in her initial proposal, she shocked Democrats by deciding to take a more diplomatic route in regard to negotiating with Senate Republicans.

Pelosi said in CBS’s “Face the Nation” appearance on Sunday that “we have no red lines,” when it comes to passing a relief package.

“No bill that is proffered will become law without negotiation,” she continued. Pelosi’s HEROS Act was approved by the House in a 208-199 vote on Friday, with over a dozen Democrats publically denouncing the proposal.

Progressive defectors said the bill didn’t provide enough funding for unemployment and healthcare, moderates said that it was an overly-partisan proposal, and Republicans said it would never be approved by the Senate.

Pelosi now finds herself in the difficult position of attempting to draw the disgruntled Democrats back in while still negotiating with Senate Republicans that have already dismissed the possibility of passing the bill.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said the bill is a “complete non-starter,” telling Fox News’ Shannon Bream on Friday:

It’s not going to become law. We have to remember, Shannon, this is a stimulus bill, a $3 trillion wish list of progressive priorities, one that has absolutely no chance of passing in the Senate.

Now keep in mind, Shannon, the word cannabis appears more times in this bill than the word jobs. It contains a trillion-dollar bailout for mismanaged states. It contains a huge tax cut, a huge series of tax cuts for rich liberals in big-spending democratic states.

It contains amnesty for illegal immigrants and gives illegal immigrants stimulus checks, so this is a complete non-starter.

Pelosi may be outwardly willing to “negotiate” with Republicans, but unless she’s willing to cut out nearly all of the extraneous Democrat priorities, this bill isn’t going anywhere.

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